Why Do We Need Electric Cars?

The emergence of electric cars or automobiles has altered the manner in which we think of automobiles. They have made us to move away from the traditional gas or diesel – powered engines to battery – charged engines. Hence, it has eliminated the cost of purchasing gas or fuel which is on consistent rise globally.

Most electric vehicles are otherwise known as battery – powered autos. An electric automobile is a type of car that has replaced fuel engine with a solitary electric engine or more. The engine utilizes battery-powered batteries.

Also, electric vehicles got mainstream during the 1940s. At the point when progress in inner motors and large-scale manufacturing of more affordable fuel or oil vehicles got widespread, there was a sharp decrease in the utilization of electric autos.

However, the last decade has seen enthusiasm for electric-fueled vehicles return. There are two reasons for this renewed interest.  The first explanation behind this stir intrigue has to do with the assembling of advanced batteries. The second is the global quest to lessen greenhouse impact through gas outflow by gas motors.

Recently, bunches of nations have set up laws to support the utilization of electric vehicles. A portion of these laws offer benefits like tax reductions, and exemptions, endowments in addition to other things.

Guess what? If contrasted and their partner ignition motors, the electric autos are found to deliver less combustion, and they also have less smoke emanating from their fumes pipes which are useful for the earth.

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Ongoing examination of the use of electric cars by top-vehicle makers such as Ford shows that they plan to spend around $350 billion on the construction of electric cars the following decade or half.

Brief Foundation of Electric Autos

All electric sedan image

There is the absolute first electric vehicle model creation is credited to a few people, yet the main electric engine and a little model electric vehicle were built by Hungarian designer Anyos Jedlik in 1828.

Different supporters of the advancement of electric vehicles back Robert Anderson, who constructed the first non-battery-powered force cells likewise known as essential cells as the biggest contributor to electric car emergence.

Another vital contributor to the origin of electric vehicle generation was Thomas Davenport, who assembled a short, round electric track.

At the tail end of the 19th century, an American inventor called William Morrison constructed the first model of a functioning electronic car.

However, a few other vehicle prototypes were assembled, however, the utilization of electric autos truly turned into a reality when the batteries of the vehicle were improved because of crafted by French pioneers Gaston Plante and Camile Faure in 1865 and 1881 separately.

Subsequent years saw the rise in popularity of electronic cars through the United States of America. And at the beginning of the 20th century, quarter of the cars made in the country was powered by electronic batteries.

The principal business utilization of electric vehicles came as cabs both in America and in Britain, and they were made famous when most cabs or carbs were drawn by steeds.

Hence, the current electric vehicles were developed using metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) while The innovation developed in 1959 by creator Mohammed M. Atalla and Dawon Kahng brought the development of the MOS field – impact transistor by Hitachi organization in 1969.

MOSFET which represents Metal-oxide-semiconductor – Field – impact transistor power converters made tasks like higher frequencies, and discounted power costs just as costs.

It is also important to note that another imperative advancement that happened to the cutting-edge electric autos was the lithium-particle battery-powered battery designed during the 1980s by three innovators – John Goodenough, RachidYazami, Akira Yoshimo.

Propositions three creators later won the Nobel prize for material science in 2019 and the presence of this battery made it workable for electric vehicles to be utilized for long-distance ventures.

Modern electronic cars have worked to eliminate the concerns of most people about electronic cars in the past. The chief concerns were about long distances.The latest models of electric cars have conquered the issue of long distances. They now travel as far as the gas – powered counterparts.

Today, electric autos have kept on developing in popularity. Organizations like Tesla Engines, Portage, and Renault have become easily recognized names in the assembling of electric vehicles. Tesla, for example, has its worldwide deals over 500,000 of every 2018.

Benefits of Electric cars

There are so many benefits of purchasing electric cars. These benefits make these cars more preferable than the traditional gas – powered engines. These benefits include

  • The cost of maintaining an electric is cheaper than those of gas over time

Electric cars have smaller moving parts and hence have fewer things can go wrong. This is unlike the gas or fuel cars which come with lots of mechanical parts. Therefore you are likely to run regular maintenance such as oil- filter change. The cost of regular maintenance compared to that of electric cars is far more expensive.

Those who switch to electric cars from gas or fuel cars saves as much as $200 monthly.

The only expensive things about electric cars are the batteries. These can cost as much as $25,000 which can is equivalent to the cost of some cars.

  • Absence of road tax and other charges

To encourage the use of electric cars by most countries in the world, most governments have made laws to back it; and some of these laws are seen in the absence of road tax because this was passed by the government of the United Kingdom in early part of 2017.

The same government waved the right to congestion charges. This has made the use if electric cars more popular than ever in this countries.

  • Better for the environment

One thing that has made electric cars more popular among people is the belief that they are good for the environment due to the absence of a tail pipe. Without tail pipe, there are no carbon emissions.

Carbon emissions are the chief cause of environmental hazards such as acidic rainfall. They don’t depend on fossils. These make the car eco-friendly and they are more recyclable than their gas or diesel counterparts.

