Top five profitable Blogging Trends in 2022 

2022 is already around the corner; do you wish to know some top-five profitable blogging trends in 2022 ?

The blogging industry keeps advancing as each day passes by. Bloggers are always trying to figure out what is in store for the industry. Is there a future for blogging? Is blogging still relevant? Are blogs profitable in 2022? These questions lead numerous website owners to try to figure out profitable blogging trends that they can capitalize on in 2022.

Starting a blog is a profitable venture. However, it boils down to the niche market and blogging topics that you wish to explore.

At the same point, most individuals are still stuck trying to figure out how to start a blog. Which niches are profitable in 2022? How can I earn money from my blog in 2022?

This includes your choice for a hosting provider for your website, domain name, and the platform that you wish to launch your blog on.

If you are interested in learning how to monetize your blog for 2022 and understand the top five profitable blogging trends in 2022, this article is for you.

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How to find profitable blogging trends in 2022?

The easiest way of monetizing your blog is through the use of ads. This makes it necessary that you understand how to choose profitable niches with High CPCs, impressions, and potential visitors. These are important factors in your blogging journey.

Nevertheless, here are two ways of finding a profitable blogging trend.

1.     Analyze Trends

Google has provided an easy way of tracking trending issues around the world. Google trends help you discover trending topics, and the search volumes they attract on a daily basis.

This will help you draw a rough analysis of which niches will perform better over time. With Google trends, you can explore a trend and track its real-time performance.

2.     Niche Research

Blogging becomes a very difficult venture if you try to chase every trend. You must understand how to do niche research and select profitable niches. This will help you narrow down your quest for profitable trends to a particular category.

Your niche research strategy is the determinant of your reason for blogging. Are you blogging for passion, fun, or money? This also includes if you wish to turn your blog into a business or you are okay as a just blogger.

For you to achieve perfect niche research, you must do the following;

  1. Analyze your goals and aim
  2. Understand which industry has your passion
  3. Run keyword research to know the strength of your desired keywords
  4. Understand how competitive is your proposed niche
  5. Match the competition with the Cost-per-click(CPC). Are there chances that you will make money even as a beginner?
  6. If you wish to grow your blog to a business, research possible products/services that you may sell. Can you do it?

Top five profitable Blogging Trends in 2022

1.     Technology

Technology will always remain a profitable trend as each goes by. Just as the world keeps advancing, technology keeps coming up with new trends to match human needs.

As a blogger in 2022, you can structure your blog to handle reviews and news on different spheres of Technology. You can include electronic gadgets, trends on artificial intelligence, DIYs, etc. You should understand that the goal is to make your blog a niche authority in the tech niche.

2.     Fashion

What are the trends in blogging? Fashion trends are waiting for you. Fashion is an ever-growing industry. From kids to adult collections, the fashion industry will always be in high demand. People will always love to look beautiful. To tap into the potential of the fashion industry for 2022, you can do the following:

  1. Offer Beauty Tips
  2. Offer reviews on skincare products
  3. Provide tutorial on how to use certain products
  4. Run an online shop that markets and sells fashion accessories
  5. Offer fashion news and fashion trends

3.     Online money making

Is there a future for blogging? As long as people are looking for ways to make money online, there will always be a future for blogging. You can focus your blog on publishing legitimate means of making money on the web. However, Google has strict policies for blogs that publish online money-making articles. 

Blogs that fall under the ‘Your money or your life (YMYL) category must follow the EAT guideline. You must ensure that your blog meets the requirement for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Publish high-quality content, always cite your sources with external links, and make sure that your website’s UI/UX is amazing.

4.     Crypto/Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are swiftly growing. A lot of countries are embracing its use, as a lot of solutions and products are hosted with the technology.

From fintech to education, the use of blockchain technology is becoming limitless. In 2022, you can dedicate your blog to provide credible information on the use of blockchain technology.

Provide reviews on different blockchain and crypto platforms.

5. Business/Finance/Investments/Funding

Are you still trying to figure out the future of blogs? Providing information and solutions.

From estate and financial management to investment opportunities, the quest for credible info won’t cease.

What are the most profitable blogging topics to start blogging in 2022?

If you are still trying to choose a niche, or find a trend that catches your fancy, you can select from our list of top 5 profitable blogging topics for 2022,

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Recipe
  4. Blogging Tip
  5. DIY


Are blogs profitable in 2022?

Yes. Blogs will always remain profitable in 2022. All you have to do is to find a niche and grow with it. It is not a wise idea to try to run a multi-niche blog. 

For maximum results on SEO, I will advise you to have a unique niche that your blog is known for. Monetize your blog as you keep growing and reap the profits from your blog.

How do I start a 2022 blog?

For you to start a blog in 2022, you must consider the following.

  1. Your purpose of blogging
  2. Your preferred hosting platform
  3. Monetization strategy
  4. The type of blog that you wish to start
  5. Your preferred niche

If you can answer these questions, you will understand if WordPress, blogger, or Wix are better platforms for your blog. You can decide to code your blog from the start.

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