Reviewing The Infinix Note 7

Popular budget phone brand, Infinix, has added yet another phone to their lineup this year. The Infinix note 7, comes in as one of the flagships of the brand. It is expected to best their previous phones with better specs and overall performance. In this post, we’ll be discussing ever aspect of the phone. Furthermore, we’ll be weighing its pros and cons to see how it fits into the smartphone market today.

Specs and Features


The Infinix note 7 comes in four main colors. They are, the Aether Black, Glacier White, Forest Green, and Bolivia Blue. The forest green has a bit of an accent when it catches light, as does the Bolivia blue. The Aether Black and Glacier White are calm and easy on the eyes. Lovers of black and white will no doubt love the shade.

Material and Feel:

The phone has a plastic build and a glossy finish, which looks good in light. However, these features are a huge downplay for phones in its category. For one, the material attracts smudges and fingerprints. This means the phone could go from looking nice one minute to looking like a dirty wipe in another. I feel Infinix could have done a better job in this area. I mean, even if the plastic build help saved cost, a matte finish would have been better. To avoid the whole rigamarole of wiping your phone always, you’ll need a phone case.


The Infinix note 7 comes fitted with a non-removable lithium polymer (Li-po) battery. As opposed to lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries, lithium polymer handles charge better. Coupled to that technology is a massive 5000mAh battery. This presents an improvement in the phone’s specs, and an addition of present day battery advancements. With this battery, low-end users can go up to two days on a single charge. For high-end users, it can suffice through a day on full charge.

RAM (Random Access Memory):

The Infinix note 7 comes in two RAM versions. The basic version is equipped with 4GB of RAM, while the higher version comes with 6GB of RAM. The size of the RAM allows for faster processing and overall performance. This means the phone is generally faster, and capable of running multiple tasks simultaneously. For such a big phone, the RAM is ideal.


The chip on the Infinix note 7 is the MediaTek Helio G70. Not only is this processor too old for the present day market, but it’s not the most reliable out there. It would struggle to hold the entire system, and is prone to overheating. Infinix fell short in this area, as well. I guess the RAM is to help out here, but Infinix could have done better with the processor.


The Infinix note 7 spots a quad camera setup at the rear. The main camera sensor is a 48mp shooter. The three other additions are a 2mp macro sensor, a 2mp depth sensor, and a 2mp dedicated video camera. With this setup, the phone is expected to take some very decent shots in well-lit environments. The stability on the camera isn’t the best, so you might have to stay still to get good shots.


The phone comes with an LCD screen measuring 6.95 inches. It’s not an AMOLED screen, so the display doesn’t deliver the best quality output available. However, it won’t be noticeable to people who aren’t used to AMOLED displays. The screen has a 720 by 1640 piexel distribution. This ensures enough color vibrance and intensity. However, don’t expect anything by way of full HD or 4K from this display.


The Infinix note 7 supports 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE broadband connections. 5G is absent, but the LTE connection allows for faster internet connectivity.


The phone is a bit on the weighty side. With a gross weight of around 206 grams, the Infinix note 7 is neither lightweight nor immensely heavy. The weight can only prove problematic for people used to lighter phones. Otherwise, it adds to the sturdiness and is unnoticeable over time.

SIM tool:

The Infinix note 7 has dual SIM card support. The SIM card tray can accurately house two nano SIM cards, with dual standby support. Also, the phone supports 4G LTE for both SIM card ports.


The phone is fortified with corning gorilla glass. This prevents the screen from scratches and falls from up to three feet. Furthermore, this feature combines with the overall build of the phone for a sturdy design.

Operating System:

The Infinix note 7 runs on the latest Android 10. However, the interface is customized to the latest XOS 6.0, Infinix’s custom Android-based OS. This offers a seamless user experience, with custom Infinix apps, and a peculiar interface.


The internal storage option for the Infinix note 7 differs with the RAM. There are four main versions, namely:

4GB RAM & 64GB internal storage

4GB RAM & 128GB internal storage

6GB RAM & 64GB internal storage

6GB RAM & 128GB internal storage

Additionally, asides the internal storage, there is also a dedicated SD card slot. This allows for expanding the storage with a micro SD card.


To power the massive 5000mAh battery, the phone is equipped with 18W charging. This charging technology is boosted by Super Charge 3.0. It’s unclear if the phone supports fast charging, but the 18W charging is expected to deliver power quickly. Another huge letdown in this area comes with the use of micro-USB. For a 2020 phone, a USB Type-C could have been the least Infinix could do. The phone remains susceptible to charging ports wearing off over time.

Fingerprint scanner:

A new innovation in this sector puts the fingerprint scanner on the power button. This, it’s mounted on the side just below the volume rocker. The size of the phone might reaching the scanner difficult, especially for people with smaller hands. Otherwise, the scanner is pretty good. It’s not the fastest, bit it gets the job done.


Video playback on the Infinix note 7 reaches up to 1080p at 30 frames per second (fps). This is a pretty standard feature, which makes for some great viewing.


The phone comes fitted with dual speakers, which fire in different directions. This produces some sort of surround sound effect, but nothing special. The speaker lacks in some aspects, but it is loud, and delivers some pretty clear audio.

Headphone jack:

In recent times when latest smartphones overlook the headphone jack, this phone keeps the feature. The 3.5mm jack allows usage of traditional, wired audio headphones.

These are the keys specs on the Infinix note 7. Some are good, others okay, and the rest just plain stale. This should help you decide if this device is worth your attention.

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