How electric cars function

Different from their petrol or diesel powered counterparts, which works through the use of conventional internal combustion engine (ICE), the electric cars runs on electrically charged battery pack.

They work by providing power to the motor and help the wheels to turn. Hence, rather than depend on conventional methods such as fuel, diesel, it uses electricity for power.

Owners of these automobiles can supply power to it through wall socket. This is similar to the way electronic appliances such as mobile phones and television sets receive power. What you need to do is to plug the car’s charger to an electronic source.

These sources ensure the battery receives power that they store inside the vehicle, and there is a form of electric car called hybrid. This type of electric cars makes use of double power source.

They can be charged with electricity like an electric car, and also uses fuel. So it has both an engine which runs on internal combustion and battery.

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To make sure that the batteries last longer, electric cars come with regulators. The function of the regulators is to make sure that there is consistency in the production and use of energyby the car.

Examples of electric cars

There is no doubt that election cars are the future of automobiles. Here are the few examples of electric cars available right now.

Porsche Electric Cars

Electric cars

When you hear the name “Porsche” you know that the word comfort and style are not far away. They are one of the most prominent makers of electric cars worldwide. Porsche’s most prominent electric car is called the Taycan.

Do you know that the name Taycan which the car is popularly known as can be traced to the Language of the Turks (people from turkey)? which means a living horse in English language and this vehicle is built with an alloy which is made up of steel and aluminum. These metals are combined through several methods.

Making use of a divert rain new battery, which contains a permanent magnet motor, makes it possible for the car to have a four-wheel-drive layout. Power gets to the front of the vehicle through the use of the one-speed gearbox. For the back, power gets there through the use of a short gear which delivers maximum acceleration.

The power of the car is generated by a 93-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, whichhelps by making the center of gravity low. Knowing the distance this car can cover will depend on the mode the driver uses. The first mode available on the car is the range.

This mode is referred to as the power saving mode. The second mode is called overdrive mode. This mode allows the vehicle to make use of all its power. This car has five different modes available to the driver to choose from: sport, sport plus, normal, range, and overdrive. A driver can also choose to customize the mode of the car.

Porsche corporation built an 800 volt charging system to go along the Taycan. With this coil, the car can charge from 5% to 90% in half an hour. However, the charging speed is influenced by the weather conditions and infrastructure available to the car. Taycan comes with a 270 kilowatt fast direct current charger to charge the vehicle.

To shorten the time for charging, the manufacturers made a provision called preconditioning. What this provision means is that owners of the car can save charge time by easily setting their departure time. The vehicle will then warm or cool the battery automatically with changes in temperature. This method will keep the battery in optimal charge time.

You can charge the car at home as well. Porsche developed an energy manager, which can be installed in homes to make home charging possible. This energy manager can manage the energy use of a home to make it more efficient as well.

Home charging should complete in approximately 11.5 hours.The earliest design of the Taycan is sedan or saloon. Still, an SUV design may be introduced to the public soon. In addition to model changes, alternations are being carried out in engine Dynamics too.

Initially this car had 430 horsepower. Now it has been increased to 617. The same thing applies to the power from the initial 320 for the Taycan 4s to 560 for the Turbo.

This car has the potentials to begin a revolution in the automotive industry. However, we can only wait to see what the company has in store for us in the coming months.

Ford Electric Cars

Electric cars

Ford corporation is one of the biggest names in the automotive industry. They have been in existence for such a long time. Their ranges of electric cars have become largely successful and their electric car is called the Ford Focus electric car.

The Ford focus electric car known as the Passage center BEV appeared in 2009. The vehicle was seen without precedent in Frankfurt, Germany car show. The success of the Ford Focus electric car has seen many companies around the globe attempt similar designs and engine specs.

Large-scale production the car began in 2011 after consulting with the Northern American headquarters in 2010. The name Ford focus electric was given to the vehicle in 2011 after it was called Ford mark III previously.

In 2012 the company began taking the car to buyers in the United States of every couple of states. Specifically, New York, California, and 16 different states inside the nation started receiving the car by the second from the last quarter of the same year.

The size of this automobile is similar to other ones made by Ford. The vehicle gets its power from an electric engine of 107, 245 kilowatts/Newton-meter. The electric engine is fueled by a battery of 23Kwh LG lithium-particle battery.

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The design of the battery was altered in 2017 to 33Kwh. To enable the battery provide more force in the more up to date models beginning from 2017.

The maximum speed of this vehicle is 135Km/h. This vehicle is said have great energy saving capability. The newly designed battery makes use of a functioning fluid to cool and warm up the vehicle to control the temperature of the battery framework. And the capacity of the dynamic fluid is valuable for expanding battery life and driving separation.

This car got to Europe in 2013. As ford used Germany as base of its operations although there are increasing numbers of electric cars in the market right now, the Ford model can hold its own against any car.


Electric cars are gradually taking over from the traditional gas type. We expect this gradual domination to continue especially considering the laws being enacted concerning carbon emissions by most countries. Hence we can say the future of the automotive industry lies with electric cars most especially if they can be bigger.

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In this article, we have provided you with as much information as possible concerning electric cars.

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