15 Best Ways to Preserve the Battery Life of Your Phone

Do you want to preserve the battery life of your smartphone? Then you should know that the battery life of your smartphone plays a major role in the usage of smartphones. All smartphones come with a lithium-ion battery which can be charged once it is low.

Having a smartphone with low battery life can be really frustrating. Hence the reason most people want a smartphone with a battery life that can last for more than 10 hours of usage.

The truth is that it is harder to change a phone’s battery than it is to manage it.  Lots of smartphones don’t give users access to their batteries. iPhones and flagship Android phones inclusive.

To replace your smartphone battery officially may cost significantly. There are environmental concerns as well. The fact is that smartphones are dangerous to the environment. Therefore boosting the life span of your battery life will help you overcome all these issues.

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Thus, we have come up with steps and tips you can use to preserve and boost the lifespan of your smartphone battery. What we mean here is that we have provided steps you can follow to make sure your battery charger last some months or years before replacement. These steps will not necessarily prolong the number of days it may take you to charge your phone. Although some of the steps here may help you achieve that.

Steps to make your smartphone battery last long

Have adequate knowledge of how your battery behaves

Battery life
Phone battery low

After every charge cycle, the battery of your smartphone degrades. A complete charge cycle is a full charge of 100%, from 0%. Incomplete or partial charges are counted as part of a full cycle.

Some users complete more than one charge cycle a day, others far less. It depends on how much you make use of your phone and the strength of your battery. Most manufacturers say that after 400 cycles or more, a phone’s battery will degrade by 20%.

Hence, the phone will only store 80% of its original energy. It will continue to degrade as you continue to complete more charge cycles. All these are in theory.

The fact is that it happens faster than that.

An online publication claims that some phones get to 20% degrade after just 100 complete charge cycles. Furthermore, the battery will continue to degrade even after 400 cycles.

Therefore, if you can reduce the number of charge cycles – you may extend the battery life of your phone for some time. Hence, you need to drain the battery-less and charge less as well. In other words, you have to balance saving battery life and usage.

Our suggestion here is of two types. The first one is to cut down on the stress and strain put on the battery. This affects the lifespan of the battery directly. Example of stress and strain on the battery will be extremes of temperature. Try avoiding extreme heat or cold. The second suggestion will be to cut down on the charge cycles. Reducing the number of charging cycles will make the phone more efficient, cut down on degradation of the battery slowly. An example of how you can do this is by reducing the brightness of your screen.

Reduce the screen brightness

Battery life
Screen brightness

The screen of a smartphone is the part that consumes the most battery. Therefore, reducing the screen brightness will save battery life. Making use of automatic brightness will save your battery more.

The reason being that it will automatically control the brightness of the screen when there is sufficient light or not. However, what will save your battery most will be to control the brightness manually. Set the brightness to the lowest possible level anytime there is a change in the light levels of where you are. The option to control screen brightness exist in both Android and iOS devices.

Lower the screen timeout

If you are not making use of your phone for some time, the screen will automatically turn off. Normally, it takes a minute or two for this to happen. However, you can save energy and battery life by reducing the time to 30 seconds or lower. This will reduce the screen time out. Also known as Auto – Lock in iPhones. Sometimes the default screen time maybe one minute, you can reduce it to 30 seconds or less.

The downside to this is that when you want to use an app for reading an e-book or news, you have to adjust the screen time. If you don’t, the light will dim quicker than you want. There are applications that can help you control the screen time on your phone. For example, Android users can use Tasker. It is an automatic app that controls the screen time perfectly. There are other apps too that serves this purpose.

Don’t overcharge or completely drain your battery

The older type of phone batteries had what is called battery memory. This means that if you don’t charge then completely and drain them to 0%, they will remember and will reduce their useful range. To improve their life span, you should drain the battery and charge it full.

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However, newer mobile phone batteries are quite different in behavior. Stress will be placed on the battery if you drain it all the way to 0%, and charge all the way to 100%. The modern phone batteries are at their best when you charge them from 20% to below 90%. Ideally, the best for them is the range of 45% to 50%.

It is okay to charge them for short periods of time. Therefore, if you are the type that often gives your phone short charges, it is good for the health of the battery.

Charge your phone halfway when you want to store for a long time

For your lithium ion battery, it is best to charge it for only 50% if you want to store your phone for extended periods of time. Charge to 50% and switch it off before storing it. This is better for the battery than charging it to 100% or allowing to completely or drastically drain before charging storing it.

