Why 5G is superior to its predecessors

The news of the release of 5G was received with cheer and excitement by users around the world. 5G is the fifth generation standard for cellular networks. Cellular companies or network carriers began deployment of 5G last year. The 5G is superior to its predecessors on so many levels.

Like its immediate predecessor, which is the 4G network, 5G network is separated into small geographical area know as cells. All 5G wireless devices in a cell have internet connection and telephone network via radio waves through the use of local antenna found in the cell.

Analog signals which represent sounds and images are made digital in telephones. Hence, they are converted by the analog-to-digital converter. They are then transmitted as a stream of bits.

All 5G devices in a cell phone communicate through radio waves with a local antenna and low power automated transmitter and receiver contained in the cell.

The hype around 5G has been gathering for almost a year now. However, we are now beginning to see the benefits of the early research and development.

5G promises to alter the way we live by connecting to a network that is hundred times faster than what we are used to and ten times faster than our quickest broadband home service.

However, speed is not the only benefit of the 5G network. Switching from 3G to 4G LTE for most was down to speed. 5G offers us so much more. It gives us a combination of speed, responsiveness and it capable of unlocking the full capacity of other trends in technology.

This is capable of offering a boost to self-driven cars, drones, virtual reality and internet service.

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Why is 5G important?

We have heard about the launch of 5G by some countries. However many of us don’t understand why it is so important. Why it is spoken of with so much excitement by industrialists and technology enthusiasts. Before we talk about ways it is superior to its predecessor and the things it brings that its predecessors never did, we will explain why it is important in the first place.

First of all, the mobile communication spectrum is becoming congested. This is why current network can’t keep up with consumers’ demands for data. As a result of this congestion, consumers experience slow speeds, and unstable connections. In some cases, there is loss of signal.

The effect of these is that performance is affected as work or entertainment related activities can’t be carried out. The demand for data will continue to grow as long as more people are purchasing smartphones around the world.

Industries are not left out, that is why the need for a network that can meet consumers’ demands began. However, after few years the 5G is here. It is here to make sure that all your complaints about network issues in the past are addressed.

The aim is to make sure that your daily activities are not hindered by issues emanating from data delays, network lags, and loss of signal or unstable connection. It promises to provide you with uninterrupted connectivity.

In this article, we are looking at the advantages of 5G over all the other networks that have come before it. We will let you know the things 5G are capable to unlock.

Why 5G is superior to its predecessors

Make remote surgery possible

Aside speed, the biggest advantage of 5G is its low latency. This means that the time between a device pinging the network and getting a response is extremely short.

Although it is not very noticeable, there is a lag with 4G LTE. A 5G network completely eliminate this lag. Absence of lag will make it possible for a surgeon to attend to a patient without being present in the operating room.

Companies refer to this idea as internet of skills. They believe that it will facilitate transfer of expertise over a long distance in real time. Without the emergence of 5G network connection, this process won’t be possible.

Self-driving cars

Although companies like Google and Uber are working towards self-driving cars now, lots of industry players have made their opinion known that without a 5G network connection, it is impossible.

This means that 5G network will make it possible for instant response network and easy coverage which will enable the cars to communicate with each other, and with street lamps as well as gas station as well as sensors built within the city.


Similar to cars, 5G will make it easier to use drones. It will truly unlock the full capacity of drones. The reason being that it will allow for precise control of the drones, at the same time send back high definition video signals. This will make it easier for drones to fly over difficult areas like oil fields, war zones among other places.

Secured connection

If you want dependable connection, 5G is the way to go. Phone companies already offer service level agreements. This guarantees a stable connection for critical business and applications.

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With 5G, the network will be smart and strong enough to offer stable connection. However, it won’t be cheap.

Enhances mobile broadband

Built on the existing 4G mobile broadband model, 5G promises to offer higher rates and improved efficiency. Mobile operators have already seen firsthand the benefits of using the 5G for home broadband connection.

It offers seamless connection that will eliminate the setbacks experienced with 4G LTE. The benefit of this is that you will have no issues streaming the latest TV shows and movies without lags.

Less latency

Latency is described as the time it takes for our device to carry out the instructions we give to them. With 5G, the latency has become ten times less than it was with 4G LTE. This has enabled remote action to be performed in real time.

As a result of low latency and the increase in sensors, it has become possible to exact control on machinery used in industrial plants. It also enables easier control of logistics and transport.

Network slicing

Network slicing is also known as virtual networks. The coming of 5G has made it possible for the implementation of virtual networks. As a result of the creation of subnetworks will provide particular characteristics to a part of the network.

