Windows 11 Release date and all you should know

Details on Windows 11 release date, features, and all that every user needs to know.

With the recent announcement of Microsoft on the Windows 11 release date, there have been a lot of Windows 11 insider reviews driving speculations on what the product might be like.

While there might be a lot of information surrounding the features of Windows 11, an official announcement from Microsoft is all it takes to give users some clarity on the matter.

Windows users must get themselves acquainted with Microsoft’s new release, and more especially Windows 11 system requirements. This will help you understand if the Windows 11 download will be compatible with your device.

This article contains all that you need to know about Windows 11 release date, its specifications, and product design.

Windows 11 release date 2021

Finally, the date for the release of Windows 11 was officially launched on the 24th of June, 2021 at Microsoft’s Livestream event. While some users have started making use of the Windows 11 latest upgrade from June 25, 2021, there are speculations that users might have to wait till 2022 for the operating system to circulate on the market and be made available for every PC user. The Windows 11 release date is mistaken for the date Microsoft introduced the operating system to the market, June 24, 2021.

The truth is, personal computers have played a great role in human evolution. They are readily incorporated into our daily activities that it seems so difficult to live without them.

While PCs are a major asset of every business, web structure, and platform, it is also important that they evolve to meet the insatiable needs of humanity.

This grows from the basic needs of sending emails, to the ease of developing and building apps and solutions. 

The concept behind the launch of Windows 11 was to provide users personalized platforms that will help them create, learn and provide digital solutions. This includes can play with their PCs.

Windows 11 Specifications and Features

Windows 11 is technically built with certain amazing features that have made it gain popularity in the market.

The best Windows 11 specifications and features include;

Simple Design and User Interface

Just as the goal for Windows 11 remains to boost the level of creativity and productivity of users, Windows 11 comes with a simplified design.

This simplified design and user interface spreads from the placement of the start button, the scroll, clicks, sounds down to the functionality of every icon or program on the computer. These include the interaction of the taskbar, fonts, and control ease.

The start button works with a cloud mechanism, with the help of Microsoft 365. This easily shows you all the recent files that you’ve interacted with. No matter the platform you launched them from. This means you can sync your phone (android or iOs) to work together with your PC.

This includes the introduction of new features that will help the interaction of users with the PC. These features include; Snap Layouts, Groups, and Desktop. This makes it easier for users to multitask in between different functions. This will also help you split your screen to multifunction with ease

Chats and Communication

Windows 11 comes with a default feature that helps you chat and communicate with loved ones. The chat function ‘Microsoft Teams’ comes with the Windows 11 taskbar. Your PC’s design now communicates with your friends, family and, office mates. This also includes an option to connect your device (iOS or Android) to the chat.

Game and Entertainment experience 

Windows 11 beats other Windows versions for its effectiveness in gaming. It blends perfectly with your system’s hardware to unlock a new level of gaming.

Windows 11 Gaming capacity include advancements from DirectX 12 ultimate, direct storage, and auto HDR. The Windows 11 DirectX 12 ultimate feature ensures superb graphic quality at high frame rates. This gives you a breath-taking view.

Windows 11 supports multiple gaming accessories. 

App Integration

With this Windows 11 feature, your apps can easily work on the operating system. This includes the function that easily supports the launch of android apps on your PC.

You don’t need third-party software to launch your android apps on your PC.

Information at-go

Windows 11 provides a draw-down feature that supports easy access to information. You can easily personalize the type of information that you want to see and have them easily delivered to you.

App store and Revenue share for developers

One of the promises that Microsoft made is to promote creativity. This includes giving creators and app developers more reasons to create content.

The Windows 11 product design supports the deployment of apps on the App store no matter the framework they work on. Independent Software vendors are free to get their apps on the store whether those apps match with the Win 32 requirements, as a Progressive Web App (PWA), or a universal Windows App (UWP).

Speed and Security

While Windows 11 is also built for app compatibility, it is enforced with an advanced security system. Windows 11 offers users maximum protection from the use of the cloud to its chip. This is to ensure maximum productivity and zero lapses.

Windows 11 has an advanced enhancement with a Zero Trust-ready operating system to protect users’ data across multiple platforms and devices.

This security feature in Windows 11 is strengthened by Microsoft’s partnership with OEM and Silicon. Users have the assurance of data protection while interacting with any system software.

Windows 11 System Requirements

Every intending Windows 11 user needs to understand the Windows 11 system requirements. This will help you decide if your PC matches the system requirement.

The Windows 11 system requirement include;

  • 4GB RAM
  • Version 2.0 TPM
  • 64GB Storage or higher 
  • 1 gigahertz processor or higher
  • UEFI and SECure boot Capable – System Fireware
  • 720p HD Display

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You will need an internet connection to complete the device setup for windows 11. This includes an active Microsoft account.


Jumping on the Windows 11 train is a path to take for all PC users. However, you must get yourself acquainted first with the system requirements and functionality of Windows 11.

While there hasn’t been an official Windows 11 release date, users can begin with setting up their PCs awaiting the arrival of Windows 11.

Users should confirm the compatibility of their devices with the new Windows 11 release.

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