SEO Copywriting Tips for Increasing Website Traffic

SEO Copywriting is one aspect of marketing that most businesspersons fail to pay attention to. Many can boast of business websites and blogs, but lack what it takes to convert their leads to real profit in business.

Digitalization is taking over the business community. And the things you knew about SEO copywriting may not be applicable now considering how much search engines and algorithms have evolved. Google have modified some policies that are now intuitive and consumer-friendly.

Therefore, with these changes, it is appropriate that you change your SEO copywriting and overall marketing strategies. How interactive is your website? You need to answer this question to ascertain your clarity about your business. We will briefly explain what SEO copywriting is all about, and how you can convert your visitors to leads and make real time profit in return.



Many people mistake SEO copywriting for normal article writing. But it is not the same. SEO copywriting is mainly about balancing engaging contents and contents that Google ranks highly for your target keywords. On one hand, your readers need to love the content you have create. It has to be relevant and engaging. On the other hand, Google needs to understand what that content piece is about, what information will be provided to their users, and whether it has more and better information than your competitors’ websites.

By successfully employing SEO copywriting, you can:

  • Rank higher in the SERP.
  • Drive qualified traffic (not just any traffic).
  • Engage readers and create trust.
  • Convince readers to take an action and/or convert.


Although these two terms have to do with putting words on a webpage, they are inherently different by the purpose they each serve. The primary goal of content writing is generating organic traffic from search engines. A content writer is hired to provide valuable content aimed at engaging users.

While SEO copywriting is mainly to “sell.” In other words, it aims at converting this traffic down the marketing channel.


When done right, SEO copywriting can become a powerhouse for your digital marketing efforts.

It can help you to:

  • Get higher rankings for the right terms (target keywords).
  • Make sure readers take the desired action (download your app, subscribe to your podcast, etc).
  • It should create a content and internal linking structure for your site.

SEO copywriting entails some of the key ingredients of a success formula for marketing success.

It ensures:

  • Your copy is focused on user intent and contains the right keywords for each of your target audiences (SEO).
  • It adds engaging content to the mix (copywriting).
  • Also, it leads the reader to take the right action (call-to-action).


Focus on customers’ necessities

When it comes to SEO copywriting, there is a big difference between good and excellent copy. Good copy can possess great features like syntax, punctuation, and appealing grammar, but if it is convincing people to purchase your product or service, then it is not an excellent copy. For excellent copywriting, its main purpose is to convince people to stay on your page or to keep visiting your site.

One sure way to gain the attention of your customers is by giving out what they need. You must know what they want before you can deliver. Focus on them so you can identify what they want. When you identify their needs, you can now draft your message or copy in a way that suits them.

Write for humans, not machines

Your site rankings are largely determined by web crawlers and machines, but you are still writing to real humans at the end of the day. It is humans that will become your valuable customers for business, not machines or robots. This is why you must focus on SEO copywriting that appeals to human beings, not machines.

Communicate to your audience in the language they will understand. Remember, you must also know your audience to determine the language they understand.

Create convincing headlines

No matter how beautiful your content is, your head is the main deal. You may have a great blog post, well written, awesome CTA, and all. But if your headline doesn’t depict an excellent copywriting, then you content is not complete. A compelling headline should contain numbers, clarity, and strong words.

For example: Top 10 Places to Visit for Vacation in Nigeria.

Make your content mobile-friendly

Google already announced its mobile-first index implementation, this implies that it now uses mobile crawler to index and rank websites. Asides creating content for your website, find out how your web appears on mobile. Do links and buttons appear well? Do your videos scale properly? You can also find out your mobile-friendliness from Google itself.

Optimize for Local search


Your SEO copywriting is incomplete if it is not optimized for local search. Optimization is a big win for both large and small businesses. As the name implies, optimizing for local search means optimizing your pages and site based on your local neighborhood such as your city, town, country, or state.

A research shows that 46% of people search for local information on search engines, while 82% use “near me” searches. To have an effective copywriting journey, focus on optimizing your site. Mention your business name, address, phone, product or service, and use relevant local keywords.

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Use an eye-catching meta description

In copywriting, many people neglect their meta description. They do not understand the power of a persuasive meta description. One of the things that determine if users will visit your site is your meta description. Right after your headline, your meta description is the next catchy thing, and you must be deliberate about it.

