Legitimate work-from-home jobs to make money online

The coronavirus pandemic brought untold poverty to the world, as businesses, government organizations, and private companies were on lockdown for a long period; hence the increased search for legitimate work-from-home jobs. Working from home has become popular, especially in Nigeria and other affected countries in the world. Many are being relieved of their duties because of financial constraints, and the inability to pay workers.

While some are still doing well in their jobs, they have joined others to search for online jobs as a side hustle. This article will explain legitimate work-from-home jobs in Nigeria that anyone can do.

Why you should consider working online from home

Particularly, Nigeria’s economy is not getting any better. Apart from the few lucky ones, the majority of citizens struggle to make ends meet. Once they can provide basic amenities (food, clothes, shelter) and pay necessary fees, they become wretched till the next payday. Online jobs can help you sort out the needs your regular pay can’t take care of. Whether you are a business person or a government worker, you need an extra source of income to handle your needs. Legitimate work-from-home jobs will also help you save and invest, as that is a minor source of income.

Meanwhile, the opportunities available online is enormous, so you must not lag in sourcing for opportunities to help yourself.You spend less on frivolities with an online job, and there is little stress compared to regular jobs. If you don’t have a regular job, then work-from-home jobs are the best, as you will regulate your schedule at your time.

Top legitimate work-from-home jobs in Nigeria

Here is a list of top legitimate work-from-home jobs for anyone. All you have to do is search for these jobs from the right source.

Blogging Job

Blogging is one of the most lucrative online jobs for anyone who wants to make money. You can run your blog or blog for others at your convenience. There is an increased need for bloggers, as people aim at putting their businesses online. All you need to do is write engaging content and drive engagements on the content. However, you may not completely work from your schedule when blogging for others. If you want to control your schedule, then owning your blog is the best idea. Own your blog, grow it, and make money. Your niche also determines your number of viewers, followership, and other factors. You can focus on politics, news, sports, fashion, education, business, finance, etc.

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Furthermore, it is not expensive to start a blog. All you need is a domain name and hosting plan. We have already discussed free and paid blogs on this site, you can check them and make a choice.

Online bank sales agent job

This is another good-paying legit job. You can work from home conveniently. Your job as an online sales agent is to talk to people about the bank and prompt them to open an account. Once they do that and deposit money into their account, you earn.An example of a platform that offers online sales agent jobs is V.

V is a banking app owned by one of Nigeria’s biggest Microfinance banks, VFD Microfinance Bank. The bank is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. All you need to do is install the app on your phone. It is compatible with both Android and iPhones.

Web search evaluator job

Web search evaluator is among the legitimate work-from-home jobs you can find online. Search evaluators are people who help search engines like Google and Bing to improve their search results to match what people are searching for. The search pattern of Google is very amazing, as the results match the intent of users. There are people behind the authentic search results; they help show relevant results and ensure overall performance. These people are known as web search evaluators or internet assessors.

Also, web search evaluators work online. It is a remote job, so you can work from home. All you need is a computer and a consistent connection to the internet. But, you must apply first, take their test and pass the exams. Only then can you have the job, and you will get paid hourly.

Programming job (software development)

This is one of the highest paying legitimate work-from-home jobs in the world. Because of the technicalities involved, programmers are in high demand these days. Software development is about creating computer apps or websites that serve a distinct purpose. There are lots of opportunities in the field, safe to say that you can’t go hungry as a software programmer. So if you are very good in the field, you are at an advantage, because you can handle different jobs from different places in the world. You can even have a white-collar job and still have extra gigs, both internationally and locally.

Remember that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and his peers are software developers. Most of them started their platform from their bedroom – all they had was a computer.

Data entry jobs

Data entry jobs are also among the legitimate work-from-home jobs in Nigeria that can earn you cool money. This job involves entering data(information) into a system. It is all about ensuring the organization of a company by being articulate, and down-to-earth. Moreover, it is not a difficult job if you are smart, driven by precision, and detailed. It is one of the best online typing jobs in Nigeria, but it is also virtual, and you can work from home comfortably.

All you have to do is follow the stipulated instructions given to you. Enter the required data and earn money in return. Data could be anything, such as researching, imputing names of companies, dates of events, address of companies, and more, just as you are instructed. To succeed in data entry jobs, you must be conversant with computers. You should also be able to type fast.

Most payments are per hour. You can also make over $1 to $30 per hour for a day. But it all depends on your client. You can source for data entry jobs on different websites. You can also check our article on Freelancing sites to check for more opportunities.

