Negative effects of using modern smartphones

The use of smartphones has been on the rise since it came into existence. However, the negative effects of using modern smartphones surge daily. The use of smartphones cut across age, tribe, and religion.

When it comes to smartphones, adults and children are all proud owners. It is almost impossible to see an individual in today’s world without a smartphone. However, there are lots of adverse effects of smartphones in our lives.

It is easy to get obsessed with having a smartphone when you don’t have one. Then it is all you can think about when you have it. Smartphones like every other technological toolhave lots of positive impacts, however, the negative impact is as high as the positive side.

Some of the negative impacts of smartphones are both medical and non-medical.What we mean here is that some of these effects are medical, psychological, and mental. Some ofthese negative effects have become syndromes that have followed the smartphone craze.

Below are some of the negativeeffects of smartphones on individual.

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Negative effects on the body parts

Medical issues like text claw and cell phone elbow are two examples of non- medical adverse effects of smartphones. These conditions describe cramps of the finger and sore muscles. They come as a result of consistent and continuous scrolling, and texting as well as gaming on smartphones.

Excessive use of smartphones can lead to inflammation of tendons. This enhances the existing conditions like carpal tunnel. In the same vain, cell phone elbow is a term used to describe feeling of numbness in the ring finger or pinky finger. This condition often comes as a result of bending the elbow for so long.

To treat this condition is simple. Take a break from continuous use of your Smartphone. Do some stretches, and try bending your wrist backward. Put your hands together when you want to do this.

Also do some wrist flexes. If the pain persists for more than a week, try using heat or see a doctor.

Another non-medical adverse effect is known as text neck. This is deceived as stress on the neck muscles. The stress here is excessive.

This condition can also be called iPosture. Besides stressing the neck muscles, you also hurt your back muscles when you slouch your phone for long hours. A sturdy carried out in the UK showed 80% of people who use smartphones experience this condition once every two or three weeks. The condition comes from being hunched over smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Adjusting your posture properly will bring relive to lower backaches, reducing the number of hours spent with your phone can relive neck stress. Another thing you can try is hold your phone directly in front of you. Most of us like to bring our phone down and bend towards the screen.

This will increase the stress on your neck. Another vital part of the body that is constantly affected by smartphones negatively is the eye. In what is now know as computer vision syndrome which can be described as eye strain. Constant use of smartphones has led to blurry vision, dry eyes and dizziness. The best way to reduce this problem is to make font size of phone’s applications and texts bigger. Also try to look away from the screen every few minutes.


Negative effects of using modern smartphones

Lots of people don’t know this, but smartphones are as addictive as drugs or alcohol. Today, lots of youths, and adults have developed several additive syndromes as a result of having smartphones.Some of these addictions are not as harmful as that of drugs or alcohol. However addiction in whatever shape is bad for humans.

Common examples include nomophobia, phantom vibrations. Nomophobia can be described as no- mobile – phone phobia. It is described as the fear of being without a cell phone. In a sturdy carried in the United States, 70% of the population are scared to be without their cell phone at anytime. Basic symptoms include anxiety, obsession with checking of your phone and being in a state of constant worry about losing your phone.

According to this sturdy, women are affected more by this syndrome than men. The adverse effect of this syndrome is that it affects your concentration at work or home. It can lead to distractions for women who have kids. It can affect their work performance. The negative effects of smartphones are felt by both men and women.

Phantom vibrations are another form of addiction as we said earlier in the article, it is a condition when people are so anxious to receivetext messages, social media updates. They are very anxious when their phones are not vibrating. For students, workers and professional this is bad because it means they are always jittery. The negative effect of smartphones like this one is seen through the amount of distractions, loss of attention paid to work or classes.

To get over these addictions, people should try activities that will relieve anxiety and stress. Activities like yoga, and deep breathing will go a long way to breaking these addictions. Furthermore, try to shut off vibration function of your smartphone. Only check your phone for messages during designated hours.

To get over these addictions, people should try activities that will relieve anxiety and stress. Activities like yoga, and deep breathing will go a long way to breaking these addictions. Furthermore, try to shut off vibration function of your smartphone. Only check your phone for messages during designated hours.

Sleep Loss

Negative effects of using modern smartphones
Sleep loss

Lots of people always have their smartphones near them when they are sleeping. The plan is to respond to texts and calls quicker. They want to be able to communicate all the time. The negative effect of this is that it will disrupt their sleep patterns. This will lead to sleep deprivation. Most of us get irritated, and find it difficult to concentrate when we don’t get adequate sleep.


Negative effects of using modern smartphones

When you have a smartphone, it is easy to get tempted to text or chat all day with friends and colleagues. Rather than engaging in productive activities. Sturdies carried out by professionals have shown that people who make use of their smartphones for a long period of time are open to stress, and fatigue. Stress can cause psychological disorders in some people.