Also, meta description can convert casual searchers to website visitors and then potential customers. It will not only increase your conversion rate, but it will also compel people to contact you. In addition to that, meta description helps search engines understand what your content or page is about. With that, you also have better chances of getting site rankings.

Furthermore, meta description is supposed to answer your customers’ search query. You have to convince them enough via your meta description that your page or content is the ideal solution to what they are searching for. To help you understand better, you can do a meta description search. By doing that, you will see how the meta description of top-ranking pages look like. It will also give a clue on how to go about yours.

Use your keyword intent rightly

Following the previous tip on the copywriting checklist, you can only use the meta description option well if you understand the intent behind the search. Understanding keyword intent also determines your content.

All these tips are related to one another. In other words, to understand the keyword, you must know your target customers, then you will know the kind of content that pleases them. You are not just aiming for followership but also building effective readership. Keyword intent can also mean the main research behind a user’s search.

Note that, search queries are in different categories, we have the informational, navigational and, transactional. And these search queries apply to copywriting too.

Furthermore, informational searches help users learn more about a particular subject. Navigational searches help to reach a specific website, transactional searches come with the intention to purchase something. So, you should know what you are aiming at while copywriting. In addition to knowing the intent of searchers, you can tweak your meta description and meta titles to fit your keyword intent.

Let’s discuss an example, if you are a laptop seller, you might assume your potential customer would look for the best laptop for either gaming, photography or conventional office work. With this, you can create a blog post with the heading: 10 Best Laptops for Everyday Activity. This may be an informational content but with your contact details available on the site, such user can contact you to get a laptop. That’s one of the ways an excellent copywriting can increase your real time profits.

In all, when you have a good understanding about what your customers are searching for, you can create eye-catching headlines, good meta description, rich contents, and better copies to fuel your business.

Apply the right tags

In copywriting, learn to add tags. Title tags appear on search results and can help you rank higher. You can use your brand name and your keyword while adding tags. Your tags can also be something similar to your topic.

Use tags that are in the same family of words with your topic. Because sometimes users may not search for the exact words you use as your topics, but with similar tags on your content, you have high chances of ranking well.

Learn to tell stories

Most businesses do not see the potentials in storytelling. A lot of persons think it is unprofessional. But that’s a big lie. As someone who is into copywriting, learn to tell stories. People are very much attracted to real life experiences than the normal contemporary posts.

You can win the heart of your potential customers by telling stories they can relate to. You may not necessarily put your private life out to the public, but you can share real life experiences that have lessons imbedded in it. Your copywriting style should connect to your audience.


Apart from trying to rank high, connect to your customers. You may meet them offline, and they will only approach you because there’s a level of impact your brand has on them. Carry your audience along, because that will also persuade them to continue visiting your site.

Your stories should depict your brand, and also focus on real life issues because you are dealing with human beings. Some days when you don’t have a “compelling” copy, you can tell a story, and still have the attention of your customers.

SEO Copywriting Is Beyond Words

Copywriting is more than putting words together for the sake of writing. One image is worth a thousand words. Learn to use visuals within your page. Create stunning designs that can also pass your message to your audience with ease. Sometimes, pictures keep users on your site, use them for illustrations. Also, you can use videos, charts, infographics, etc.

Visuals have been doing the magical long before now, and it cannot be outdated. Sometimes, you don’t need hundred paragraphs, just few words via an image or video can do the job for you with ease. This strategy can also be used in Google SERPs if used properly.

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Stick to important details

In some cases, you might get carried away with wanting to rank high and misplace your priorities. Endeavour to focus on the essence of your key message. Don’t go into length discussions. Don’t also make unnecessary lengthy posts. Readers can get bored except you have what it takes to keep them glued to your site. Be concise, straightforward and short.

Also note that, an overly wordy piece can distract your readers from the main motive behind the post. And this may send negative signals to Google. You may want to outline your topics, sub topics and all. That will help you stick to details as you write, so you don’t abandon the main message of the copy. At the end of everything, the main goal of every SEO copywriter is to create a relevant page for a particular keyword solely based on the user’s search intent.


Aiming to increase your conversion rates require a lot. It requires commitment, consistency and rich content. Also, increasing your conversion rates involves getting more traffic to your site. And the ideal way to get more traffic is to keep focusing on excellent, high-converging SEO copywriting.

The better you implement excellent copywriting, the higher you rank, the more traffic you get, and the more customers you make. As a business person, take SEO copywriting as part of the major keys to success in your business. You can as well employ a SEO copywriter in case you find the job tasking.

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