Motivational Speech Topics for Public Speakers

A motivational speech is a convincing, and inspiring message that most times, propel listeners to take actions or implement certain things in their life, career, or community. These actions are meant to improve their life and their immediate environment. Knowing how to write or deliver a brief or long motivational speech is also important for students, public speakers, and leaders in general. This is because this set of persons are closer to managing professional positions and might need to inspire or guide people from time to time.

This article consists of motivational speech topics that apply to different facets of life. It also comprises a set of guidelines for restructuring a quality motivational speech.

The importance and structure of a motivational speech

A motivational speech is important because it helps an individual to focus on attaining a certain height of success and providing a solution to problems when necessary. Irrespective of what the topic of a motivational speech is, such speeches have common structural elements. These elements include an interesting start, mind-blowing remarks, relevant information for the public, and charisma.

However, if a problem or an argument is presented, there will be an explanation, support with evidence, reasoning, and comparison with real-life examples. Also, one common ending for motivational speeches is a call to action; it could be a change in behavior, worldview, or something else. Also, motivational speech helps people to become more intentional about their lives by setting goals and being more realistic.

Motivational Speech

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Monroe’s motivated sequence is a method used for persuading an audience. And this method applies to a wide variety of motivational speech topics that have persuasive features. This sequence consists of five key steps:

  • Capture attention: You can capture attention via storytelling, using humor, statistics, inspiring quotations, rhetorical questions, etc. Also, you could do this within 1-5 minutes depending on how much you want to say and how much time you have allocated for the entire speech.
  • Illustrate the need: Using illustrations is the best way to convince your audience. It has a psychological effect that will not disappear by itself. You can also demonstrate (using arguments, persuasion, evidence) that there is a serious problem, and that addressing it would bring significant benefits while not doing so would have negative consequences. The main point is to create an eagerness in your audience to embrace proposed solutions to this problem.
  • Satisfy the need: This involves how you present solutions that address specific problems. Solutions and your position should be well-explained, based on convincing examples or statistics, and trustworthy data/ sources. At this point, motivational speakers should also be ready to convincingly refute counterarguments.

  • Visualize the future: To ensure credibility, it is important that the visions you mention are realistic and not exaggerated or inflated.
  • Encourage action: This is one of the major aims of motivational speech. Your speech must also inform the audience about specific actions they should take for addressing or solving a problem. This could be done within 2-3 minutes. But much more time should be dedicated depending on the topic and on what role action has an overall story. Meanwhile, don’t set exaggerated and numerous expectations but rather encourage involvement and step by step solutions. You can also actively participate in organizing follow-up events.

Motivational Speech Topics

This is a comprehensive list of motivational speech topics for anyone, both students and youths in general. We have also carefully separated them into different segments to enable easy understanding.

Business and Management Topics

Business is a vital part of human existence. Almost everything has a link to business, negotiation, and management. There are issues to discuss. And these motivational speech topics cut across different businesses.

  • Importance of Teamwork in an emerging business
  • Common features of successful startups
  • Recovering from failure in business
  • Getting ready for an evolving job market
  • Self-improvement and you business
  • The importance of innovative ideas for businesses
  • The future of Blockchain technology
  • Corporate organizations and corporate responsibilities
  • Starting your business
  • The state of the world after the full adoption of cryptocurrency
  • Principles of management.

Educational topics

These topics are student-friendly. But that doesn’t mean it is not open to older adults. Anyone can talk about any topic here.

  • Studying and working in a multicultural environment
  • Balancing school-life and real-life
  • Education beyond professional attainment
  • Educational success keys
  • Unifying school curriculum and work-life
  • Weighing your academic prowess and overall intelligence
  • Educational success in a country like Nigeria
  • Balancing your social life and academics
  • Benefits of being an A-student
  • Your social life and academics
Motivational Speech

Environmental topics

Most people fail to understand that our environment makes up our existence. And keeping safe and conducive should be a priority. Anyone can pass a beautiful message with the topics listed below.

  • Guidelines for achieving a healthy environment
  • Tips on how to avoid environmental hazards
  • Preventing polarization concerning environmental issues
  • Achieving peace of mind with the help of your environment
  • Growing with nature
  • The importance of a healthy environment for mental stability
  • Effects of environmental pollution
  • You and your environment
  • Supportive environmental teams
  • Coping with psychological challenges
  • Social interaction
  • Emergency survival measures
  • Healthy environment: The best way to save lives
  • Balanced social life
  • Agents of socialization
  • Identifying your ideal social space
  • Tips on how to avoid conflicts
  • Environmental education for younger generation
  • Managing stress to achieve productivity
  • Dealing with humans
  • Encouraging environmental-friendly lifestyle
  • The effect of shopping habits on environmental influence

Self-related topics

These topics resonate with self, individual existence and more. They include:

  • Tips on how to be open-minded and adaptive
  • Self-control
  • Self-discovery: Path to success
  • Living beyond limits
  • Preparing for the future
  • Truth about life and living
  • Building healthy self-esteem
  • Learning the emotional first-aid
  • Dealing with the social media life and reality
  • Measuring your success
  • Stories of Billionaires: Why failure is necessary before succeeding
  • Winning vs. Succeeding: What should we aim?
  • Success is a new journey
  • Perspective is the key to success
  • The beauty of being in the second place
  • Why you still succeed when you lose
  • Success disguised as failure
  • Getting inspiration from the people around you, especially your support system
  • Why losing is necessary to succeed

Technology-based topics

We can’t mention other areas without listing motivational speech topics under this category. Technology is now an integral part of society. If you are hosting a forum or seminar on Technology, you need any or all of these topics.

