Ways Smartphones are Improving the Life of Teenagers

It is almost impossible to think of a world where there will be no smartphone. There are lots of ways smartphones are improving the life of teenagers since it came into existence. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you when you learn that over 75% of teenagers in the world have access to a smartphone.

It doesn’t matter the size of you income, race, religious beliefs, or location. The use of smartphones has also changed the ways teenagers act. It is easier to find teenagers alone with their smartphones than talking with their parents or even among themselves. They rather communicate online.

Most parents and guardians are worried about the effect of smartphones on the lives of their children. Although there are adverse effects, it is not all pain and gloom. There are lots of advantages teenagers can enjoy through the use of smartphones. These advantages improve their lives in more ways than one.

Many teenagers see smartphones ownership as tool to signify self-sufficiency or independence, responsibility, freedom, and a statement of growth. Smartphones are like every other tool of technology. It comes with both the good sides and the bad sides. In this article, we will look at the impacts or improvement smartphones has brought to the lives of teenagers.

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Positive impacts of smartphones on teenagers

Smartphone as a tool to follow your passion

Ways Smartphones are Improving the Life of Teenagers
Teenagers with smartphones

Teenage years are the time for self discovery. It is a time when you child is trying to know where he fits in the world. Your daughter may have recently discovered the love for make-up, or your son may have discovered the love for drums.

One thing about smartphones is that they come with applications for whatever passion you have. Therefore, they can help your teenage son or daughter follow their passion.

Furthermore, the number of apps on both the Google store and Apple store are limitless. Most of these applications are educational, and they will help teenagers discover their artistic talent. For example, a photo-editing application will help your teenage son or daughter discover their love for photography. You can also find an application for fitness and health training. These apps can assist teenagers train for long distance races in major sporting events.

We know a teenager or a parent may be reading this, therefore we have decided to take time to bring to your notice few apps that will facilitate the creative and knowledge-thirst of your teenager.

  • Magisto

This application is for video editing. It can help you turn photos in your phone to music videos that you can share.

  • Songsterr

For those who are passionate about learning a musical instrument such as guiter, drums. This is one application you should have on your phone. It will help you master the tabs and chords on a guitar. Whether it is the bass type or electronic as well as drums.

  • wikiHow

This application is for those who want to learn stuff on their own. There is nothing you can’t learn from wikihow. Right from painting, fixing of home appliances, and cars.

  • Offline survival manual

For those who love the outdoors, this is a perfect app. It will provide essential knowledge to any girl or boy who wants to be a member of a girl’s guide or boy’s scout group.

Provide global access

Ways Smartphones are Improving the Life of Teenagers
Smartphone provides global access

The internet as we know it today provides access to cross – cultural interaction. A smartphone is a tool for global access and opportunity to share experiences with people from parts of the world that are impossible to reach physically.

For example, an American through the internet has conversations with someone in Thailand, and African hinterland.

Through communication lines such as emails, social media applications provided by smartphones, communications have become easier across different boarders and continent.

In addition, smartphone provide youths easy quick access to the world. It can help them become socially aware citizens. They can learn a whole lot about happenings in the world. A few valuable apps exist for things like this. For example, WolframAlpha is a well known and powerful tool for reference that can assist students learn about any academic topic that interest them.

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Another powerful application for educational purposes is Khan academy. This application allows you take prep tests as well as show you study guides. For information on current global issues or matters, teenagers should go for TED Talks. All the important global issues, thought-provoking matters are at your finger tips.

In addition, smartphone improves life of teenagers by aiding their learning of foreign languages. Language is a barrier to communication because it makes communication difficult. However, with applications like Duolingo, Babbel etc language issues will be a thing of the past. This is another great way smartphone improve the life of teenagers.

Smartphones provide social independence

Ways Smartphones are Improving the Life of Teenagers
Smartphones provide social independence

Whether adults like it or not, communication through social media is the future. Teenagers are the future generations. Therefore, they should be the one leading the changes that we expect to come in the future.

Smartphones improve the life of teenagers by making them socially independent. The reason is that smartphones represent the best way for teenagers to learn the dynamics of social interaction. From learning the basics of sending and receiving emails to navigating the world of texting as well as the use of emojis, smartphones are your best option for these knowledge.

Therefore, from planning hangout times with friends, searching for cinema times of your favorite movies, and looking for the best discount shop for Saturday shopping – to daily chats with classmates and peers, a smartphone is your tool for social life.

Conventional social tools or applications include Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tik Tok, and WhatsApp. Some new ones are beginning to enter the scene. These include Houseparty, GroupMe etc.

We know lots of parents are worried about the time their teens spend on their phones. No need to worry much, there are applications you can use to control screen time spent on smartphones. These apps include Screen Teen, Screen Time Parental Control. These applications can keep a track on curfews.

Provide access health information

Ways Smartphones are Improving the Life of Teenagers
Health Information

It is not always easy to get access to credible information. The same thing happens to teenagers. Sometimes it is hard to get information that will impact positively to your health.