Since it is a programmable network, it will allow for connection to be prioritized. For example, different latencies or prioritizing the network will make them not to be affected when there is network overloads. This will make it easier for consumers to use the internet hitch-free.

Higher number of connected device

Why 5G is superior to its predecessors

The emergence of 5G will make it easier for devices to be connected at a higher number. This is as a result of the long reach of 5G networks. They can go a million scales per square kilometer.

All connected device will have access to instantaneous internet connection which will give them the opportunity for real time information exchange with each other. Many anticipate that a common home will have over a hundred device that are connected and will be sending as well as receiving information. For example, industrial plants will have lots of connected devices.

The value of this higher number of connected devices includes – the higher the number of connected devices the easier it will be to have a smart city as well as autonomous cars.

Greater speed

Speed is one advantage of 5G that has been talked about in many quarters. It is like the driving force behind the popularity of 5G among phone users. The fact is that everyone is looking for faster ways to surf the internet.

Being able to enjoy superior speed means that we can have access to files, programs, and vital applications in a matter of seconds without having to wait, it will also make it easier for us to make use of cloud services, which is available in most devices such as computer and mobile phones.

It also means we don’t have to install heavy processors on our mobile because we can do our computing via the cloud. This is great news because stress on the phone RAM and internal storage will be reduced.

High resolution

5G is expected to provide high resolution to and double direction large bandwidth shaping. The benefit of this is that we are going to say good bye to network issues like low signal. Having poor signal reception in areas where there is 5G cell tower will never happen unlike what we had with the predecessors.

Consistent connectivity

5G will make it possible for consistent, homogeneous, and uninterrupted connectivity. The result of this is that your conference calls to any part of the world as long as there is a 5G signal there will be hitch free.

Education will also benefit from this because a student sitting in his room can attend a class happening any where in the world and won’t feel he is not there physically because of the superior sound and visual quality made possible by 5G signals.

Multiple task

This is another way 5G is superior to its predecessor. People love to be able to have the freedom to do anything they want with their phones. One of these is multi-tasking. With 5G you can have parallel multiple services become possible. You can receive information about the weather and your location when chatting or making a call. This is the kind of freedom you need to stay ahead of your peers.

Support heterogeneous services

5G supports technological sound of heterogeneous services. This will include private networks. This means anyone can join the network. This kind of freedom will make it easier for Mass connectivity therefore making it easier to spread information.

Easy to manage

Like it predecessor, 4G LTE. 5G is easy to manage alongside other networks. That means you don’t need to rid of the signal of its predecessor. It won’t affect the efficiency if the network.

Can be used to prevent natural disaster

In today’s world, knowledge and information are crucial to survival. Anyone who has experienced a natural disaster like earthquake and tsunami knows the importance of early detection.With 5G, satellite images will be easy to capture and send back to command centers. We already talked about drones. This is similar.

We all know that lots of countries have their satellite in space. Aside defense, some of these satellite was launched to enable space station detect early signs of natural disasters such as tsunami, earthquake by watching for changes in the ocean waves like the case of tsunami or monitoring earth vibrations like the case of earthquake.

5G will make internet connection more stable and thereby make it easier to rely on images and information received from the satellite to the relevant authorities.

Improve security

Why 5G is superior to its predecessors

We spoke earlier about 5G making it possible to create smart city. The by-product of this smart city is having greater coverage of activities going on in such a place. With the large bandwidth which 5G brings, it will be easier for relevant authorities to monitor any part of the city. Thereby improve the security of the city and reduce crime rate.

Besides, it will make it easier to find people as well as monitor different places to avoid possible cases of missing persons.

Furthermore, it will make it easier for the military to gather intelligence, and improve diplomatic services. The gathering of intelligence is vital to national and global intelligence.

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5G has made it possible for data to flow freely between all branches of the military with low latency. This will have an impact on battles and weapons manufacturing in the future. With 5G systems, military leaders will be able to access critical situations quicker and make faster decisions.

Facilitate space exploration

Higher resolution and bandwidth will enable space exploration into other planets to become easier. The fact is that with 5G technology, satellite images will become shaper. Which means people will have a clearer understanding of what is happening in other planets just by looking live images from there. It will make the quest for exploration of the world beyond our own faster. It will take the process a few years forward.


The launch of 5G last year is one of the biggest achievements recorded in the world of communication technology. The numerous opportunities it comes with make a viable and commendable Innovation. The future will be greatly impacted by it.

Almost all human endeavors will need the speed, and other benefits of the 5G network to meet its demands. The advantages over the predecessors are too many to write down. However, we have discussed a few of them here. We hope this article will provide you with all the information you need about 5G network.

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