However, you should be aware that the battery will continue to drain if it is not used. The reason is that this generation of phone batteries has been designed to be used.

Make use of dark mode

To improve battery and save energy, it is probably best for you to make use of dark theme for your smartphone. The fact is that darker colors use less energy than bright ones. Using a dark theme for your phone if the phone has OLED or AMOLED screen can save lots of energy.

However, for those whose phone screens don’t have the OLED screen, the use of a dark mode won’t help you save energy. You can get a dark theme from the Android Google store. Although for those using iPhone, the use of dark theme won’t help you at all except you get the iPhone X.

For some, darker theme is better for their eyes because it doesn’t strain their eyes. Also less light means less of blue light that can affect sleep patterns negatively.

Remove applications that waste energy and get rid of them

Go through your phone settings. Locate battery settings and search for applications that consume high amount of energy. You can delete these apps, disable them, or freeze them.

If the app in question is very useful, you can restrict it. Furthermore, you can make use of light versions of these applications. For example, there is Facebook lite app on Google store.

These light versions are smaller in size and consume less energy as well as data. Although, the applications that often use the most energy are the ones used often by the user. Therefore, deleting the app, or restricting it may not be possible for you to do.

Make use of low-power modes

Every modern phone now has one or more power saving or low-power mode. The purpose of this energy saving mode is to lower the performance of the CPU as well as other features. Make it a habit to use them.

It will lower the performance of the phone, but do wonders for the battery life. It will prolong the battery of the phone significantly. Also, it is best to set these modes automatically. Let say once the battery is below 30%, it should be activated automatically.

Get a premium version of ad-supported applications

This suggestion is for applications that you make use of regularly. Many apps have both free and paid versions. The major difference between the free version and the paid version is the presence of ads.

Often, the free version displays lots of ads. Displaying ads use more data, and consume energy too. That is why you should get the premium version of your favorite apps.

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Switch off Bluetooth and wifi when not in use

The fact is that if you enable Bluetooth and wifi, but they are not connected to any device it will waste energy. The reason is that your phone will continue to search for a device to connect to. Therefore, next time you are leaving the house, turn off Wi-Fi to prolong your battery life. The same thing applies to Bluetooth.

Hence, when you are not connected to a wireless speaker turn it off.

Switch to airplane mode

When your battery is running low, you should try to switch on the airplane mode. It will switch off lots of phone features that use energy. This feature includes Wi-Fi and other background applications.

Turn off location tracker for apps that you don’t use

There are applications like Google maps don’t need your location to function. Aside the advantage of privacy, switching off your location prolongs your battery life. The reason is that your phone won’t work overtime trying to track your present location.

For Android phones, go to settings, afterwards go to security and location, then proceed to location. For iPhone users, the process is similar. Head to settings, afterwards go to privacy. Then head to location services. This will show you the applications that are tracking you and turn it off the one you want.

Turn off visual effects, live widgets

Battery life
Switch off visual effects, live widgets

The presence of widgets and live wallpapers produce an amazing view on your smartphone. However, they waste lots of energy. If you want your phone to make it through the day without running out of energy, you need to switch from live wallpapers to a simple background that is still.

This may be image or a simple black screen. You need to delete any widget that updates itself automatically. For iPhone users, you can also get rid of any visual effects by going to settings. Afterwards go to general, then navigate to accessibility, tap reduce motion.

Android users on the other hand can follow the same procedure, head to settings. From there, head to developer options and then disable “window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale,” and “Animator duration scale.”

Stop apps from automatic updates

The days of manual app updates are long gone. However, if you really want to prolong your battery life, you will need to stop those automatic updates. Turn off automatic app updates to cut down the amount of energy consumed on the background of your phone.

This means wastage of less power on unimportant actions. To switch off automatic updates on your Android, navigate to Google play store. Tap on the menu icon found at the top corner. Afterwards, tap settings > general> auto- update apps and turn it off.


Recent flagship iOS phones will display the health of your battery. You can’t find such feature in Android device. However, you can use third-party applications to perform this function. At the end of the day, the important question is how valuable is paying attention to your battery performance worth.

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The fact is that without your battery, your phone can’t perform any function. Therefore, you battery is worth saving. You should remember that replacements of batteries are not always available like we said earlier. If you can get them, they are not as durable as the original batteries that came with your device.

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