Xbox One Power Supply: Types and Features

Are you looking for the best Xbox One Power supply? Here in this article, we will discuss the types of Xbox one power supply and the necessary things to consider before buying one.

Types of Xbox One Power Supply

  • Microsoft Xbox one (original) power supply
  • Ortz
  • YTeam
  • Outway
  • YCCTeam
  • Masione
  • Sumlink

So, let’s explain the most popular Xbox one power supply.

YCCSKY Xbox One Power Supply

This is the very first one on our list of the best Xbox one power supply. It comes with great features and over 2000 reviews on Amazon. It is also called an AC adapter and an excellent choice for your Xbox One console. Noise is among the most common setbacks with Xbox one power supply. To fix this problem, this advanced quiet version of the YCCSKY Xbox One power supply is optimized for the lowest possible noise while operating.

The build quality is good, and that increases the durability. The best part of the YCCSKY Xbox one power supply is the Global Adapter support. Power supply differs in countries that have different power source voltages used in household circuits. YCCSKY Xbox one power supply operates within the auto voltage technology, which makes it compatible with any power source in any country.

Xbox one power supply

It can also adjust automatically between 100 – 240V power source without getting any hitches.The cooling fan inside this Xbox one power brick is specifically for preventing overheating as well as produce lesser noise. So, don’t worry about battery life. Also, there is an LED indicator in the power brick to display the power status of your console.All this comes at an affordable price, too; that makes it the best option for replacing your current power supply.

Ortz Xbox One Power Supply

If you want a branded option, Ortz brings you a premium Xbox one power supply with good quality and longer life. The Ortz Xbox One Power Supply (Enhance Quiet Version) is among the highly-rated replacement for your current Xbox one power supply. It comes with a unique internal circuitry; this power supply ensures a steady charge for your Xbox One console. It prevents overcharging and overheating so that you can focus more on gaming and less on worrying about your power supply.

When it comes to compatibility, Ortz is 100% compatible with rated for Xbox One. It works right out of the box; just plug in and start playing your favorite Xbox one games. Even after using this power supply for a few hours of gaming, it works smoothly with just a little buzzing sound. Also, make sure you buy a variant that is rated according to your household power source otherwise, there can be issues like noise and overheating. Apart from this, Ortz power supply is a great option if you want a sturdy and silent power supply for Xbox one console.

Microsoft (Original) Xbox One Power Supply

This is also a very excellent Xbox one adapter, but it is a bit heavy, that’s why it is not our top choice. Otherwise, if you talk about the specifications, you will get a standard 100V / 2A input AC power adapter, including the power cord cables and brick-style power supply. Being a genuine Microsoft Xbox product, you can expect premium quality. There is very insignificant noise from the power supply brick, and heating is not an issue once you fit this power supply to your Xbox console.

Xbox one power supply

You don’t need to worry about compatibility as well because this an official OEM power supply, and it is tested to work flawlessly on any Xbox One console. Also, Microsoft warns that gamers should not use any third-party components to maintain the performance of their Xbox consoles (though, there is no such performance degradation practically). It is also the best Xbox in the premium category. We suggest this one as a perfect replacement if you want an official product and can afford it.

YTeam Xbox One AC Power Adapter

The YTeam Xbox One AC power adapter is a preferable alternative for your old or faulty power supply. With a slightly higher price, this one offers a plethora of safety features to prevent the power supply as well as the Xbox console form any kind of power failure. The power brick comprises a premium fan that permanently solves the common issue of loud noise. Also, a high-grade material is used to build this product, making it durable even in unfavorable situations.

The best part about YTeam advanced power adapter is the innovative IC switch used to prevent over-charging, over-current, short-circuit, and other power-related issues. All that makes it suitable for long and continuous use without having to worry about power interruptions.It is also a National Certified power adapter with Input voltage rated at 100-240V ~ 4.91A 43-63Hz. The auto voltage feature is present to make sure you can run any Xbox One console in any country using the YTeam model.

Just like the other ones on this list, it also has an LED indicator so that you can always have an eye on the power status of your Xbox console.It comes with a US version standard power cord for maximum compatibility across the western countries. But for Asian countries, you will have to get a compatible spare AC cord. YTeam gives a 30-Days Money back guarantee along with 12 months warranty to ensure that you get the best possible product and service throughout.

Outway Xbox One AC Adapter / Power Supply

Outway has a decent market reputation as a brand and specializes in making Xbox console power supplies (both Xbox One and Xbox 360).The new updated version of the Outway Xbox one power supply features a combination of upgraded fan and circuitry that enables maximum performance at low noise. The upgraded fan also ensures optimal cooling in the power brick to avoid issues that occur due to overheating.

