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Many would have all had this experience as a text email subscriber once in a while. You know when you get a call or a see a missed call notification on your phone from an unknown number.

However, when you try to call back in case of a missed call, you often get a voice message that says the text mail subscriber is not available. Therefore, what is text mail subscriber?

A text email subscriber is a person who ask for text  emails specifically.

The emails go through email clients and ESPs are MIME or multi part format which gives support for different contents and multi – part messages.

As well as controls which format to display for any given recipient.

There are some devices which can display only text emails. For example, Apple watch. However, there are people who desire to only get text emails, not multi- part. That is why this is becoming a trend toward sending text email broadcast to subscribers.

Now most email solution providers offer an option to have a different text version.

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Hence, if you want to create a multi–part email that comes with a video in the middle of it.

You should consider creating an alternative for those who want text only.

One thing you should know though is that if you use an Email Solution Provider to send a text email, those who open and click can be tracked.

In a nutshell, text mailing is the act of creating and forwarding emails.

In most cases, text email is sent out between two users or more.

Most especially using a mobile device or desktop, laptop, or any other form of corporate computer.

Alphabets and numbers makes up a text email. Text emails are used to carry out scams more often than not. Hence, most subscribers are scams or con artist.

What is a text email?

First of all, a text email is the process of creating and sending electronic messages. A text email is a plain text that consists of letters and numbers. 

The text email is sent between two or more people through the use of mobile device, desktop computer or any other compatible computer.

To send a text email, you can use a mobile network they can also be sent through internet connection.

How to subscribe to text email

All you need to do is to call your service providers. For example, Verizon, T-Mobile and the rest. Give them the date and time they should give you the number unless it displays unknown or unavailable. If you receive a text email, you may try to find out who sent it through Google search.

However, if you don’t know the identity of who sent you a text email, it is better you don’t bother. It is best you treat your text and phone calls from unknown number as span and possibly block them. However if you insist on finding out who has texted or called you, you can source the information. Although you may have to pay to get that information.

More often than not, text mail subscribers are regarded as scams. This is wrong. You should carry out a research about the company that you received a text mail from.

Read reviews about them online if possible and check out if there is any scam alerts about them online. This will ensure your safety too. To avoid receiving a “Trojan horse” (a powerful computer virus) hover the screen arrow over the email to check its origin. If it is from any unknown source, delete immediately.

“Trojan horse” can hijack your computer and through it, a hacker can take over your system completely and use it for lots of criminal activities.

hat is why you should take steps against it.

Although, not every one who uses text mail subscriber is a con artist, most scammers are beginning to go towards this direction.

They often use it to contact unsuspecting individuals, or to have unsuspecting individuals contact them through text emails.

Text email subscriber voicemail

The best way to explain this is to call it a service that permits a user to read emails they receive as plain text.

Often, you can’t return calls from a text email subscriber or text them back all you have to do is to leave a voicemail or a voice note.

The voicemail you send will automatically generate an email which will be in plain text and give the user a notification that indicated you tried to contact them.

At this point, you may want to get a texting application that comes with a voicemail that says a text email subscriber is not available.

Loads of internet phone services have come up with applications that can provide actual numbers and use for texting and calling completely free of charge.

As a result of most calls not going through or connecting with the intended recipient, you will get a voicemail giving a suggestion that the text email subscriber is not available. Common examples of applications you can make use of include

  • TextNow
  • Google voice

You can get these applications from the Google store for Android users. iOS phones can make use of TextNow. It is available on IOS store. TextNow for example is very easy to use and you can see the country where the person’s you wish to contact is receding.

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Google voice on the other hand, provides an innovative voicemail transcription service. The benefit of this form of service is that it will transcribe a voicemail and send it to a recipient as a plain text to the email address.

Can I track a text mail subscriber?

Often, text email subscribers engage in scams. Hence, most individuals who receive text email want to track the source of the email. That means tracking the text email subscriber.

There are lots of options for looking up in order to track down or identify the source of the email you received. Major methods are;

  • The use of any search engine such as Google, Bing. Afterwards, enter the number to check if there are any social media platforms, forums or any other online account with a name linked to the number.
  • The second is to text the person and demand they reveal their identity to you.
  • Lastly, you can employ the use of a mobile tracking app like Truecaller. These sorts of applications keep thousands of numbers in their database. If the number that contacted you is among those in their database, the app will identify the user.
  • Furthermore, you can carry out a reverse phone lookup. However, the success of this method is determined by the way the person you want to track makes use of their number. For example, you can get if they make use of the number in public or use it for registration for some public available services.

