What is a Voided Check?

Ever come across the word voided check and tried to wrap your mind around it to no avail?

How about trying to ascertain what this check is used for in business?

That can be a thing of the past since you’ll get to know what a voided check in accounting/finance is from our outline below.

It’s quite simple once you get a hang of it, and you too can use this check the right way.

Therefore, walk with us let’s show you all this check entails, the purpose of a voided check and generally, what it looks like.

What Does a Voided Check Mean?

If you receive a check with the word ‘Void’ written on it, then it’s voided check.

The word is often inscribed at the front of the check thus, the check cannot serve as a blank check.

On the other hand, the voided check will be used to source for information to aid in electronic payments.

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As such, you cannot use this type of check to withdraw money, since it will not be accepted.

This means that the word void ensures that the check does not serve as a blank check.

Consequently, unauthorized users who lay hands on this check are unable to fill their name as the payee and even entering any amount they want.

So, what does a voided check include? This check has the following:

  • Bank name
  • Account number
  • Bank’s routing number 
  • Numbers below the check to enable the depositing and withdrawal of funds.

Voided Check Example

The image below an example of a voided check

What is a Voided Check

When to Use a Voided Check

There are proper uses of a voided check given that it has a person’s bank details on it.

Some of these uses include:

Direct Deposits

These details on your voided are used by a person to setup an electronic link between your bank account. 

For instance, if your employee wishes to make an electronic payment to you, then they’ll need the account details on the check.

These details ensures that the money is actually sent to you and not the wrong recipient.

On the other hand, there’s the benefit of getting electronic payments since it means there’s no need to rely on paper paychecks.

You also do not need to deposit these checks upon their recipient.

Set Up Automatic Payments

It’s possible to set up automatic electronic payments with the use of void checks.

Doing so saves you from writing checks to cover mortgage, rent, etc.

This means that the funds will be automatically deducted from your account depending on the settings you have activated.

As a consequence, there’s no need to use your checkbook every now and then or monitor whether you’re keeping up with these payments.

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Correct Mistakes

It’s possible to fill a check wrongly with a payee name or an amount that isn’t correct.

What can be done, in this case, is either to destroy the check or to void it.

Once you’ve written ‘void’ on it and the check is thrashed, it reduces the chances of anyone using it to steal your money.

The same cannot be said if there is an error in name or amount and you just discard the check.

Therefore, a voided check is a cancelled check and it can be due to the fact that the check was wrongly filled.

Over and above that, other uses of a voided check is:

  • When there is a blank or partially filled check
  • When the check has been submitted to an employer to be used in creating a direct deposit payroll account.

How to Get a Voided Check

There are simple steps to enable you get a voided check and it’s easier than you think.

First off, you don’t need to visit your bank to get another checkbook entirely since you can make do with the one you have.

Here, you simply have to bring out your checkbook and use your pen to write the word ‘VOID’ on its front.

Also keep the following mind while writing a void check

  • Use a pen or fine marker that can write the words ‘VOID’ thickly on the check
  • Space out the letters and ensure that they are tall enough not to be manipulated. 
  • Ensure that you write the word in large letters so it does not escape the eye.
  • Give room for the banking information displayed at the bottom of the check.

Keep Records

So, you’ve secured your account by using voided checks when the need arises, but it’s useful to do one more thing.

And that is, know the number of checks that are in your check register.

If one goes missing, you’ll be able to account for it.

But if these checks cannot be accounted for, you’ll be left wondering if you have written someone a check or if the check has been stolen entirely.

Alternatives to a Voided Check

While voided checks enable you to authorize direct deposits and even auto payments easily, there are alternatives you can settle for.

These alternatives ensures you do not use most of your paper checks to write a voided check.

Therefore, consider the following alternatives:

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

A direct deposit authorization form can be used instead of a voided check.

Nonetheless, you have to be careful when filling the bank’s routing number as well as your account number to avoid making any mistakes.

A Voided Counter Check

There’s a counter check which is a blank paper check.

This check can be likened to starter checks issued to customers upon opening a new account.

Accordingly, ask your bank or credit union if they issue counter checks and then request for one.

Deposit Slip

A deposit slip is one more alternative to a voided check.

This slip comes with your banking information on it.


The importance of a voided check cannot be overemphasized.

From helping to protect the funds in your account to enabling the electronic linking of your account.

You also get to setup automatic payments to ensure your debts are paid on time.

When that happens, it does not impact on your credit score negatively.

Accordingly, follow the tips we’ve outlined above to write your own voided check.

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