Review: Latest Tecno Mobile Smartphones in 2020

We now have latest Tecno Mobile smartphones in 2020. The invention of mobile phones, particularly smartphones, has been a great plus and a gateway to more technological advancements and an upgrade to the standard of living. However, latest Tecno Mobile smartphones are not left out in this but contributing earnestly to these advancements, as it launches more different Specs of these smartphones yearly.

Undoubtedly, Tecno Mobile never ceases to amaze the public with the release of new mobile smartphones that beats those of its competitors as they come out with high spec with amazing features. It may also interest you to know that phones of this brand have become the most trending amidst the other brands in the market today with too many customers in shops daily.

Do you know? Smartphones are not ranked based on only their appearance, and sizes? Though, these are a fraction of it. Still, there are other fundamental elements that characterize or define a phone, and these may entail essential features like the Battery capacity, storage capacity, processors. etc.

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However, if you are considering purchasing a smartphone, you don’t have to panic as this review is done just for you; therefore, ride with me as I journey you through some of the latest Tecno mobile smartphones to consider in 2020.

Some Latest Tecno Mobile Smartphones in 2020

For the sake of this review, we will be looking at only the following:

  • Tecno Spark 5
  • Tecno Camon 15
  • Tecno Spark Power 2

Tecno Spark 5

Latest Tecno Mobile Smartphones in 2020
Tecno Spark 5

Tecno spark five the latest iteration of the spark series comes with substantial premium features, it is the successor of the Tecno spark 4. It has outstanding performance compared to its predecessor, the Tecno spark 4 First off. Before we look at this new smartphone proper, let talk about what is inside the box.

The Tecno Spark 5 comes with a micro USB cable, 10W charger, an earpiece, and a thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU) case that protects the phone from breaking if it falls.

Looking into the features, I think will give an edge in making choices whether or not to go for this phone. Some of its essential Specifications and traits are outlined hereunder.


The new Tecno spark 5 promises lots of color options as it comes in four eye-catching colors making it “A must-have” for many costumers.

These varied color options grant buyers more confidence to flaunt it even without using the TPU cases, especially those who don’t like using their phones with casing on it.

Its available colors are the Misty Grey, Ice Jadeite, Spark Orange, and Vacation Blue colors.


Tecno spark 5 has 32 GB ROM internal storage to store music, games, and others, you can expand Its storage capacity to about 256 GB by inserting an external microSD card via a dedicated slot.

As for its RAM, Tecno Spark 5 comes with 2 GB RAM, which is not an upgrade as its predecessors have the same RAM as this little lag in storage capacity may not interest some. Still, Tecno is likewise very much concerned about people’s budget per time because this lag in RAM has also made the selling price reduced so that some with a lower budget can even afford it. But I suggest the internal storage is enough to cover this up as it offers a lot of space for many files to be stored.


Spark 5 comes with five cameras in all, giving you top-notch pictures. Quad rear camera setup; 13-megapixel primary camera comes with F/1.8 aperture for taking more explicit pictures; the 2-megapixel macro lens makes the close-up shot and 2-megapixel depth lens for Al bokeh effect and 3.0 Al lens camera.

It also has a beautiful 8MP single front camera giving one pleasant selfie shot.

There is also a Dual-Led flash at the front that enables one to take a brighter and sharp wide selfie at night or in dim light.


New Tecno sparks five comes with a non-removable 5000mAh Li-Polymer battery. It is also backed up with a 2.0 micro USB charger and a 10W charger supports this massive battery.

Design & Size

Tecno Spark 5 has a cozy design and size, and it’s pretty affordable and beautiful for a phone in its range. It is about 8.75 mm thick, 76.3 mm wide, 164.7 mm tall, and weighs 191grams. Importantly, this design is exquisite because you can effortlessly carry it about or one-handed without getting bored.


The screen has a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels, and it also has 266 PPI pixel density and 16.75 cm(6.6 inches) screen size. This screen size allows more to be viewed and done at the same time, but one-handed typing may be a bit challenging to some people who are not accustomed to screens of such size.


Just like the predecessor, the Tecno Spark 5 comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor sensitive for distinct features like phone unlock, receive calls, end calls, and stop alarm. For security reasons, the fingerprint is significant as it keeps information on your device intact, preventing people from intruding on your privacy.

Not only does this phone features a fingerprint sensor, but it also possesses others like:

  • The ambient light sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Face unlock sensor
  • And the proximity sensor.

Operating Systems

Additionally, it runs on Android version 10 and HIOS 6.1 users interface; it is powered by Octa-Core, Cortex A53, MediaTek Helio A22 processor, and processes at the pace of 2.0 GHz. The speed allows multiple tasks like surfing the web and others to be performed at a faster rate.

Tecno Spark Power 2

Latest Tecno Mobile Smartphones in 2020
Tecno Spark Power 2

Tecno is working tirelessly to satisfy the demand of the public by manufacturing phones that suit their budgets. A few days ago, Tecno announced the release of another smartphone, the Tecno Spark Power 2.

The features indeed are incredible compared to phones of other brands in its price level. But as we await its arrival in our market, we will appreciate it more if we know at least a few of its features. The key specs of this new smartphone are given below.


The color of a phone is one thing that can’t be left out when discussing a smartphone, the more attractive the color, the more attraction and attention it commands. As for the Tecno Spark Power, it comes in two colors, Misty Grey and Ice Jadeite, on the glossy plastic finish at the back.


