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Many blogs and websites do not know the tips and tricks involved in creating search engine friendly content. Having a better rank in Search Engine depends a lot on how your content is written. Also, creating a Search Engine Friendly Content is one of the most important factor after quality content to get better rank in Search Results and gain traffic.

There are lots of technicalities attached to writing content. Gaining traffic on your site is never easy; it requires skill, hard work, and SEO compatibility because content is power.
The sole aim of every writer is to keep their readers engaged, and getting that is not an easy job.

However, there are so many things that makes up a good content. Things like headings, subheadings, paragraph length, other SEO factors that not only convince the reader’s mind but also let Search Engine find your content easily. The goal as a writer is not just to thrill your reader but to give Search Engine reasons to rank your site.

In this article, you will understand what it takes it write a SEO friendly content that will thrill your reader and make Google rate you high.

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Keyword Researching

Keyword in any content matter a lot when it comes to search engine ranking. Before you put up any content on your website or blog, ensure that you do proper research on keywords. Simply put, keyword research is the process of finding the search query strings that individuals use to search for information on a topic, as well as how frequently those keywords appear in search engines like Google and Bing.

Keyword research is the best way to find new, relevant keywords to expand your paid and organic search marketing campaigns Until and unless you know what your readers like and what they search, you can’t target them.

Focus on two types of keywords; primary and secondary. Also, try to include primary keywords in your content as much as possible, but they must sound natural, whereas secondary keywords should also be properly and organically incorporated.
You can only know the potential words on your audience in the search box if you do a research. This tip offers you clarity on what to offer to your audience.

Proper usage of keywords

It is one thing to know your keyword, and it is another thing to use it properly. This is one of the major areas where a lot of writers fail. Using your keywords properly in the content is more important than keyword researching. If you are not able to use them well, then the research is of no use. While using keywords in your content, you must sound natural and simple as you can. Avoid ambiguity. Use keyword titles, meta descriptions, headings, slug, etc.

Also, endeavor that the primary keyword is used in the first paragraph of your content, while headings and subheadings can contain the secondary keywords. Using keywords properly in your content can do you a lot of good when it comes to search engine ranking, hence work on that properly.
Google has made available various SEO tools to help you find your best keywords, like SERPSTAT.

Be specific about the idea

You must be sure, clear and precise about your topic of choice before writing any content. You definitely want to deliver a message through you content, know what it is you want to deliver. Also you must understand your aim, and your motive behind that content. Figure out everything before writing your content.

In addition, analyze the kind of ideas your competitors are using for creating their content as this is very important to get the right idea for creating a Search Engine Friendly Content.

Focus on the Structure

Endeavour to create a synopsis, which is extremely important before you write any content because that will give your content a structure.

There should be a proper introduction which should be followed by a body where you will convey the message and conclusion where you will summarize everything. Use of headings, subheadings, quotes, facts, statistics in the content, and incorporating images, videos, and Infographics in your content in a well-structured manner is very important. It will help your reader understand the content better, and keep him/her clued to your site.

A content without structure will not attract audience.
You can use headers h1, h2, h3-h6 to help you in providing structure to your content because readers always prefer structured content for better understanding.

search engine friendly content

Proper use of Paragraphs

In writing search engine friendly content, you must make use of paragraphs to convey your message in the body section. Hence, you must know how to write appropriate paragraphs where necessary. They must be unique, specific and not be lengthy. The beginning and ending of your paragraphs should be logically natural.
A long form of content with shorter paragraphs is considered very important in engaging the readers. The reader won’t have to struggle to separate one idea from another.

Use headings and subheadings

A search engine friendly content is one that is properly separated with headings and subheadings. This tip attracts readers to your content because that is an ideal structure of content. Also, search engines prefer contents that contain proper headings and subheadings. Try to use your keywords in them as it will help in boosting SEO. Keywords used in headings and subheadings can increase your web page’s search engine ranking well. Each header plays its own significant role in enriching a content.