If your previous power supply got caught up in a fire, do not panic because Outway Xbox one power supply is made with ABS contained material that prevents it from burning or catching fire. Just like the YCCSKY power supply on the top of our list, this one also comes with a Global Adapter. That means it can adjust to the Input Voltage supply from 100-240V, allowing it to work worldwide in any country without any hassle.

Another handy feature about this is that the power brick comes with an LED indicator that provides the status of the power. If there is a steady green light, it means you’re good for a gaming marathon. Orange LED light means the console is on standby while the OFF or blinking LED denotes there some power fault in the brick.Therefore, if you are looking for the best budget Xbox, this is a good choice. Also, you will get a 12 months manufacturer warranty with this purchase.

YCCTeam Xbox One Power Supply

If you are looking for an absolutely silent power supply, you might want to go with YCCTeam. It’s the latest version, and it is very quiet and performs well enough for your Xbox gaming experience. With an optimized motherboard, you can expect a longer lifespan even after continuous hours of gaming. It also prevents any excessive heat, thanks to the great improvements made in the cooling fan of the power brick.YCCTeam Xbox one power supply comes with a Universal AC Adapter. The adapter allows it to adjust to different voltages between 100-240V automatically.

Xbox one power supply

So, there is no need to worry about whether it will work with your household power source. You can travel or migrate to any country with your Xbox console and enjoy uninterrupted gaming. Though, you will need an AC cord with the right number of prongs to fit into the wall socket. This Xbox one power adapter also has a Dual LED indicator with green light. This means that the power brick is working fine while the orange light means it on standby. In all, it is the quietest Xbox available in the market. YCCTeam also comes with 12 months manufacturer warranty, and the customer service is exceptionally high.

Masione Power Supply for Xbox One

This one comes with professional design and precise components. It also delivers reliable performance at an affordable price. It comes with a radiator fan system, the power brick always remain at an optimal temperature. Remember when your Xbox would shut down unexpectedly? That won’t happen while using Masione Xbox one power supply as it operates without heating up excessively. This power brick has an optimized fan with a special blade design. ut it is still not very quiet like the previous one. But don’t worry, the noise is almost inaudible instead of a loud buzz.

Its Auto voltage feature allows this power adapter to be used with any Xbox one console worldwide. Its electricity rate is AC 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz Input voltage. The output voltage is rated a 12V DC 220W high power for rapid charging experience. You will get a US plug along with this power supply. And it is quite standard in almost all the western world countries. For the quality and performance, it’s great. And you can try it out yourself because the manufacturer is offering a 30-Days Money back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

Therefore, if you want an affordable Xbox one power supply that does not compromise with quality, go for Masione Xbox one power supply today.

Sumlink Xbox One Power Supply

If you are not a regular gamer, but you are looking for an affordable option, Sumlink Xbox is what you can get and enjoy occasional gaming. However, this one is not suitable for frequent gamers who play for long hours. Sumlink Xbox one power adapter offers almost everything, but the quality is just satisfactory. You will get a global adapter, ABS material build, a good fan, and a LED light status indicator.

The bonus for this Xbox is the optimized fan blade design that reduces noise; there’s just a slight buzz when you hear closely. It also reduces input power as well as improves the overall efficiency. For better heat dissipation, there are vents on both front and back end. Also, the ABS material makes it fire resistant. Considering everything, Sumlink is a better second option when you do not want to spend extra money as an occasional gamer.

What to consider when selecting A Good Xbox One Power Supply

Now you have a list of available Xboxes in the market. But there are things to consider before you make a choice. They are:


When you are looking for some options, you have to double-check the compatibility. Make sure you are buying a power supply designed for Xbox One. Because the power supplies are not cross-compatible between different Xbox consoles like Xbox 360 and Xbox One S.

Power Rating

The power rating specifies the ideal Input and Output power for optimal performance and risk-free operation. The Household power supply is different in different countries. Generally, when you buy from a brick-and-mortar store in your country, they will only sell the Xbox one power supply, which has a power rating according to your country. But while buying online, always check the Input Power Rating is the same as the household power supply.

Build Material

Another important thing to consider is the material using which the Xbox One power brick is made. Make sure that the power brick comes with ABS material that prevents your power brick from burning and eliminates any chance of fire. And also, make sure it ensures better durability and longer life.


It must come with at least 12 months of the Warranty period. If there is any fault or manufacturing default, you always have the option to get a replacement or refund. Some manufacturers also offer a money-back guarantee for a specific period, and it is still good to get such a deal.


As a gamer, necessary items make gaming fun. Hence, you need the best. Take your time to make a choice. Do drop your questions and contributions in the comment section.

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