If all the above method don’t yield the desired results, and you feel your safety is threatened obtain a court order.

It will force the hands of the text mail service providers to give out the identity of the user you seek.

Best caller identification app for both Android and iPhone

We know you will want to know who is calling you. Given the high rate of cyber crime and other security concerns, it is important you know the identity of every caller that calls your phone. Caller ID applications today are so good at identifying callers.

Hence, they provide information on unknown number by providing names and location of the caller. Therefore, they give you total control of the incoming call. If you know who is calling you can decide to accept or reject the call. This is the reason we have provided a list of caller ID applications you can use on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

1. CIA

Text email subscriber

The first on our list is CIA which is a caller ID application as well as a call blocker application. It will assist you to identify unknown calls or numbers. Hence, they can be used to block unwanted calls or callers you suspect are scams.

This application will alert you about all scam and spam calls using millions of reported numbers as basics. After installing on your Android, you will have an idea of the line the caller is making use of – weather it is a business or personal line.

There are many features that you will love about this application. These include Slid, tap and swipe. All these features are used for minimizing or dismissing calls. Furthermore, there is a smart call feature for blocking, rejecting or to mute calls with predefined text messages or call back reminders.

Other features include call blocker and spam warning are other crucial applications that comes with this app.

2. Showcaller

Text email subscriber

This application is for iPhone users. It works in a similar way to Truecaller, the major difference is that it has a smaller database. And, it is also a small size application, not more than 4MB.

In addition, it is capable of identifying almost any phone number coming through and possibly provides the location as well as the kind of device used. That could be a landline or a mobile phone. The spam notification will notify you when telemarketers call you. Identifying their number as span. You can also use this application to block numbers too.

3. Hiya

Text email subscriber

Hiya comes in as the third caller ID application on our list. It is fantastic at identifying incoming calls of unknown numbers. And it will provide information on people calling you, and will even give details on people that have already called you.

Hiya can assist you to block numbers so you can stop unwanted calls and texting from unwanted numbers. This app comes with an excellent spam database as well.

Hiya will give you a notification if you receive a spam call from a telemarketer or if one is trying to contact you. Hiya database is growing daily. Furthermore, you will love Hiya because it is free. Hence, you don’t need to pay to make use of it. Also there are no adverts. However, you can only use it for iPhones.

4. Drupe

Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: drupe - Apps on Google Play

An excellent incognito caller ID application specifically for Android phones. You can use it to see the identity of the caller, block spammers, and receive spam indications. This app combines your contact so that you can access them from one place and keep an eye on every incoming call.

Furthermore, you can dial or text anyone in your contact list, keep a record of calls, swipe contacts and block unrecognized numbers. It has several important features that facilitate communications.

With this application, you can set reminders, manage all missed calls and track your call logs.

5. Truecaller

Text email subscriber

For caller ID application, Truecaller is like the bases of them all. It is often regarded as the best application out there. Truecaller can be used on both iOS and Android phones. It has a vast database of phone numbers contained in it. The approximate number is 250 million.

Having said that, Truecaller is able to easily identify all phone numbers that try to contact you and it will identify the numbers in your current call list.

Truecaller does a fantastic job at blocking spam numbers. They have massive database that keeps spam numbers at Bay. The app will notify you if one of the numbers trying to contact you is a telemarketer. If one of those numbers manages to get through, all you have to do is to report it. The number will be included in their spam database.

6. Mr Number

Text email subscriber

This app is on our list because of its uniqueness to many users. You can use it to block unwanted phone calls and discover fraud, scams, and spam calls. You can use it to block unrecognized callers and add names to all numbers.

It will intercept private numbers and send them to voicemail. Hence, you don’t have to receive them at all. This application also permits you to report spam calls so that you can warn other users of the application.

7. Whoscall

Text email subscriber

This is an Android application for caller ID. It is the best caller ID application. It will help you identify all incoming calls and texts.

The application can block malicious spam calls and texts. You can use it to manage your messages as well as calls. It allows users to search and confirm unknown numbers before dialing them out.

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You can also chat with friends and family members through the conversation page. You can block unwanted messages and know callers without the use of internet access.


Text email subscriber use text mail phones to call and listen to emails. These text email subscribers use internet phones to get emails inform of plain texts. Some of these text subscribers use text phones on Craiglist and other online forums to contact individuals.

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