For most teenagers, the most important health question that they seek answers to sexual health. They are lots of sexual health interventions put in place by lots of countries to educate the youth. Even for teenagers in the foster system. The question a reader of this article will be asking is “What role does smartphones play all these?”

Almost, if not all of these programs created for teenagers’ health has mobile applications. These applications can be downloaded from the various smartphone stores. Hence, smartphone play a crucial role in providing access to credible health information.

Make communication between doctors and patients easier

The major advantage of smartphone is providing access to easier communication between people. This access includes doctors and patients. Teenagers who don’t want their parents to be aware of certain health challenges they are facing can make use of smartphone application to communicate with doctors. Parents can make use of these apps too to talk to doctors on the behalf of their teenagers.

For example, applications like My Medical info and other applications are fantastic for families since they allow users to build medical profiles. In each profile, a user can include medications they are on, the instructions on dosage as well as health history. They can also add allergies, contact of the doctor treating them and set reminders of appointments they may have.

Keeping track of chronic condition

The use of smartphone technology makes it easier to keep track of chronic conditions including Type 11 diabetes. This is a condition that is found in 1 of 500 teenagers. Smartphones now include applications that allow users keeptrack on their sugar levels as well as symptoms. They can also keep appointments involving checking their blood sugar, and even import data from glucometers and insulin pump alongside the analysis.

Help you quit bad habits that can affect your health

Smoking for example is a habit most people indulge in without understanding the damage it does to their health. The center for disease control and prevention estimated from their research that 7% of teenagers under the age of 17 will die early from smoke-related illnesses such as cancer of the lungs.

Besides smoking, another bad habit that can affect the health and physical as well as mental well-being of a teenager is alcohol. Although most countries don’t allow youths to drink till the age of 21, this law has not stopped teenagers from their parents’ bar to have a drink or two. Sometimes these teenagers become addicted. Heavy alcohol consumption affects mental health.

It can cause accidents, falls, and sudden deaths. Smartphones improve the life of teenagers by providing access to lots of applications that can help break this habit. There are lots of apps that will help you to cope with your plan to quit smoking, and withdraw from alcohol.

For example, Stop My Smoking is an app that will aid your journey to quit smoking completely. This program is convenient, and massages can be tailored to suit your schedule.

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On the other hand, applications like soberity counter, I am sober are created for alcoholics. These opt-in programs are easy to manage and you can easily fit them into your daily activity.

Provides entertainment

This is one of the major uses of smartphones by teenagers. Phones have become a hub for entertainment for teenagers. It helps them relax and reenergize. This is a way of improving their lives because a relaxed mind will be more creative than a stressed one.

After a day of school lessons filled with assignments, they can reduce their stress levels considerably by entertaining themselves with their smartphones. From watching the latest movies, TV shows , playing favorite games as well as listening to classic and new music by their favorite artists, they have the ultimate entertainment tool at their fingertips.


It is amazing how smartphones have impacted the society, especially in making things easier to do. The convenience teenagers enjoy through the use of smartphones is enormous.

Nowadays, teenagers can reach out to their friends, parents, teachers, pay for rides, order foods as well as apply for part time jobs through their smartphones. This is a far cry from the days of going through lots of newspaper ads to locate a job, or standing for hours in queues at a restaurant to get food.

Additionally, whatever information you need is only few clicks away. No need to go to the library and go through thousands of books to get credible information. This is a great way smartphones have improved the lives of teenagers.

Improved security

Increase in personal security is a great deal of improvement in lives of teenagers. Smartphones have given parents greater opportunity to keep an eye on their teenage kids. It is so easy to dial emergency services such as 911 nowadays. So parents know that their kids are relatively safe out there because they can track their location through their phones.

Although, most teenagers don’t think of their smartphones as a security device, they still make use of it when they want to request help. Hence, parents believe that this is the greatest advantage smartphones provide to them.

Aiding adaptation to modern Life

There is no doubt that smartphones have changed our lives forever. The good news is that it is here to stay with us for a very long time. The ever changing world of technology has transformed how we work. It has taken us to a whole new world.

However, through the use of smartphones teenagers are exposed to the latest form of technology. They will learn the best ways to get solution to problems. It will boost their creative skills and bring innovation to problems affecting the society.

In addition, mobile phones are used by all professionals. Therefore, teenagers will be able to familiarize themselves with modern technology that will be valuable to them in the future.

Proper time management

Smartphones facilitate proper time management. Teenagers can set reminders and alarms to remind them of important events, and keep track of time. It also makes them more punctual to school lessons as well as helps them allocate proper time to their studies.

Applications like calendar, alarm features and other apps help students to organize themselves and become better managers of time.

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There have been lots of articles discussing the negative role of smartphones in the lives of teenagers.

However, there are lots of ways smartphones improve the lives of teenagers. We have pointed out some of these ways in this article.

We hope that parents and teenagers make use of their smartphones in a positive way to improve their lives.

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