This device comes with a 4 GB RAM that assists in the rapid and smooth running of the phone. And 64 GB internal storage that can be expanded to 256 GB by inserting an SD card through a slot set apart on the right.


The smartphones have both a front-facing camera and the rear camera. At the back of the phone is a  quad rear camera layout; 16MP main camera+2MP Bokeh lens(for close-up shot)+5MP+AI lens. This front camera is 16MP with f/2.0 aperture.


Amazingly, this new device is one among the few Tecno smartphones and the first in the Spark lineup that is powered by a 6000 mAh built-in battery and fast charging 18W charger that charges about 50% per hour. With this you will have exceedingly high time playing games, watching videos on YouTube, browsing the web or chatting as it has been confirmed to last almost 780 minutes gaming, 840 minutes on movies, and up to 1,140 minutes (19 hrs) on surfing the net.

Design & Size

It has a matte plastic finish as opposed to the glossy finishes on other phones at its level. In dimensions, it is about 174.9 mm high, 79.6 mm wide, and 9.2 mm in thickness.


It has 7.0 inches HD LCD panel display screen with 720 by 1640 pixel resolution and about 480 PPI pixel display density.


Like other phones of the Spark series, it comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint reader and other sensors like; the ambient light sensor, face unlocks detector, proximity sensor, and accelerometer. But the most exciting thing about the face unlock, and the fingerprint scanner is their fast ability in facial recognition and fingerprint detection.

Operating System

Tecno Spark Power operates on the latest Android version 10 and 6.1 HIOS. It also runs on the 2.0 GHz MediaTek Helio P22 processor.

Tecno Camon 15

Latest Tecno Mobile Smartphones in 2020

Recently, the Tecno mobile launched a new smartphone in the Camon series, Tecno Camon 15. The immediate successor of the Tecno Camon 12. Tecno has made tremendous improvements in the case of this new phone in the Camon lineup. Nonetheless, some of its features are the same as that of its predecessor, the Camon 12.

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In case you are tedious on the exact new 2020 Tecno smartphones to opt-in for in order to ditch out your Camon 12 or Camon 12 Pro if you already have one. Indeed, it’s genuinely a beautiful phone that potential buyers can consider because it’s inexpensive compared to phones of other brands in its range of quality. I have given key Specifications of this new Tecno Camon 15 below:


As the choices of people differ, Tecno mobile has made three unique colors for this new smartphone. This color makes the phone fascinating, even at first sight. The colors are:

  • Fascinating Purple
  • Shoal Gold
  • Dark Jade


The Tecno Camon 15 arrives with a 64 GB internal storage, but it can be upgraded to about 256 GB with an external micro SD card.

You can insert the SD card through a dedicated tray on the right side of the phone that houses the micro SD card and nano 4G LTE network sim cards. This massive internal storage capacity warrants one to store larger space consuming files like videos, music, games, and other Apps.

This internal storage is backed up with a 4 GB RAM. This big RAM permits rapid and smoother running of more files at a time than it will be with smaller RAM.


One thing I liked the most about the Tecno Camon series is the camera. Particularly in the Camon 15, Tecno did a great job in the camera setup and photo display quality of the new Camon 15.

It comes with a 48-megapixel quad rear camera with a quad-led flash; it gives a more detailed snapshot than its predecessor. It also comes with a 16 MP punch-hole front for quality selfie shots.


The new Camon 15 is backed up with a 2.0 micro USB cable and a 10W charger, and a non-removable 5000mAh battery powers it. With this, it charges faster than its predecessor, which comes with a 6 W charger. Though it doesn’t come with a USB Type-C port as most of us anticipated, this is a little lag in the buildup, but I guess Tecno will improve on this, maybe in the subsequent iterations.

With this vast battery capacity, one can stay in touch with the world for many hours even in this period of coronavirus pandemic situation.

Design & Size

This smartphone has an explicit design; a glossy plastic finish on it’s rear and a glass screen in front, the top is bare, but on its lowermost part are a port for a micro USB, 3.5 mm head jack, speaker, and a microphone. At the sides, it has a power button and the volume buttons on the right and a micro SD card and two nano sims tray on the left side.

So therefore, the phone is about 164 mm in height, 76.3 mm in width, 8.7 mm in thickness, and about 196 grams in weight.


Therefore, Tecno Camon 15 has a 6.55 inches IPS LCD touchscreen and 720 by 1600 pixel display resolution. It has a total pixel density of 267 PPI. With these, playing games, reading documents, watching movies, and doing WhatsApp video calls feels decent.

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It has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, aside from the fingerprint detector, The Tecno Camon 15 has other sensors like; the accelerometers, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, Gyroscope, magnetometer, and the face unlock sensor.

The face unlocks, and the fingerprint detectors though fixed at the different side, retain the same objective, all boils down to security! The face unlock sensor may not be reliable as the fingerprint scanner, but it’s quicker and more convenient than the fingerprint scanner.

Operating System

Lastly, the Tecno Camon comes with a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor and PowerVR GE8320 GPU. The GPU makes the view of graphics related items on your device like pictures, videos, and games possible.

Thanks to MediaTek, this device arrives with the MediaTek MT6765 Helio p35 chipset.

And runs on the latest Android version, v10, and HIOS 6.0, but its predecessor operates on version 9.0.

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