SEO And Marketing Trends In 2020 (INFOGRAPHICS)

The search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing trends can really do a great job for you.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to hit businesses and co-operation from all sides causing a decrease in conversion and sales, coupled with the fact that every person in most of the nation is now on a lockdown; there’s a proven strategy which will work in this time if you still want to keep your head up and that is Digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of the internet (includes: social media, sponsored ads, SEO e.t.c) to boost once audience since the society is adapting to a new way of living and will tend to be on the net during most of their free period.

This optimization will come in handy for those businesses which have suffered loss from the implications of the pandemic.

Therefore, when it comes to digital marketing, SEO (Search engine optimization) seems to be the easiest way to gain traffic and recognition; I call it “Free Traffic” and would serve as a path to success for small businesses if practised appropriately.

Understanding SEO and Marketing?

Meanwhile, if you aren’t aware, SEO comes in two forms which are; whitehat and blackhat.


Whitehat is a technique that involves you going through the acceptable method to increase your site ranking although it might take time to show forth result but trust me; it will surely pay off.


Blackhat SEO, on the other hand, is a get ranked quick method with which you get much traffic and sales possible but when an update is been rolled-out at any point in time; you’ll be excommunicated and your site will go into extinction due to update hit and that’s not S.E.O.

Moreover, SEO, in summary, means “understanding how the search engine works” which have been proved to be the efficient means to drive tons of free traffic from search engines and can, in turn, convert them to potential customers.

Although SEO is broad as changes occur every day in the whitehat world; it would profit if you get the key to Search Engine Optimization And Marketing Trends.

The Key to SEO

Good Search Engine Optimization And Marketing Trends bring more traffic which in turns bring more profit which signifies more growth.

Although it might sound simple, the benefits don’t come on a platter of gold because it requires patience, dedication and knowledge on the path of the owners to avoid been taken off the game.

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Aside from that, you’ll need to also get keywords that businesses and website ahead of you are targeting; although there’s no assurance that you will outrank them but give in your best to go through their content and see missing details that you know or you can easily add up to make the article more precise and informative.

Doing this will give you an upper hand on search engines.

There are many free tools with which you can look up your competitors keyword but that will be a discussion for another day; S.E.O isn’t an overnight success game and that’s why top business prefers hiring a professional digital marketing agency that is based in countries such as the Philippines.

Lastly, another factor that makes S.E.O a challenge for upcoming business is that google algorithm is bent on changing with or without notice, making the struggle for the No.1 spot on google search page more competitive as you can drop anytime if the update hit your site.

Take, for instance, the google may core update: it hit most upcoming sites and business on .com domain and favoured Pinterest, medium, Alexa, Amazon and the rest top sites, on the other hand, it also favoured country based domain (, e.t.c) even when they’re new.

For this reason, we’ve decided to provide you with an infographic with a list of the most recent Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Trends to reinforce your campaign this 2020.


Nevertheless, You can lookup google to know more about S.E.O and marketing as this post is meant to inform you of the recent changes in the game but i will make out time to publish some S.E.O guide someday.

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