Seven Best Free SEO Website Audit Tools

Looking for a list of the best free SEO website Audit tools?

Developing and launching your new website might be your first step to having a digital presence. But will you know your global reach if you are not sure about the performance of your website?

With millions of websites struggling to hit the limelight in your niche market, the competition heightens. 

With the evolution of Google algorithms, it becomes essential for web owners to always audit their sites. Google and other search engines keep advancing, adding more ranking factors to their existing rules. You wouldn’t just fold your arms and pray that some miracle traffic hits your website. You have to regularly analyze your site and look out for mechanisms to meet up with the growing SERPs trends.  The use of SEO optimization tools and free SEO tools is to analyze your website and make sure that your SEO strategy will convert traffic.

This includes your mechanism for keyword research, On-page SEO, link building, indexing, site speed, and core web vitals.

We can’t deny the fact that premium SEO tools are the real deal. However, you can tap into the potentials of some of the best free SEO website Audit tools. 

There are a lot of free SEO tools 2021 scattered across the internet. We will be narrowing our search down to the eight best free SEO website Audit tools, with reviews to help you select which of these Free SEO checkers meet your requirements.

Our curation was based on performance and reviews from community forums. Here is a review of the Seven best free SEO website audit tools.


Seven Best Free SEO Website Audit Tools

Google Search Console

Google Search Console which was formerly known as Google Webmaster is a Google-based SEO tool that combines multiple search engine analytic tools to provide you with details about your website’s performance. This includes parts of your website that are crawlable, the number of users on your website, and the region they access your website from. This includes your sessions, impressions, clicks, and bounce rates.

With the Google search console, you can request insights to understand which of your keywords are taking favorable spots on SERPs. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides real-time analysis of your website’s performance. This includes details on your content analysis, geographical analysis, and basic performance. This covers how many users you received on your website, pages they spent time on, and your page views per minute. This also includes your top active pages, traffic channel, source/medium, referrals.

Google Analytics provides information on your ads and campaign, conversions, audience, and site speed. 

Bing Webmaster Tools

SEO Audit tools are used for getting insights about your site; Bing Webmaster Tools is not an exception. Bing Webmaster Tools works similarly with Google Search Console. It covers your search performance, offers options for URL inspection, site explorer features, and sitemap. 

Bing Webmaster Tools offers options to help you scan your website’s backlink performance. This also covers your keyword research skills and SEO report.

Bing Webmaster Tools runs a full site scan on your website with an analysis on which areas deserve an upgrade.


Ahrefs is a unique SEO resource that offers a wide range of functions. Ranging options for checking the domain authority of a website, spying on backlinks, and source of traffic, it offers amazing free site analysis for users.

For advanced options as a website audit tool, it allows users to audit their website and also a keyword explorer feature. Some of the services on Ahrefs are free, but to access the advanced options you’ll need to subscribe to the paid plans.

Hubspot Website Grader

Hubspot Website Grader is a quick free SEO audit tool that helps you input your website’s URL while it sends a detailed report to your email. It runs through your site for SEO and technical issues and sends your progress report to your email address. This report includes the performance of your site, security, and SEO statistics.

Upcity Free SEO Report Card

Just as the name implies, Upcity Free SEO Report Card offers a detailed report on your SEO rating and the ranking position of your website on selected keywords. It includes the number of backlinks linking to your site and the quality of your link-building skill. Upcity’s rank analysis covers your performance on different search engines and platforms; Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

 You can also use this tool to match your position against specified competitors in your niche. 

Internet Marketing Ninjas

Internet Marketing Ninjas offers a web-based SEO audit tool that runs in-depth analysis on the status of your website. These include your metatags, keyword density, use of stop words, and Target keywords. It provides an analysis of your website’s meta description. With Internet Marketing Ninjas, you can analyze the speed of your site. This also includes analyzing your images and their sizes, your alt texts, and all that pertains to your on-page SEO.

How do I audit my website for SEO?

Learning how you can audit your website for free depends on the free website audit tool that you are using. However, most of these tools have a system of operation. You sign up on the platform or access their services on the web, input your details and watch the free SEO checker provide analysis on your performance.

What is the best SEO Audit tool?

Drawing a clear conclusion on which SEO audit tool is the best might be a difficult decision to make. The goal of using an SEO audit tool to know how responsive your website is, and your position on SERPs. This includes the amount of organic traffic that you can drive and where you drive them from.

As long as an audit tool can meet the on-page, off-page, and technical SEO requirements of your website, it is a good SEO audit tool.

User differences might differ but the fundamental purpose of SEO website audit tools must remain.


Choosing which of the best free SEO website audit tools that you will go for shouldn’t be a problem. You can selectively run your website through two or more of these best free SEO website audit tools. The goal is to get a real-time accurate result for your website and plot campaigns to cover up the loopholes.

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