Roles of different headers

  • H1- Used for introducing the topic of your article
  • H2- Used for describing main topics of different sections
  • H3 to H6- Uses as additional subheadings in each section

How to use Heading Tags

  • You can use heading tags to add structure to your content.
  • Used for breaking up your text.
  • For including keywords in header tags
  • H1 should be used once
  • Maintain the consistency and make them interesting

Make your content engaging

A boring content scares your readers away, and may not bring them back to your site again. This is not rocket science, if it is not interesting, nobody will read it. You should use proper words which can engage users. Boring contents never benefit SEO; rather, they make it poor. Use more of simple words and less of big words, to unable your audience understand your content without external help.
Nobody will stay on your website to get bored if your content is poor. Focus on making it interesting for your readers. Engagement is extremely important when it comes to conversions.

Edit your content

It is extremely difficult to detect a flaw in your writing by yourself; hence, it is always advised to make someone else read it before you publish it. No one is a monopoly of knowledge. Since you want to publish a flawless interesting content and doing this will help you to detect flaws if any and improve it. You can give your content to a normal reader to see if he/she will understand the content with ease, then give it to someone who is higher than you in the content game to check for errors and do final proofreading.

Be consistent

This is one of the most difficult tip because consistency entails a lot. If you want to establish credibility, then you will have to be consistent in posting content. The more content you post on your site, the more traffic you generate.
If you are not actively posting content, then the search engine might not crawl your website very often, which will adversely affect your ranking on the search engine. So, consistency is a very important factor in producing Search Engine Friendly Content.

Know the length of your content

The length of your content determines how well search engines recognizes your site. This tip is extremely important if you want your webpage to rank well on the search engine. You need to be aware of the short form and long form of content.

To get a better ranking, I would suggest you make it in long form.

The longer form of content has better chances of ranking well, and they are good at conversion as well.
The longer form of content provides you with the freedom to write more, and you can include as much information as you want. Also, an engaging content is in longer form because the reader has a lot of information to his or her advantage. However, do not make a long boring content. As earlier stated, make your content engaging and interesting. You can go through the Analytics tool to find out the right length that is engaging for your readers.

Google’s facts and algorithm suggests 2000+ words’ content as good for SEO. Domain age is also an important factor that decides the ideal content length for SEO. New domains should have around 1800 Words, 1 to 10 years old domain should have around 2100 words’ content, while 10+ years old domains should have more than 2700 words’ content on their site.

Linking is vital

One way to write search engine friendly content is to link your latest content with older ones. Always link similar contents based on similar niches and belong to the same group of interest. Readers will open your linked content as well while reading your latest one, which is beneficial for both. And increases site traffic. Also, linking your content to reputable and high authority site will also help in increasing the validity of your site. But, unnecessary and spam related links are prohibited.

Optimize the Images used in your Content

Writing a search engine friendly content means creating interesting contents for your site, and Images play a key role in this. Not only including images is important but also optimizing them is essential for making your content appropriate for SEO.
Also, adding keywords to your images and including ALT tags will optimize your images for SEO. Make use of photos with reasonable size, not too big, because it helps in page load time, and you need to optimize that as well.
However, the quality and visibility of your images should never be compromised. Tools like Squoosh can help you in this like a pro.

Make your content shareable

A shareable content increase your views. While writing a search engine friendly content, you must make it shareable. It is a very important tip in widening your reach and getting more traffic. To help you make your content shareable, you can use tools like ShareThis or AddThis for adding Social Media Buttons to your content, so your readers can share that to more relevant audiences.

Search Engine Optimization plugins also let sites include such features into their content to make your content a Search Engine Friendly Content.

Use SEO Tools

This is an extremely important too if you want your webpage to get a better ranking on the search engine.

Optimizing content at its best is not possible manually; hence, you require a few tools to do the job. Plugins like Yoast SEO can help you a lot in the process for optimizing the content of the WordPress website.

In addition, you can improve several other factors like meta description, ALT description, URL, and so on.

Some of the tools to write search engine friendly content are:

  • Hemingway App
  • Internet Marketing Ninjas On-Page Optimization Tool
  • SmallSEOTools
  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Webfc Read-Able Tool
  • Plagtracker
  • EssayMama


These are some few tips that can help increase your traffic and help you write search engine friendly contents. Leverage on them while writing your content because these will enhance your web page’s search engine ranking. Only SEO tricks won’t let your webpage rank well on a search engine; hence, you will have to focus on your content as it is the most important part of your marketing.
Quality content can enhance the overall efficiency of your website or blog. Use these tips effectively, and watch out for how much your site will grow from what it used to be to a highly ranked search engine page.

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