Prone to accidents

Negative effects of using modern smartphones
Prone to accidents

The use of smartphones or cell phones in general has lead to lots of road mishaps. It is easy to be tempted to answer a call, text or check social media notifications when driving. It is easy to talk on the phone without realizing how dangerous it is to our lives. A lot of accidents have been caused by distracted drivers. Some of these accidents have led to death.

Cancer risks

Cell phones produce electromagnetic waves. These waves are capable of causing the growth of cancerous cells in the body. This means that the constant use of cell phones is dangerous to our health.

Furthermore, most of us keep our smartphones so close that they are literally our bed mates.The electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones are easily absorbed by the body tissue. Most especially when we use our phones for an extended period of time; besides cancer, the body is capable of having tumors as a result of radiation from cell phones.

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Cyber Bullying

When you hear the word “bullying” more often, you will assume that it has to do with a physical situation of a bully attacking his victim in school or on the streets. However, the growth of smartphones has altered the way we expect the act of bullying to take place.

Nowadays, we hear of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying refers to the act of bullying a person online especially through the social media.

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms, people now engage on cyber bullying. About 55% of teenagers and over 20% of adults have being bullied online at least once in their lives. The painful part is that almost all of them have no idea who the perpetrator is or how to find them.

The negative effects of cyber bullying include low self-esteem, suicide, and self-hate. Cyber bullying has caused suicide in teenagers especially those who are battling obesity.

Cyber crimes

Negative effects of using modern smartphones

The FBI has said that cybercrimes are now the second- most – difficult crime to handle after terrorism. Before cell phones and smartphones became popular the level of cyber crimes was low. However with the increase in the usage of smartphones and the subsequent introduction of social media platforms, we have seen a spike in the levels of cybercrime.

The FBI recently made massive arrest in the US. The same thing was done by Interpol recently as well. They arrested some Africans in Dubai.Most of these fraudsters connect with their victims through social media platforms. Most of these victims connect with social media through their smartphones. This is seen as a negative effect of smartphone because it made it easier for cybercrime to thrive.

Negatively impact academics

This is a negative effect felt by teenagers and children. We all know how tempting it is to stay on your phone for extensive periods. Kids and teenagers don’t have the same discipline that adults have. That is why they can easily get distracted by cell phones.

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Most of these kids and teenagers take their phones to school. Chatting with friends, playing games during schoolbreaks, and even texting during classes impact school performance negatively. This causes students to pay less attention to their academic work. This will automatically affect performance in exams.

Affects communication and conflict resolution

The emergence of smartphones has changed the way we communicate with each other. Gone are the days when people sat face-to-face to have in-depth discussions. They have made it difficult to have honest discussions among people.

Important discussions especially those that affect relationships and personal health should be done in person according to most relationship experts.Negative effect of cell phone is felt in communication because it has made personal communication difficult when it comes to face-to-face meeting.

Affects romantic relationships

Have you ever being on a date where your date spends more time looking at their phone screen than listening or looking at you? Sometimes you may want to talk to your partner, but they are busy chatting away on their phone. Overtime, this action will put a strain on your relationship. In the long your relationship will be ruined.

For some people, the consistent use of cell phones makes it difficult to date or have a romantic relationship in real life. Most of us are tongue-tied when we meet our potential partner in real life because we rely on online communication too often.

Steps that you can take to reduce the negative effects of smartphones

Having spoken about the negative effects of smartphones, it is important we take some vital steps to limit the risks imposed by smartphone usage. Although we spoke briefly about steps to take to limit the risks of smartphone uses, we shall address them extensively. Taking the right steps to reduce the adverse effect of smartphone should be encouraged.

We have come up with a few of these steps because we recognize the fact that smartphones are not going to leave us anytime soon.

  • For anyone who has a smartphone, you need to draw the line. Set the hours you will use your phone daily.
  • Reduce the tendency to reply texts and online chats immediately. Try replying texts when you are not engaged, except when there is an emergency.
  • The biggest negative effect of smartphone is seen when driving. Force yourself to turn off your smartphone when driving.
  • Learn to switch off your cellphone before going to bed. It will help you avoid irregular sleep patterns. This will help you fight mood swings.
  • Subscribe to monthly plan that allocate certain minutes to call or specific number of text messages monthly. If you are paying the bill, it will help you limit how often you make calls or send texts.
  • As a parent, you should limit the number of hours spent with your smartphones. The reason is that the radiation emitted by cellphone affects kids more than adults. Limiting the use of cell phones will prevent your kids from developing cancer. Especially if there is a cellphone tower near you or at the school of your children.


Like every other technology or tool available, a mobile phone is a double-edge sword. The technological advantages of smartphones are numerous, and it is vital that we have them. However, without moderation and discipline it can be a tool for disaster. There are lots of negative effects of smartphones on our health, and psychological well being.

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In this article, we have taken out time to explain these negatives. We have also suggested tips to limit the negatives brought about by the use of smartphones.

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