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Just like every other well-known marketing too, LeadPages is an online tool you can use as a businessperson to generate quality leads, grow your audience, and increase your sales. It is a WordPress plugin that is installable to your WordPress blog or website. It can create conversion-optimized websites.

Amongst its other abilities, it can also create SMS opt-in forms and checkout forms. With its different templates, you can collect emails, or even offer discounts when necessary. Although there are other marketing tools that you can use to grow your business, LeadPages has proven to be the best landing page solutions that you can integrate into your business. Its primary target is small businesses, as it helps them to create a secure connection with their target audience.

LeadPages WordPress plugin

In all, the features of LeadPages is quite useful for any small business owner, irrespective of your business niche. Also, one good thing with using LeadPages is that it serves you the stress of hiring a web developer as you can handle everything without issues. In this article, we will explain everything about LeadPages and how you can use it to grow your business.

Ways to Use LeadPages WordPress Plugin

To help you navigate through the platform, here are ways you can use it.

  • Use LeadPages to generate quality leads online.
  • To grow your audience.
  • Use LeadPages to sell products and services

Use LeadPages to create quality leads online

LeadPages offers businesses several alternatives, such as allowing you to create eye-catching Lead Magnets, which helps you to collect leads online. In simple words, Lead Magnets are rewards you give in return for someone’s contact information, whether phone number, social media profile, or address. You can use anything as your lead magnet. It could be an email list, eBooks, or checklists. Note that your email list is the most significant resource for marketing your products. As such, it must contain quality leads. And also, make sure that your email list consists of people who are interested in your products or services, which will increase your conversions.

Use LeadPages to Grow your Audience

Another way LeadPages helps your business is to create quality web content that is optimized for conversion. You can only sustain your audience when you offer rich content that meets their needs. Not just anyhow content, but content that draws your audience right from the meta description, and engages them from the first click. Another advantage is the user-friendly experience it offers to your audience; interactive and engaging.

Furthermore, LeadPages offer conversion toolkit that all help you build your business online. Be it landing pages, alert bars, or any other content, you can easily optimize them for conversion to achieve the best out of it. To ensure that you’re up-to-date, pop-ups and alert bars keep you focused on mobile traffic. Also, using these tools is not difficult as the platform comes with various templates and a drag-and-drop editor.

Meanwhile, the analytics helps you track your performance via the dashboard, which gives you an idea of your performance and makes sure you have a successful advertising campaign. Apart from having a successful campaign, LeadPages also gives you access to real-time conversion tips.

Use LeadPages to sell products and services

Now, this is one of the juicy benefits of LeadPages. You can use it to sell your products or services without hitches. With Stripe, which is a popular payment gateway, you can activate LeadPages checkouts. This feature enables you to create your online store. You can also set up your checkouts on any page on your website or add it to a third-party website.

Also, with LeadPages, you can display a good number of your products and services online on your website. To further make things easy for you, you can add the checkout widget on any pop-up to allow you to receive payments. Customers can use any credit card to make payments, then collect their receipts immediately and automatically. In case of any issue, LeadPages can as well allow you to process refunds when necessary.

Benefits of LeadPages WordPress Plugin

After discussing ways to use LeadPages, we will discuss amazing things that LeadPages can do for you as a businessperson. There are four things you can achieve with LeadPages. They include:

  • With LeadPages, you can create quality websites and landing pages with high conversions.
  • LeadPages helps you build email opt-in forms
  • You can create SMS text message opt-in forms with LeadPages.
  • LeadPages enables you to create checkout forms
LeadPages WordPress plugin

Create Quality Websites And Landing Pages with high conversions

As a businessperson, if you do not want to hire a web developer if you want to create a quality website, you can use LeadPages. It has been saving businesses since time immemorial. LeadPages is a quality landing page builder and comes with different templates. The unique thing is that these templates are already optimized for conversion. They are also mobile-friendly and distributed into specific sections for more conversion.

Since you are not into web development, LeadPages also comes with a drag-and-drop editor, which makes the job easier. All you need to do is choose the appropriate widget and place them where you want them to appear on your page. In addition to its amazing features, LeadPages sites are very responsive, not minding the screen size of the device.

LeadPages helps you build email opt-in forms

As we earlier said, emails are an essential part of your advertising campaign, and you must handle them well. With LeadPages, you can set up forms that will aid you in collecting the emails of your audience. These email forms will be integrated into several pages of your website for better results. It also comes with several templates too. All you have to do is drag-and-drop widgets to your desired places and set the form either on a webpage, alert bars, or landing page.

You can also customize the forms to correspond with your brand color(s). However, if you have created an email dashboard already, you can make use of the Lead notifications. The LeadPages notifications will direct your subscribers’ data straight to your inbox.

