Laptop brands that are topping the list in 2020

There are different kinds of laptop brands, too many that sometimes it is hard time to pick the best. Moreover, there are very few brands that deliver reliable machines. Virtually everyone has a favorite laptop brand because choices differ.

However, good laptop brands are difficult to find since there are so many laptop brands flooding the market with new specifications. So you need to do a thorough check before making a choice. When it comes to laptop brands, you don’t just look at the physical beauty or design, you have to check the specifications, technical support, value for money, durability, comparison to other brands and much more.

In determining a particular laptop brand that is good for you, you have to do more than surface research. It involves in-depth research that is hard for an average person. In this article, you will find professional opinions on good laptop brands. These brands will be ranked according to their features, specifications, popularity, price, availability and overall quality.

Good laptop brands

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • Asus
  • HP
  • Acer
  • MSI
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung


This is one of the most luxurious laptop brands in the market. Apple tops the list when it comes to tablets, smartphones and music players. Unlike other brands, Apple has a pre-installed Mac OS on their machines including iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and the latest MacBook. Also, Apple laptop tops the list with good customer support, build quality, design, user friendly, power and display. Their laptops are extremely attractive and sleek with a backlit Apple’s logo on the back, which makes it the best thing to showoff. Their OS is totally error free and unarguably easy to use unlike Windows.

Apple is number one because of their efforts, innovations and quality. Also, considering reliability and durability, Apple’s MacBooks have no competition and they have a long warranty period. In addition, Apple’s MacBook Air is very portable and has lightweight. It is the first laptop to be thin. Most of Apple’s products come with 14days refund policy, which is very pleasing to many users.


Are you looking for the best Windows laptop brand? Then Dell is your go-to. They have great technical and after sales support, which is highly appreciated by users worldwide. Also, majority of Dell laptops are budget friendly and they have a remarkable design and hardware. However, not everyone likes a simple design and that is why most users run away from Dell. Before now, Dell was not really competitive as it is today, reason being that their XPS series totally changed the game for them. Inspiron series notebooks also helped them get to the stage they are today. They have Alienware as their gaming machine, which is the biggest name in the gaming industry with top-notch ratings.

There are quite a good number of reasons why Dell is the best Windows laptop brand. They have great support, fair price, professional design and durability. With their three series – Inspiron, APS, Alienware, you can easily stick to one brand. They have laptop for everyone.
Inspiron is a perfect choice if you are a budget user while the XPS can be used for high-end usage and Alienware is for gamers. Recent lists shows that Dell is one of the best-selling laptop brands in 2020. Most of their collection of laptop is usually hard to count and their notebooks have the latest features including touchscreens, backlit keyboards, long lasting batteries and powerful processors.


This is one premium laptop brand with nice specifications. Although their prices are slightly higher compared to other brands, their laptops are perfectly ideal for all kinds of tasks and can be used by anyone including college students, businesspersons, gamers, etc. Lenovo is widely known for their business class laptops that offer both power and super flexible design. Some of the best portable laptops of 2020 are the Yoga and Flex series.

This Chinese laptop brand manufactures smartphones too and they are well known for long lasting batteries. Also, they manufacture desktops, tablets, monitors and projectors. They have gained perfection in graphics, touchpad, keyboard, display and audio quality. Lenovo also announced getting their gaming brand with the name “Lenovo Legion.” With plans to introduce laptops similar to ASUS’ and Acer’s Predator. Honestly, this laptop brand offers extreme and solid build quality notebooks.


This is one good laptop brand widely known for being affordable compared to other brands, because of their in-house manufacturing motherboards. They have the best budget-friendly machines like their mini laptops and Chromebooks. Some of their hardware is of ideal quality including HD displays, motherboards and of course storage drives. Asus is a Taiwanese brand also known for manufacturing electronics including smartphones and tablets.

However, there were times when Asus was not considered in the list of best laptop brands but they have attained the 4th place with their speedy growth, and vast collection of attractive and powerful laptops. They currently have a huge lineup of computers from high-end gaming beasts to budget notebooks. Also, they have recently improved their technical support and you can get help from them over the phone, and any social media platform like Twitter or Facebook.

Laptop brands

In addition, their budget devices offer good performance, full HD display and over 4 hours of battery life which proves that they are particular about user’s experience. They use quality design materials when it comes to design. One definite thing about ASUS is that they have become one of the major laptop brands in 2020. With their powerful gaming laptops – ASUS ROG series, gamers prefer them over MSI and Alienware machines these days.


This is another popular laptop brand know as Hewlett-Packard. It is one of the oldest electronics brands. Though it is not as popular as it used to be, but when it comes to desktops, they still manufacture the most reliable machines and are mostly used by gamers and professionals. As one of the major laptop brands, HP is better than Acer and ASUS when it comes to durability and performance. But their poor battery life does not give users the morale to go for them.

