Have you ever wondered how making money from information marketing works?

You’re are just at the right spot to know.

Few years back I read a book by one of my mentor, Olatunde Samson about information marketing, I saw it as an opportunity to make a few thousands of Naira and I didn’t see myself creating many products apart from once or twice in a year when I see that people are hungry for the product. Now the interesting part of the story is that even while you are not online or while sleeping your information product is still making you money.

Right from when I was in S.S.S.2 I was already familiar with the internet thou I only had no knowledge about information marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing and other online businesses. When I finished school I had started reading about online business with the support of my dad with different materials and that is why I want to challenge someone with this E-book.

I started making little money through information marketing in 2016. And since I started to date have never regretted. Have written few E-books and I’m still writing more E-books because people want to satisfy their knowledge hunger and they only pay those that can satisfy their hunger with the right information.

At first it wasn’t so easy because of getting people to come and buy my products but after getting to know the secret I worked hard on it and that is the secret I will be showing you. Most of the time I charge a lower rate for my information products so as to get bigger sale and won’t let my traffic go get another products. It isn’t bad charging close to #7,000 for your product but know what your customers and traffic wants or they will pass without buying or go for a cheaper one.

While pricing your products ask yourself why would they want to get my products or what is unique about my product that isn’t about other products out there? After you are able to answer this, this is what will cause a conviction to your traffic to get your product instead of other people product. Remember the internet is a wide one and people don’t want to just waste their money cause of fraudsters.

Besides that, a newbie information marketer can’t start earning 5 to 6 figures overnight; I had to start from somewhere. Consistency and hard work will make you earn not overnight but overtime. While am not even close to where I want to be as an information marketer, I’m glad that I’ve reached an impressive level. And with the experience I’ve gained from creating lots of E-books, I’ve been able to crack the secret code of other online businesses, such as blogging, affiliate marketing and freelancing.

So, aside from my information marketing business, I now have other online and offline income streams under my belt. And I make money from those too.

If I’m to have any regrets at all, it would be that I didn’t start out much earlier.

Enough stories told.

Why did I tell you my story? Did I intend to brag or boast? No, far from that. I told you my story just to motivate you and let you see the possibility in writing for a living as a Nigerian. If you have the information or skills, then nothing should stop you from turning that into business.

You deserve to be appreciated because you have something that most people don’t have. And you deserve to be paid for your creativity and your time. How to make that happen is what this special E-book is all about. Though you might have read my story smoothly, my career as information marketer hasn’t been that smooth. I’ve had my share of challenges and disappointments. And I’ve learnt a lot from them. So through this blog post, you will know how to create your own information product.



  1.  Laptop/Desktop and Internet connection:

You need to have a personal computer or Laptop before you can start. Infact, what I advise people is that they should start the business through the cyber café, and later buy a laptop and internet connection. And also a system will be needed to package your information on Microsoft document and also converting from MS Word to PDF format. In fact with your Android devise it is very possible to be able to use MS Word and convert to PDF on your mobile phone.

  •  Blog:

This is very important in communicating your e-book to your audience. You can create a landing page for your information material that you have for sale. There are two types of blogs which include a paid and free blog. A free blog can be created with either blogger or WordPress. E.g or but a paid blog is always with .com, .net or .UK.


  •  E-cover design software:

Your e-cover will make your product sell easily and so you must add it to your sales page and your product. It gives it life and facilitates sales of your e-books. I personally design my e-covers with Coreldraw and Photoshop, then design a mockup with Photoshop for complete finishing of my designs but you can design your own online or pay people to design it for you on for $5 or Remember if your e-cover isn’t captivating, no one will want to buy your e-book.

  •  PDF writer:

Writing an e-book is very simple, type all the content of your information product in MS Word, download e-book version software and convert your word to PDF, just like the type you read on computer system.

There are several PDF converters online. You can get one by searching “easy

PDF software” in Google search box and download the free software into your computer system or just convert it online then download it and it’s been made easier now using Microsoft 10, you can easily covert to PDF

  •  Payment solution to receive your money:

Payment solution is very important and crucial as this is where everything boils down to. The payment solution you need is a bank account; I’ll advice you to open a popular bank account like GTBank or any other bank but one that is within everyone’s reach. You can also set up a Paystack account to receive money for you online with master card which can function on your blog or just sending link to whoever wants to pay you then the eBook is delivered directly to their mail.

So even while sleeping, you’re earning without been involved in transactions. With this payment gateway, you don’t need a blog or website although if you do have it is to your advantage.

I hope you learnt something from this blog post?

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