Video Projects for Beginners and Video bloggers

Integrating content into video projects for beginners can be complex. But the good thing is that smartphone cameras can now shoot high-quality videos and the webcam on laptops can also record videos easily. Sometimes, the luxury of many mobile apps will make you realize that you don’t necessarily need a video camera to create video projects. These apps will help you create catchy video with text and images.

However, it is quite difficult to find content for video projects especially for beginners in videography. We will discuss different video project ideas and apps you can use. Doing video projects can also turn you into a video blogger. And creating a video blog is not difficult as it can be anything that fits any genre and this depends on your style. Video projects are also known as video logs as others may call it. In other words, it consists of your everyday story, or that of someone else.

Video blogging is easy; it only requires minimal set-up or none at all, but you have to speak fluently. You can talk about the things that are happening on whatever niche you may choose, it could be news, sports, comments, opinions or debates. Making a video blog benefits both parties; you can boost your confidence, practice simple video editing (transitions, clips, apply footages etc.), and be a source of inspiration or knowledge to someone. So, grab your smartphone, tablet, or digital camera and a fun time.

Video projects

Tips for making successful video projects

  • In creating a video blog, you need enough engagements, as that is your major source of motivation. And to get these engagements, you must be relative, jovial and helpful always.
  • Be real, and sometimes, add drama too (something to entertain your audience).
  • Plan and prepare the set-up, it doesn’t need to be a high budget, but try to be more outstanding with just simple backgrounds.
  • Be eager to talk about your video projects, that is another way to create awareness about what you do.

Video project ideas for beginners

Create a personal narrative

Everyone has a story, but only few get to share their experiences and motivate others. Narratives can be about any particular thing that has influenced your life, or a story through a certain phase in life. Being able to share personal narratives also boosts your confidence while handling other video projects.

There are few ways to go about this: Grab your smartphone and record yourself. Then you upload to the Google Drive mobile app, add a video to a slide in a shared Google Slides presentation using the Alice Keeler Webcam Record. After you have done that, use the Webcam option in the Screencastify Chrome extension, then upload to YouTube or anywhere else.

Record interviews

You can record interviews, either in person or virtually using people around you. People’s experiences, information, and advice is a lot of value that should be documented. The interview could be in person where both the host and the guest sit next to each other in the camera’s frame. Or, they could engage in virtual interviews, in cases where location is a barrier. You can use a video response tool like Flipgrid ( to record interviews both physically and virtually. For the virtual part, just share the link to them, and allow the guest record responses to questions in a Flipgrid video.

Create a whiteboard animation

This video project is not as difficult as people make it seem. Just set up something with a camera. Aim at a whiteboard or chalkboard. Record and start drawing. After that, you can use video editing tools to accelerate it up to four times its actual speed. Then you can add a voiceover or music if you want.

Present slides with a screencast recording

People discuss and communicate big ideas and important topics always using webinars. The slides allow you to present an idea step-by-step using organized slides with simple sentences or an image. However, instead of presenting multiple bullet points on a single slide, break each point out into individual slides. Then use Screencast recording tools like Screencastify, to manipulate your videos.

Make a video tour of a significant location

This is also another idea for your video projects. You can visit a well-known location and record your experience. Even if it is not a popular location, you can visit there, and document your experience in a video. In other words, you can make a video tour of wherever you visit, whether within the country or abroad. It could be a new location or where you already know. All you have to do is create a documentary and allow others see the beauty of nature via your video.

Meanwhile, you can also go on this video tour with people. There is fun when a group of people give their individual opinion about a particular place. The idea of going in a group is to add variety and make your content rich. You can also create a video slideshow with Animoto or using a screencast.

Furthermore, a virtual walking tour is not a bad idea either. Use Google Maps Street View to view any fantastic location virtually. Record it (plus the microphone for your voice) while you play your tour guide and read some facts about the location from a script. In all, learn to explore, learn new cultures and get acquainted with major tourist locations.

Make tutorial-based videos

Are you good at something? Do you have something that is worth learning? Then that is another great idea for your video projects. You can shoot several rehearsal scenes so you perfect your lines, as you will be teaching others. Get a good background that is noiseless. Be fluent and expressive while teaching because tutorial-based videos are making waves in the industry especially on YouTube. Use green screen for your video projects.