Laptop brands

Apart from laptops, they also provide printers, desktops and monitors, which are worth considering. They also have a fantastic customer service in countries like United States, Australia, Canada and England. Their collection of laptops ranges from $200 to $2000, and almost anyone can afford a HP device. HP laptops have great performance, hardware, design and display. Their popular series’ are Envy, Spectre, Pavilion, and Elite. However, they lack innovation in the last couple of years and have too much similarity to other brands.

In all, HP computers may not be able to offer the stylish and attractive design, but they are very reliable and come for a very reasonable price with good warranty and support.


This laptop brand is best value for the money; with Acer, you get what you pay for. Acer is a Chinese laptop brand popularly known as one of the biggest manufacturers in the world with good budget. They bombard the market with extremely low-budget laptops and Chromebook for just $150. However, do not let this cloud your choices as they also offer high-end going laptops and premium notebooks.

Laptop brands

Their famous series is Aspire with numerous notebooks for all kinds of users. Aspire S7 is one of their amazing laptops. They do not have much innovation and support because most of their laptops have basic design that is similar to classic notebooks.
In addition, they recently introduced the Predator series for gaming, with hope that these machines will change the future of the company. Maybe if they increase the quality of their Chromebooks, users will appreciate its performance other than the build quality.
In all, Acer is a really decent laptop brand that professionals highly recommend to users on extreme low budget.


Many persons will go for MSI because it is the best laptop brand for gaming, and they deliver the best high-end gaming laptops. It is a leading laptop brand for gamers, but they do not really have anything for budget users. MSI laptops are usually very expensive but the quality is worth it. They always come up with new innovations and amazing designs for their machines that attracts gamers.

Laptop brands

Although, their notebooks are not for all kind of users but you will like to keep an eye on their machines for latest features like eye-tracking sensors and unique gaming keyboards. They take lots of risk when it comes to design (it pays off). They also have thin laptops for power users, but professionals do not recommend it for gamers.
However, they need to improve their customer support because they are losing a lot of sales. As much as people love their laptops, and all their machines have positive reviews, they do not offer 24/7 customer support. Most of their notebooks have a high-end graphics card as well as powerful hardware. Overall, this laptop brand is a full spec compared to other regular brands.


One of the oldest laptop brands in history. Microsoft have a flagship device known as Microsoft Surface Book. They have designs for professionals and very few laptops that have relatively high prices. Microsoft is an American company with Windows OS, and over 90% of computer users. They recently introduced a new laptop named Microsoft Surface Pro 4 which is extremely slim, light and sturdy. As one of the oldest laptop brands, they have good customer support compared to other laptop brands and they also offer help through their social network accounts.

Laptop brands

Many of their laptops come with a good warranty but you can’t upgrade because that will void the warranty. Microsoft is the most innovative brand when it comes to software with many applications like MS Office, Skype, etc. Also, they provide good battery life which can last for over 12hours with ease. In all, this laptop brand is very passionate bout technology, innovation and design. Their interest makes them one of the best laptop brands in 2020.


Toshiba laptops are all-purpose laptops because they are an excellent choice for daily use. It is one of the best budget laptop brands for users that need basic machine for daily tasks like seeing movies, browsing, chatting, etc.

Toshiba recently unveiled Satellite C series that delivers lightweight and thin laptops. Gone are the days when Toshiba devices had issues with their keyboards and touchpads. These days, they are a step ahead of their competition and have been providing powerful laptops that can last for more than a couple of years. Toshiba laptops are cheaper than their competition and have full value for money. They also have a vast collection of notebooks for every kind of user which fits into any budget.

Laptop brands

This laptop brand is a Japanese company that works very hard to impress their customers. With an improved customer support, it is among the best laptop brands. It was quite hard for the brand last few years. But with their high-quality laptops, good support, and innovation, they are back on the list. Their Chromebooks sells well compared to other laptop brands. However, we hope they will drop the bloatware that comes with virtually every Toshiba laptop.


Basically, Samsung is a huge name when it comes to smartphones, televisions, tablets, refrigerators, and air conditioners. They have numerous service centers scattered around the world. It is unarguably a popular electronics brand.
However, the case is different when it comes to laptops. They do not command as much crowd as they do with smartphones because of their low customer base. Many laptop users avoid Samsung because of its poor battery life and classic design.

Laptop brands

Samsung is a Korean brand that has some popular laptops to its name such as ATIV Book 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 Plus. These laptops have ultra-thin designs and great specifications.
Also, they have poor warranty because of the shipping costs that you have to cover and they don’t accept laptops that are upgraded, which is yet another minus point. They are good when it comes to other electronics but not recommended for laptops.

However, they will release more models with better prices and hardware in order to increase their laptop sales.


Now you know the best laptop brands in 2020, you can carefully make a choice based on your budget and overall specifications. All these brands are well-known when it comes to laptops and you can confidently choose one of them.

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