iPhone 13: Five things they didn’t tell you

Understand the important features of the iPhone 13 and five things they didn’t tell you.

With the loud echo for iPhone 13, there is a higher possibility that you will join the bandwagon to purchase even without proper inquiries.

Just like every Apple iPhone release, there are four versions of iPhone 13; iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 pro max, iPhone 13 mini. Are there huge differences, downgrades, upgrades that you should know before purchasing an iPhone 13?

This article will serve as a buyer’s guide to aid your purchase options. This will help you eliminate certain mistakes that you might make while purchasing an iPhone 13. More importantly, the truth is, the iPhone 13 might not necessarily sit as the best phone for you. Here are things they didn’t tell you about iPhone 13.

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iPhone 13 Design- What you didn’t know

Apple didn’t pull out a new design with the iPhone 13. Instead, it improves the sleek quality of the iPhone 13, its camera position, and phone width.

The iPhone 13 features a diagonal camera setting, with a lens of 45 degrees. What you weren’t told is that this new iPhone 13 camera position has a huge upgrade on it. This achieves a wider camera sensor and improved optical image stabilization.

This provides 47% more light capture and more details even in dark areas. This makes it possible to take better pictures in the dark. The iPhone 13 features a durable flat edge design and a 6.1-inch diagonal screen length. As a means of ensuring durability, the iPhone 13 is built with a ceramic shield. This offers a glass stronger than most Smartphone screens.

It is important to let you know that the iPhone 13 is heavier with a weight of 173 grams or 6.10 ounces, 0.30-inch depth, 2.82-inch width, and a 5.78-inch height.

iPhone 13 Display – Five things they didn’t tell you

Does the iPhone 13 have an OLED screen?  The OLED screen technology has gradually gained its way into the hearts of thousands of tech gadget users around the world. The benefits of the OLED screen are that it provides a better display of images, better viewing contrast, angle, color range, and refresh rate.

iPhone 13 runs on a super retina XDR OLED and HDR10 Dolby vision. This helps it achieve an 800 typical brightness nit and 1200 max HDR brightness nit. To accommodate an improved user quality, iPhone 13 is built to a 2532 x 1170 pixel, 19.5:9 ratio at a 460 PPI density.

 A lot of users were indeed anticipating the “always-on” feature in iPhone 13, but that might come in a new upgrade in iPhone 14.

iPhone 13 Features – You didn’t know

Now, you’ve read and heard a lot of stories about the amazing things you can do with the iPhone 13. But, are there things you didn’t know you could do with the iPhone 13? Let’s talk about the hidden features of the iPhone 13.

1. You can’t see the battery percentage

iPhone 13 comes with a new feature that hides its battery percentage. For you to see the battery percentage on iPhone 13, you have to slide down the phone and visit the control center. You will have it sitting in the same position as you will have your Bluetooth and multimedia player. You can also view your iPhone 13 battery percentage by swiping right from the bottom left corner of your screen. There is no specific advantage of this feature, just an upgrade from Apple.

2. Better Battery Performance

Apple’s official statement describes iPhone 13 video playback records up to 15-19 hours and audio playback of 55 hours. However, the truth is, you shouldn’t get your hopes so high. You can peg your iPhone 13 to achieve 4 hrs of video streaming and 10hrs of audio streaming. There are variations on battery percentage on iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max. iPhone 13 battery life shouldn’t pose a huge challenge except you are in Texas and there is another power outage.

3. Dual Esim

Apple takes a step further by making it possible two esim in iPhone 13. All versions and upgrades of iPhone 13 include iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 pro max. You have slots for 1 physical and two dual virtual sims. What most users don’t know is that the iPhone 13 Dual eSim helps curb cases of theft and loss as the esim is virtual and embedded into the phone. You can easily track your phone with it even without the use of an imei

4. Charging speed

Apart from getting to know how to charge iPhone 13, you will love to know the charging speed of the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 has a battery percentage of 3227 mah. iPhone 13 has an optimized battery charging feature that aids battery health, although it slows down the charging process towards the end. On an average scale, iPhone 13 achieves a 56% charge after 30 mins, 74% after 45 mins, and in one hour it has an 84% charge. From zero to finish, iPhone 13 pro takes an average of one hour, thirty-eight mins to full, while the iPhone 13 weighs down to 1 hour 55 mins to hit the full charge.

5. Applecare Plus

To make life easier for users, Apple rolls out the apple care plus feature. Applecare handles cases of loss, theft, and damage of the iPhone 13. In cases of theft or loss, you can get a new iPhone for 109 pounds. You can also repair crack rear glass at a subsidized price for as low as $29.

What are some other important features of the iPhone 13?

There are other important features of the iPhone 13 that you will love to take a look at.

1. A15 Bionic

iPhone 13 runs on the super-fast chip, the A15 bionic. The A15 bionic acts as a speed booster to improve camera quality and elevation and help power optimization. This also serves as a cool option for gamers, including its enhanced privacy protection techniques.  The a15 bionic in iPhone 13 runs on 4 GPU cores and handles the cinematic mode, photographic, live text, and personal security which include face ID and contacts.

2. Cameras

The iPhone 13 dual diagonal camera offers different picture and video modes. There is the ProRes Video recording, cinematic video mode, and the 5x zoom feature. However, the slight setback with iPhone 13 is that it consumes large spaces and will work better on iPhone 13 pro with a minimum of 256Gb storage.


Is the iPhone 13 Waterproof?

iPhone 13 has Ip68 rated water resistance. This will keep your iPhone 13 safe even in wet conditions. Nevertheless, you should go dipping it into every water you see. Apple does not cover a warranty for water damages. There are chances that your iPhone 13 will have a decrease in water resistance if submerged in salty water. This will lead to damages in the long run.

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