Green screen apps allow you to put yourself over an image or video background. This will make it look like you are almost anywhere in the world in your videos. Apps like Green Screen by Do Ink can make it happen. Moreover, you don’t need a fancy green screen to stand in front of, either. A green painted wall, a green fabric background or even a green disposable tablecloth can do the magic.

Motivational Speech

Biographies research

One unique video project idea is researching notable personalities and creating a video commentary about them. You do not necessarily have to talk about every single detail about the person, just something short and interesting will do the trick. You can also talk about something inspirational and motivating about the person. Biographies are good stories of a person, whether living or dead. Highlight the strong and weak ideologies of the person; something significant about the person and any other interesting info.

This idea comes with a benefit too: you are likely going to be recognized by top personalities, and that is something to add to your profile. Also, you don’t have to meet the high and mighty in society before you can create such videos. You can meet ordinary people doing extraordinary things in society. It could be a civil servant, business person, trader, student, anyone. And remember to be open-minded in your research.

Cartoons and Animation

This is a good form of entertainment, as creating and producing animated videos captures an audience, and add quality to your video projects. Storytelling is one of the best ways to communicate, especially with children and even adults alike. If you are an artist or cartoonist, you have an advantage, as your talent will boost your video projects. Animated video covers a lot of characters and genre, but the difficult thing about this project is the requirement for software tools, the skill and experience to use them. There are a lot of software applications, and there are websites that allow videographers to animate videos for free. You can use it and be sure of a good pay at the end of everything.

Music Videos

Music videos are a good start to practice and produce videos. Making a story out of music is cool once you get the hang of it. If you love great music, you will even love producing videos out of them. Give them the story of the song; create the scenes and set-up the stage for your actors/cast. This is the point where you have to be easy-going and work with others. It is also a good way to learn and test your skills in producing videos. You can even be credited for the whole clip after doing a good job.

Music videos need a lot of creativity, it needs attention to details and a good understanding of the music itself. So, If you want to produce music videos, then it is advisable that you begin to take film courses and classes.

Sports Filmmaking

Another video project idea is creating and producing sports footage as film. Sports is entertaining itself, and it gains a lot of attention. All you need is just little edits, and it gives you a new point of view while watching it. Be the first to create a new sport, maybe you could capture an audience and they you give you credit by creating it.

Inspirational Videos

People are constantly in search of affirmation and approval. If there is any video project that gains attention, it is inspirational videos. If you can encourage people, uplift the confidence of people and cheer people up, then you can convert that talent into a video project. To create successful video projects, you just have to be a good roleplayer. One of the unique talents a videographer can have is the act of roleplaying.

Although it is not difficult to master, it requires a lot of experience in a certain field. Capturing a certain scenario of storytelling can be a great experience too. Inspirational videos do not belong to any genre, because it narrates the entire story itself. An example is creating a video where you interview a fire survivor. It is an epic tale of self-preservation and strength. Re-enact the situation, give the audience a thrill, and let them be inspired through that act.

You can as well share a story of yours that is inspiring. Humans are naturally driven to inspiration and motivation. It does not only dwell in the mind, but also through the heart. It gives the audience a satisfactorily feeling when they watch it because it makes them feel happy and allows them to act like in the form of their will.

Apps you can use for your video projects

Video projects for beginners

These are apps that you can use to create your video projects. Meanwhile, there are not limited to this list, as you can find more on Google play store (if you are using an Android device), and Apple store for iPhone users.

  • Telestory is a mobile app that enables you to create flashy videos with fun overlays. You can also use it to create and record a TV show, and make music videos using night vision effects and more. After that, you then save the video to your camera roll.
  • Chatterpix is a mobile app that brings an inanimate object or photo to life in a video.
  • Triller is a mobile app that allows you to record fun music videos. All you have to do is find a video that fits what you are learning, then record as many as possible. The app splits a music video and makes it look appealing at the end. Kinemaster


Getting ideas for video projects is really not difficult, all you have to do is to focus on things that thrill you. However, it is about your audience too, so you must create contents on things that either educate, inform, or inspire them. Also, leverage on social media platforms to gain engagements, either YouTube or Instagram.

While you are at it, remember you have competitors. But your goal should not be to out-do anyone. You should aim at creating a name for yourself via what you do. Also, know that video projects for beginners can be tasking. So, take your time, have fun, and seek help when necessary. Do well to drop your questions and contributions in the comment section.

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