Six Benefits of taking a Google Certification Course

Understand the benefits of taking a Google certification course and it is worth getting certified.

Recently, I took a Google certification course on digital marketing. The need to understand how sales go on the internet motivated me to get skilled with the Digital marketing Google certification course.

The tools, resources, learning materials, and study guides available on the Google certification course made learning an awesome experience. Google allowed everyone to upskill, learn something, and advance in their career.

No matter your career path, there is a google course for you. The Google developer certification program provides an informal and virtual education process for individuals to learn about the latest technologies and skills.

It is a smart move to get a Google certified credential that you can include in your portfolio or resume and apply for your dream job.

The beautiful thing about taking a Google certification course is that there are a lot of free courses for you. You can start with basic skills, scale and grow with entry-level jobs.

However, here are six benefits of a Google certification course.

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What are the six benefits of the Google Certification course?

  • Self-Paced Learning Process

One of the crucial benefits of Google certification courses is that you can learn anytime, at your pace. The self-paced learning curve of Google-certified courses makes it easier for you to customize your growth. You decide how many hours you want to devote to the courses every week.

  • Gives you an edge in the labor market as a Google certified expert

It sounds professional rocking a Google-certified credential. Recruiters will always love to identify with you because it is certain that you got certified by one of the industry-leading companies in technologies. Combined with the certificates in your stash, Google certifications give you an advantage during a job application.

  • Build a world standard portfolio and resume

Google certification courses serve as an endorsement from Google. This is always good news for every job seeker. Aside from the glorification that Google certification gives you, it also grants you the opportunity to network and meet better recruiters. 

The Google partner platform which is home to most Google digital learning programs allows people to find you and easily identify you with your skills.

Flaunting your Google-certified portfolio is a fast way of getting a job.

  • Advance your skills and hit phenomenal growth

Google courses are packed with ground-breaking tutorials that help you excel tremendously. It is normal to believe that you learn anything from anywhere. However, the benefit of learning with Google is that you are taught updated and refined practices that will improve our business’s performance. You have an enhanced skill set and an ability to improve in your job.

  • Access to resources

Even after your learning is over with Google, you have access to an endless list of materials and resources to support your growth. From newsletters to invitations to programs, tools, and utilities, there is an endless list of informational assets sent to your email to enhance your growth.

  • A backup tool to display your expertise 

Jobs and skills like digital marketing and SEO need you to have some certificates to back up your claims as an expert. It is easier to sell your skills, but backing them up with a certificate is a nice way to go. 

These are freelance roles, so it is a wise idea to present your prospective client with some certifications to eliminate any doubt that you are a fraud. The Google learning program is a great place to get certified.

Google certification courses: What are they?

Google certification courses are digital learning programs designed to train individuals and equip them with employable skills. The courses drive at creating a career path for you in high-demand jobs and fields.  

You don’t need any prior knowledge to learn any of these courses and some of them are available for free.

From project management to digital marketing, Google Adwords, and ads programs, there are a lot of courses that will train from a beginner to a professional.


Is becoming Google certified worth it?

Yes. Becoming Google certified is worth it. Google Certifications are worth it. Becoming Google certified bridges the gap in your skillset, equipping you with the necessary tools to build a solid career foundation. 

You have the opportunity to learn all techniques related to your Google program from certified industry experts. Google certification courses are not too bulky to bore you to death. These courses are simplified into smaller bits to give you an amazing learning experience. 

What can you do with Google certification?

There are a lot of things that you can do with a Google certification. It boils down to the type of Google certification that you are aiming for. However, all Google certifications allow you to get jobs, build a business or improve an already existing job.

For instance: A Google IT support professional certificate presents you as an industry expert. You can explore and build IT skills that make you a phenomenal force in the labor market. From system analysis, diagnosis, or database management and administration, you can do a lot of things with a Google certification.

Google certification in courses like digital marketing or ads programs gives you first-hand knowledge on how to build and grow a business on the internet. With Google Certification, you can become anything on and outside the internet.


You should add getting enrolled for a Google certification course as part of your yearly goals. One of the things that have helped me in my career is upskilling with Google-certified courses. 

Google certification courses were the right tool that helped me learn to blend Search engine optimization (SEO) skills with digital marketing. Google’s digital marketing course was the perfect pointer that helped me develop the perfect SEO-SEM blended technique to scale business solutions.

Decide what you want to learn and scroll through the list of Google certification courses and choose one that matches your learning goals.

Create a learning schedule that will help you meet your goals.

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