  • The green future: Expectations and limitations
  • Effective revolutions brought by AI and machine learning
  • Recycling
  • Electric cars
  • Renewable energy and its limitations
  • Nuclear fusion devices
  • Implementing stronger relationships between city inhabitants and nature
  • Effects of technology on the society
  • Harnessing wave and tidal energy
  • Technology and the health sector
  • Solar energy: Sustainable solution to guaranteed power supply
  • Tesla cars
  • Relationship between Individual lifestyles and technology.
  • Technology: An economic boost
  • Technocrats in Leadership
  • The effect of Technology of agriculture and mining
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain technology
Things to Look out for in a Laptop

  • Positioning for profitability in Technology
  • Strategic technological advancements
  • Limitations to technological development
  • What opportunities are opened by drones for package delivery
  • Sharing self-driving electro-cars for passenger transport – will this be the future taxi service?
  • How would Hyperloop change the world in terms of transportation speed and reliable schedules
  • Impactful cost cuts for space exploration allowed by recovery and reuse of first stages (rocket boosters)
  • Curiosity Rover – the miracle of viewing Martian sunsets
  • hyy computer scripts are indispensable for successful drone landing on Mars
  • Prospects of establishing self-sufficient colonies on Mars
  • Opportunities opened by an extensive array of satellites that could monitor every square inch on Earth in real-time (early warnings about tsunamis, earthquakes, improved farming, solving traffic congestion, better weather prediction, etc)
  • Prospects for addressing the false information epidemics on Internet
  • Individuals undermine empires – success stories of individuals who brought change to entire mankind
  • Revisiting the role of the church in a modern society


If you are in college and pondering what the future holds for you concerning your career, go through these best motivational speech topics. Your speech can positively influence the lives of students and even professionals who are apprehensive about their career trajectory.

  • Dealing with failure in finding your career path
  • What should you aim for, winning, or succeeding?
  • The unavoidable necessity of bending some rules in your workplace
  • The importance of sleep in being able to perform well at work
  • Best place to learn how to do your job is outside the workplace
  • How passion will change the way you look at your job
  • Turning your passion into your career
  • How compassion will lead you to success and how it will create a happy working environment
  • The importance of using your day off wisely
  • How to work with people in a confined space
Motivational Speech

  • Employing emotional intelligence while dealing with your colleagues
  • Maintaining healthy coexistence in your career
  • Balancing your career and social life
  • The art of balancing your career and personal life
  • Building a healthy work life
  • Achieving maximum productivity in your career
  • Healthy relationships in your workspace
  • Your career – a path to your future
  • Finding peace of life in your workspace
  • Career nuggets
  • Importance of respecting boundaries in your workplace
  • How to handle distractions
  • Handling competitions and unnecessary rivalry in your career
  • Establishing a solid foundation
  • Inspiring stories of successful career persons
  • The essence of happiness in productivity
  • Balancing career and secular business
  • Tips on how to be a successful career person.
  • Things to avoid in your workplace
  • Profitability and sustainability
  • Multitasking and Maintaining professionalism
  • Building from the scratch
  • Beginners guide on career issue


In this life, everyone has a story to tell about pain. It is part of the ebb and flow of existence. You would not be yourself had it not been for past pain, no matter how traumatic. Here are the best motivational speech topics to overcome distress and use it to your advantage.

  • The worst phase in your life can make you the best version of yourself
  • Thanking your past
  • Surviving a suicide attempt
  • Embracing the pain and letting it go
  • Facing your worst nightmare
  • Selecting what you must face and what you can ignore
  • The surprising serenity at the edge of life
  • The only way when you are down is up
  • How to keep moving forward when nothing is getting better
  • Accepting an unforgiving life


Is artistry inherent in people? Is it nature or nurture? Very appropriate are these best motivational speech topics in further stoking the creative flames within budding artists. These are best delivered at art exhibits, writing workshops, and schools.

  • Giving more attention to your imagination
  • Why you should write a dream journal
  • Do schools encourage or kill creativity?
  • How creativity can start in a simple children’s play
  • Why you must continue creating despite being rejected multiple times
  • Getting inspiration from unexpected events
  • Nurturing your creativity
  • Encouraging children with their creativity
  • The confidence in delivering impromptu speeches
  • Painting as a form of healing and meditation
  • Speech writing service for students and professionals
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How will you know if you have succeeded in writing a motivational speech? The answer is simple: you felt motivated when you wrote it. If you did not feel that, then it’s safe to say that it will not be an effective motivational speech. However, writing a motivational speech is something you must enjoy. The key to delivering an impactful speech is passion. Your passion will also make your creative process less difficult and enable you to select the most potent words to inspire and motivate. But even intense passion cannot cover-up writer’s block. And such is the case for many students.

Meanwhile, when having writer’s block, you can take a break and engage in refreshing activities. That will help reposition your mind to what you were doing earlier. Also, motivational speech topics may not be difficult to find, but writing them is where the issue lies. It is either you do it yourself or hire someone. While you write, remember it is a speech, and your audience will only relate to what they hear. Hence, you can use these topics to train yourself on how to be a motivational speaker. Practice, they say, makes perfect.

Do well to drop your comments, questions, and contribution in the comment section below.

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