Furthermore, the Lead routing feature enables you to connect the opt-in email forms with a third-party. From there, you can channel your leads effortlessly to other tools such as a CRM software or your email service provider. The channeling will, in turn, help you manage your email contact list.

Create SMS text message opt-in forms

There is a general increase in the total number of smartphone users across the world. And the people who visit your site are more of mobile phone users, hence you must add a feature that suits them. To collect leads with text messages, you should design a Call-To-Action. Then, you must create a unique keyword and 5-digit phone number that you can share with your audience. How it works: When a prospective client texts the specific keyword to the number you provided, they will receive an automated text. This text will require them to reply with their email address. As soon as the reply, you should send the reward you promised to their email addresses.

This feature is straightforward and has the potentials to generate higher conversions for you. The main reason for the text message opt-in form is that most people find it easier and faster to text a short word to a short number. It is also more direct instead of using the internet to type in a URL and fill an opt-in form. If you also use print advertisements, then Lead digits will be helpful to your business. Like we mentioned above, it is easy to set up too. With the drag-and-drop option, you will get things done in a few minutes.

LeadPages helps you create checkout forms

In all, the main is for people to purchase your products and services. And for you to quickly close sales, and have a hassle-free transaction with your customers. One of the unique functions of the checkout forms is to turn your site into a sustainable source of income. LeadPages also has a feature that allows you to turn a widget on any page into a checkout form.

Remember that you can also customize the form to what you want. You can use it to collect contact information from your audience, such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc. The potentials of your business are unlimited with LeadPages checkouts. Instead of redirecting your customers to another sale page, you can add a checkout form and integrate it into useful blog posts.

How to download LeadPages WordPress Plugin

We have discussed the benefits of LeadPages WordPress plugin, and how to use the WordPress plugin. Now, we will discuss how and where you can download it. Unlike other popular WordPress plugins, LeadPages is not on the official WordPress plugin directory. To download and install it, you must create a LeadPages account. After creating the account, you will receive a notification to download the official WordPress plugin. Here are the steps that will guide you in downloading the plugin:

  • Get a LeadPages account
  • Click on “Actions” next to any published page on your Landing Pages dashboard, then click the Publishing options.
  • Select the WordPress and HTML tab
  • Click Download Now
  • Transfer the files to your WordPress plugin directory, then install the plugin.

After the installation, you can start publishing your LeadPages landing pages and opt-in forms directly from your website or blog dashboard. You can as well manage all your LeadPages forms on your WordPress site or blog.

LeadPages Pricing

Pricing begins from $25 per month and increases to $199 monthly annually. And it costs from $37 to $321 per month when the bill is every month. It also offers a 39% discount on annual plans. The main disparities between the plans are limitless A/B split testing, priority phone support, as well as premium features such as advanced CRM integrations and sub-accounts. LeadPages also has three price models, which depend on the features of each plan, and each price model is very affordable. They are:

  • Standard – from $25 per month
  • Pro – from $48 per month
  • Advanced – from $199 per month

The Standard pricing plan starts at $25 a month (if billed annually). With this plan, you can have complete access to the LeadPages landing pages and Leadboxes. However, extra features are not available; Features like split testing, Lead Digits, and access to the lucrative Leadpages affiliate program. The Pro pricing plan begins at $48 monthly, which gives you access to all the extra features like split testing, Lead Digits, ability to collect payments, and generate sales.

Finally, there is also an Advanced plan available, which costs $199 monthly. It also gives you sub-accounts and the template importer feature. The platform does not have a free plan, but there is a 14-day trial period. During this time, you can get familiar with the features. Also, every LeadPages user should know that officially LeadPages do not give out any type of coupon code. The only sure way to get LeadPages for a lower price is to buy any of their annual plans and get up to a 39% discount.

LeadPages WordPress plugin

LeadPages alternatives

In business, choices differ; that is why there are other options apart from LeadPages. These alternatives are quite similar to LeadPages, but of course, they have their unique differences too, such as prices and features. Other options include:

  • ClickFunnels
  • Instapage
  • Unbounce
  • OptimizePress
  • Thrive Themes
  • OptinMaster


The platform is widely known as the landing page builder. However, it is now apparent that it comes with other helpful features for your business. We have also disclosed how to use the platform efficiently, highlighting the different features and how to use the drag-and-drop editor. LeadPages may be what your business is lacking, sign up, and get to enjoy the fantastic benefits.

Meanwhile, since there are other options asides LeadPages, you can take your time to research them to know which one to select. Remember, the success of your business is paramount, and you must not be sentimental. With the listed alternatives, you have different options. Take your time and make a choice that will be beneficial to your business.

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