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According to Wikipedia, life hacks are skills, tricks, novelty methods or shortcuts, which improve efficiency and overall productivity. Put simply, life hacks help you get the most out of everything. The fun part about life hacks is that it cuts across all walks of life. However, in this article, I’ll be focusing mainly on smartphones. Over the years, phones have gotten smarter, meaning there are lots of functions to tinker with. From hardware to software, phones are getting more and more customizable each year. This singular quality improves the chances of getting more life hacks. And the more life hacks there are, the better the user experience of smartphones.

Let’s get into some of the best life hacks out there:

Darker themes to save battery:

Everyone pretty much tries to customize their phones in one way or another. And sometimes, customization accounts for batteries dying faster. To combat this recurring issue, Android created a dark mode, which automatically renders everything in black. The logic behind this invention is simple: darker pixels use less light. However, this feature isn’t readily available on older Android versions. As such, people with phones running Android 7 and below are not privy to it. These people are left at the mercy of app manufacturers, who may or may not incorporate dark mode into their apps. But there’s a way out.

To replicate the effect of the dark mode, use darker themes. And if you don’t fancy themes, stick to use darker wallpapers. Asides that it saves valuable battery, it is also easier on the eyes and would cause you less strain.

Tweaking audio quality:

Sometimes, the smartphones with your desired specs may have rather poor audio quality. And since you don’t use a modular phone, you can’t just swap out the bad speakers. But what can you do to improve audio quality and prevent noise? There are lots of life hacks for this question, but I’ll talk about a few:

  1. Earphone settings:

If you’re the type that would rather go on earphones than share your music, this is for you. Go to the settings page of your device and click on sounds. There you will find the earphone option, which will allow you customize your sound system. Also, there is an equalizer on the page to further help achieve your desired sound quality. The only downside to this life hack is that it isn’t available on all phones or Android versions.

  1. Equalizer apps:

In the event that your phone doesn’t have the aforementioned feature, consider getting an equalizer. There are several equalizer apps on the Play Store, which can help you tweak sound quality to your taste. This is an even better method of adjusting sound, because it improves the overall audio quality. Now, you can get that extra bass you always wanted. Or you can simply mess around with the app until you find what works for you.


The social media phenomenon, which makes or mars you. Screenshots have been great ever since its conception from the good old days of buttoned phones. Screen Muncher, Screen Grabber, and the likes were the order of the day. However, the technology for taking screenshots had advanced past its early days. Now, pretty much every smartphone is capable of it without having to use a third-party application. Some phones even come equipped with dedicated screenshot buttons these days. Be that as it may, who do we need life hacks to take screenshots? Well, sometimes, buttons are far-fetched. Have you ever tried to take a screenshot of a WhatsApp status only to capture the wrong file because you couldn’t reach the button in time?

I have, severally, and although petty, is a pretty annoying thing. To avoid this, there are a few life hacks around taking screenshots:

  1. Volume + Power switch:

The iconic duo we have come to love and use over time. This is the most basic form of taking screenshots, existing even in older versions of Android, like the KitKat and Gingerbread. Simply clamping down on the volume rocker and the power switch at the same time takes a screenshot. In some phones, it’s the volume up button that works, for others, it’s the volume down button. Whatever the case, this life hack has got a few disadvantages of its own. For one, the phone may sometimes take a moment to respond to the command. In other scenarios, the phone plainly ignored the commands.

Furthermore, that you have to hold down on both buttons momentarily is tasking. For people who handle their devices delicately, this might be a pet peeve. It’s not a tap and go situation. You have to hold down both buttons for a couple of seconds to capture the screen. This could lead to faulty or shaky buttons over time.

  1. Gesture:

In the quest for improvement, gestures were conceived. Now, rather than clamping down your buttons you can easily make a gesture to take a screenshot. Using gestures involves making a unique kind of swipes, which the phone interprets as the screenshot command. For instance, a common screenshot gesture is running three fingers down your screen. However, that’s a common gesture among almost all phones today. You can customize your own gestures in the settings page.

Recurring snapshots:

This life hack is for taking batch to multiple photographs. Remember in previous years when phones had a batch photograph list? You just click on 6 shots, and the shutter proceeds to click 6 times. Well, that’s what recurring snapshots is, but better. With improved camera technology and AI, you can now take limitless number of photos at once. Now, unlike before, you don’t have to go through a list or stand still for ages. Holding down the capture button takes multiple photos for as long as you hold it down. This feature also applies for taking selfies. Hold down the capture button as usual, or press down on the volume rocker to take multiple photos.

And that’s all this post allows. Catch you again next time, when I bring more life hacks your way. Keep watching this space.

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