Roll Shaper: How do they work?

Does the Roll Shaper work?

Yes, they do. A roll shaper is a machine designed to offer lymphatic drainage massages. These mechanical body massages are directed to the lymphatic system, stimulating the lymph nodes to free circulation of fluid.

Lymphatic massage is gaining a lot of public acceptance as a lot of people are gradually embracing its benefits.

The Roll shaper’s self lymph drainage massage provides an effective solution to aging, beauty, and wellness. During the process of the massage, there is easier blood circulation, the release of hormones, smoothing of stretch marks, and burning of fats. This includes clearing the immune system to improve human health.

How does a Roll shaper work?

A Roll shaper is made of wooden balusters with protrusions on a rotating drum, designed to move in a horizontally cylindrical rotational smooth manner. The user places their body on the roller shaper, directing the desired part to the machine. The rolling of the machine offers a gentle massage that removes cellulite, smoothens stretch marks, and provides psychological and neurological wellness.

The roll shaper provides an automatic exercise program. This rejuvenates the body and accelerates muscle performance.

The roll shaper includes infrared radiation that transmits heat to the skin tissue and heats the skin to a depth of two centimeters. This helps in the reduction of fat tissues, shaping the buttocks, and healing the skin.

The roll shaper offers users an eighteen training program. Each program is designed to efficiently handle specific parts of the body. The user can intensify the exercise routine by performing regular movements in line with the rotation of the drum. The client achieves a relaxed spine during the exercise period, by supporting the body with a stool/chair as provided in the machine.

The chair has a detachable cushion. You should grab all of it and not just the chair. Each training session stretches between 30–60 minutes.

For you to use the roll shaper, you have to select and set your desired program and turn on the infrared. You can also decide not to use infrared light. The roll shaper should rotate towards the closest lymph nodes (groin, armpit, etc) to achieve maximum effect.

The client should position their body on the roll shaper while relaxing on the chair. You should press the start button when they are ready. The roll shaper will automatically lead them through their desired program. 

However, if they wish to finish the program before the speculated time, you have to press the start/stop button for a few seconds. This will stop the program immediately.

Why do you need a roll shaper?

1. It reduces muscle and Neurological stress

The roll shaper impacts the muscles by reducing muscle tension and neurological stress. The roll shaper promotes lymphatic massage. This has a huge impact on brain activity as it relaxes the body and reduces stress.

2. It influences better sleep and relaxation.

Roll shaper mitigates symptoms of insomnia by releasing endorphins – The happiness hormone. This impacts the nerves and improves sleep quality and relaxation.

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3. Boosts your immune system

The roll shaper movement helps in stimulating the lymph nodes, to push and maintain a balanced circulation of fluid. A healthy lymphatic system supplies the body with enough white blood cells, thereby boosting the body’s ability to fight germs and diseases.

4. Gives the body a thorough exercise experience

The lymphatic massage process of the roll shaper eliminates pain, swelling, and soreness. Its gentle deep massages decrease lymph fluid pressure and clogging and therefore improve the performance of the body.

Roll Shaper Programs and Treatment

The roll shaper includes five programs and eighteen treatment or training routines. These processes are combined to achieve high efficiency and a total body massage.

The five programs of roll shaper include:

1. The 60 Minute Whole Body Massage

This is also known as the basic program. It provides a sixty-minute whole-body massage.

2. The 45 Minute Whole Body Massage

This is defined as a short program. It provides a forty-five-minute whole-body massage.

3. The 60 Minute Upper Body Massage

The 60-minute upper body massage offers a 60-minute wholesome massage that is focused on your upper body.

4. The 60 Minute Lower Body Massages

This focuses on the lower parts of your body. It provides an intense sixty-minute massage on different parts of your lower body.

5. The 18 Minute

This acts as a short demo for your massage routine.

You can select whichever program meets the client’s needs.

Roll shaper provides an 18 treatment workout plan that helps users achieve the most out of their massage experience.

  1. Feet Treatment
  2. Calves Treatment
  3. Thighs and Back
  4. Glutes and Lower body
  5. Right Thigh and right external lower body part
  6. Left Thigh and right external lower body part
  7. Thighs and front lower body parts
  8. Right thighs and right internal lower body part
  9. Left thighs and right internal lower body part
  10. Abs and upper body part
  11. Right waist and hip part
  12. Left waist and hip part
  13. Right glutes and upper body part
  14. Left glutes and upper body part
  15. Abs and lower body
  16. Right arms and palms
  17. Left arms and palms
  18. Back

Users are advised to participate in all treatment routines, except there are exceptions or complications in certain parts of the body.

The treatment plans are split into two categories;

  • Lower Body: Treatment 1 – 9
  • Upper Body: Treatment 10 – 18

The amount of time spent on each treatment or position depends on the program.

Pre-Treatment and Tips to using the Roll shaper

  1. Users are advised to wear close-fitted clothing when using the roll shaper. They should wear tight sweatpants and T-shirts. Roll up and pin-up long hairs. They can tie it up to a ponytail.
  2. Remove all decorative accessories from your clothes before using the roll shaper. Do not wear clothes that have accessories like strings, buttons, beads. This will prevent them from sticking into the device.

Effects of using the roll shaper

  1. It reduces cellulite and stretch marks
  2. Slimming and body shaping
  3. Muscle stimulation and strengthening
  4. Improvement of blood circulation and supply
  5. Supports detoxification of the body
  6. Improves metabolism and immune system
  7. Elimination of pains and swelling
  8. Relaxation and regeneration of the body
  9. Weight reduction without the yoyo effect. You wouldn’t need to lift a dumbbell to shed those body fats

Maintenance of the Roll shaper

  1. After you are done with each treatment, ensure that you clean and disinfect the parts of the roll shaper after use. You should clean and disinfect all parts that the client touched.
  2. Do not spread the disinfectant directly on the device. Spread the disinfectant on a paper towel and clean the machine with it.
  3. Tip and vacuum the inside of the roll shaper once every week.
  4. Vacuum around the unit daily
  5. Clean the ventilation grille with a vacuum cleaner

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