Ready Player One (Review)

“Ready Player One.” The action is massive and thrilling, both in the virtual reality and the real reality.

“Ready Player One” is innovative in its forward thinking in its technology, with an addition of live action.

You can go wherever you want to go, be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. You can be a sexy anime vixen or a fearsome warrior. You can just hang out with your friends and people you’ve never actually met, but you feel like you know so much just as Wade does when he’s in the Oasis.

If you are the type of person who always likes to analyze every movie you see, Ready Player One will cause tough time but if you are just looking for a fun movie with professionally directed action moments, wow moments, and thrilling effects, then you should see this movie.

Spielberg is an expert of thrilling moments. He knows how to make the audiences respond with bewildered expressions and dropped jaws and He knows how to capture characters in moments of awe.

That’s why He is one of the most successful filmmakers financially today.

Watching this particular movie makes it easy to see that Spielberg works the camera like few others can, even if you weren’t already aware of his reputation, A young boy (Tye Sheridan), named Wade Watts in the near future plays an ultra-version of a reality virtual game to escape his existence in the real world.

Everyone in his world does. And we can see that it’s because The VR world (The Oasis) is awesome.

Wade spends his time thinking over a contest that was left behind by its now deceased creator in The Oasis.

The winner of the contest wins kajillion dollars and rules over The Oasis. Wade is obviously not the only person trying to win, with a tangible prize like that.

So, He meets a girl who uses the player name Art3mis and joins her group. Together they try to win the prize before the selfish evil company does. You can imagine how this all turns out. If not, great, you’ll be surprised.

Here is what I learnt from Ready Player One:

Friendship and family:

From the very beginning, we see that Wade who was all by himself couldn’t achieve much just working alone and staying with his aunt and her husband.

After the destruction of his home and station, Wade met with several friends in real life from his virtual reality and it was because he met with them he was able to win the contest.

Everyone stood by him even thou their community was a small place and has more foes that are technologically advantaged, He won because they joined forces together to win.

So in whatever you do, you need people to succeed because you can’t succeed without the right relationship that believes in you and are ready to support you always.

Technology and the digital space:

One major lesson from the Oasis is accessibility to technology.

Who would have ever thought a community with little access to technology would win the contest?

Technology in the digital space is an add advantage to everyone.

Mental and Intellectual preparation:

Wade won the contest because he was able to think deeply.

Every player tried to race but Wade had to thick deeply on the informations and data that were given to him.


Being fast doesn’t equals to reaching or hitting your target, sometimes, it’s about you taking time to think deeply before taking actions.

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