Survey job

This is one of the stress-free legitimate work-from-home jobs you can find online. It is all about answering questions online, just like being rewarded for being honest. Companies and individuals pay for these handsomely for answers to these survey questions because they use the data to grow their business. Data involves public opinion and perception of different persons from different geographical areas. To get this data, they create surveys. And to prompt people to give honest answers, they have to pay for it.

Legitimate work-from-home jobs

All you have to do is join as many survey websites as you can. Take part in surveys and get paid. Remember to give honest answers when signing up for all of them, because the number of surveys you will get depends on your profile. Also, these surveys have targets; they target a particular region, industry, or.other metrics. Certainly, you will not qualify for all surveys, but you will receive many surveys. Find out the best survey websites for Nigerians, or your country if your location differs, sign-up, and begin to earn. They also pay daily, so you are sure of something every day to sort your needs.

Online teaching jobs

Teaching is a popular job, and it takes someone with the right knowledge to teach. If you are a teacher offline, you can take your teaching career online. As schools are closed, parents and guardians need people to tutor their kids pending when schools will resume. You can leverage this to help you earn while at home. Moreover, if you are not a teacher by profession, that’s not an issue. All it takes is for you to equip yourself with the right knowledge and determine the class of students you want to handle.

Also, if you are fluent in different languages, you can earn from it online. You can even teach people how to play different types of instruments, how to cook a particular dish, money skills, business, science, etc. You can teach anything, sell your knowledge. Teaching is not only restricted to the four walls of a school. You can teach anyone anywhere.

Furthermore, you can create an online course or a website exclusively for teaching. To achieve this, you need a laptop. But if you don’t own one yet, you can improvise with your smartphone, as smartphones are very affordable. Download any collaboration app, such as Zoom, Google meeting, Skype (for laptops) for your online teaching sessions.

Web design job

Just like we discussed software development above, we also have web design jobs. There is an increasing need for websites; hence, people need web designers to structure their business pages. If you are good at coding and building websites, you can set up a website describing our services with contact information and get customers in return. You can also use freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Truelancer, and Freelancer to get clients. This job is in demand. You can as well learn it and begin to earn.

Virtual assistant

Just like we have a physical personal assistant, a virtual assistant gives administrative support to an individual or company remotely. It is the same thing as being an office assistant in a regular office, but the difference is that this one is virtual. The duty of a virtual assistant includes; writing emails, replying emails, typing, receiving calls, and more. But all is done in the comfort of your home. You can get paid hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly, but it depends on your profile and your client. There are many websites you can search for Virtual Assistant jobs; they include Upwork, Remote, Freelancer, LinkedIn, etc.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one of the highest paying legitimate work-from-home jobs. It involves referring products or services to people for a commission. It is also very easy. When people purchase the goods or services you referred to them, you get paid. You will receive a unique link to share, once people click on that link and buy, it can be traced to you, and you will get paid.

Legitimate work-from-home jobs

Let us do some math. Assuming you refer people to buy a generator worth ₦120k and your commission is 10%. You get online and work very hard from Facebook to other social media platforms and blogs to promote this product. At the end of a month, if 1000 people buys through your link.That will be 120,000 X 1000 = ₦120 million. Your commission, which is 10% will be ₦12 million! If you negotiated a better deal of 20% commission, that means ₦24 million for you in a month. That is huge, right?

The main thing is to identify a product you want to promote then build a niche blog or social media channels around it. There are affiliate networks that you can find products to promote. You can check out our article on affiliate marketing to get more updates.

YouTube video blogging Job

This job does not bring only good money but also brings fame. Video blogging is all about uploading videos on YouTube. The videos could be comedy skits, inspirational videos, sports, news, tutorial, food, music, anything at all. Also, the beauty of this job is the fact that you can blog about anything that interests you. If you are a food enthusiast, you can channel your passion into something lucrative by posting videos of you making different recipes and all. All you need to do is create a YouTube channel, shoot videos with your phone or camera. Then upload, share, grow your audience, and make money from it with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Social Media jobs

There are a lot of job opportunities in social media. You can become a social media marketer and help companies find leads on social media. This is a very lucrative job. You can also work as a social media manager; your job is to manage the company image on social media. You can find social media jobs on LinkedIn, Jobberman, Upwork, and more.

In conclusion, these jobs are completely remote. That is why it is necessary to acquire some skills to stand a chance of gaining any of the above-mentioned jobs. They are also legitimate work-from-home jobs, but you must check the website you source these jobs from to ensure that they are not fake websites created to extort money from people.

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