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Owning a blog is a great thing, but getting followers is even better. A blog without followers or interactions is boring and tiring to manage. It becomes a chore, and you might lose the zeal to continue. Also, the interactions of followers is what brings in the dough. Monetizing your blog is impossible without it. There are multiple ways of creating content for your blog. But how do you create the right content that attracts substantial viewership and interaction?

Picture your blog as any social media handle you already own: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etcetera. It’s your social space and you’re free to do whatever you want. With that in mind, explore your options. Be free. Express yourself like you would on your social media pages. If you see your blog as a job, duty or responsibility, you’ll get tired of it with time. Instead, see it as an extension of your social space where you can be silly, have fun, and just be yourself. This way, you’d be entertaining not only yourself but others, as well.

It sounds like silly logic, but it really does work. For example, when you log into Facebook and try to make a post, do you think it through? Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you crafted special pieces for your posts, other times you just wrote what came to mind. In all these instances, did you see it as a duty to upload that post at any point? Did it appear to you like the post was rather too silly? Did you ever think to become too serious with it? Of course, not. You see, work becomes fun when you enjoy what you’re doing.

How to create the right content

With the understanding of making your blog an extension of you, how do you create the right content? Bear in mind that there is neither right nor wrong in content creation. Except, of course, in the case of fake news and illegal activities. That aside, content creation for your blog is anything you make of it. Truth is, your blog is whatever you make the content into. How do you tell a tech blog from a lifestyle blog? Content. What differentiates a gossip blog from a business blog? Content. And the list goes on.

Creating content for your blog will not be a problem if you stick to the factors discussed below:


This refers to what makes you unique. It’s how you connect with your audience, and how they connect with you. Are your contents comedic or are they serious? Do they reflect the ups and downs of life, or the silly musings of boredom.

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Without the style, every blog would be stale and unrelatable. Let’s reflect for a moment. Is there any one person on your social media handles whose posts you look forward to? It could be that you like their content for the jocularity or simplicity or seriousness. Whenever you log in, you look forward to seeing their updates because of how you connect with them. You may not like the person in a face-to-face meeting, but what keeps you attracted to them is their style. That’s what keeps you coming. Apply this to your blog content and carve a niche for yourself.

Content type:

The type of content you make determines the audience you hope to attract. Content could be memes, pictures, videos, or write-ups (stories, reviews, articles, etcetera). Tailoring your content to fit your lifestyle is the best way to run your blog. Ensure your content type is something you’re passionate about. If you are easily bored of business news and start a business blog, you’ll have only successfully failed. 


The length of your content is also a unique factor in creating content for your blog. How long or short does your content have to be to hold maximum attention? How long are your followers willing to stay on your blog to go through its content? These are criteria to not be taken lightly. Your chosen content type plays a key role in the length of your content.


What kind of people are you expecting on your blog? This factor determines your content type and length. If you want to attract avid readers, you’ll have to create good content with great depth. This is the only way to keep them on your blog for longer. In addition, your audience determines your style of writing. What kind of audience would you want your blog to cater for: general, knowledgeable, or expert? When writing for a general audience, your style, content type, and length has to fit within their bracket of understanding.


What is the main theme of your content? Do they all follow the same subject matter or do you change it over time? The subject is what you’re willing to share with those that read your blog. For instance, this article carries the subject of blogging. It’s the main theme of the post, and is much talked about throughout the piece. Moreover, the subject is a deciding factor when choosing your style and length.

Tips for creating the right content

  • Remember to be in tune with your blog. See it as an extension of yourself being shared with others.
  • Don’t feel pressured to create content every day. Good content takes time to develop, so don’t be in a hurry. If possible, create a calendar for updating your blog.
  • Only post content that you are passionate about. This is what will help you survive the dry spells over time. Passion outlives duty.
  • Find a niche that works well for the kind of content you make. This will help you fine tune your style and subjects to meet your audience.
  • Engage your followers optimally. There are times you could run short of ideas. Don’t worry, you’re human too. To avoid leaving your followers on hold for long, try sourcing for new ideas from them.
  • Evolve with time. Change is constant, so you must continue to grow and become better. Your followers grow with time, and you’d best grown with them. Otherwise, your views will plummet and interaction will reduce drastically.

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