How to Make Good Use of your Smartphone

There is no doubt that smartphones have become the most popular tool in the world. Still many do not know how to make good use of the ir smartphone. They serve different purposes and are capable of carrying out a lot of activities.

Smartphones are like mini-computers and the thing about technology is that it is easy to get distracted with it. Hence, it is easy to use it for the wrong purpose. Many do think what a smartphone is good for is to chat and take photos.

However, smartphones are more than that. Smartphones are capable of improving our productivity in ways we can’t imagine. Therefore, before we talk about ways to get the best out of our smartphones, let talk about how smartphones can improve our lives.

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How Smartphones can Improve our Lives

1. They can keep us safe

How to make good use of your smartphone
Smartphone keep you safe

With the tracking application in most smartphones, even when you are in a bad part of town you can be found easier than it was 10 years ago. For example, apps like Bsafe provide extra features such as “follow me”. The GPS in this app trace your friends can know your location. If you fail to check in at a particular time, they will know something is wrong.

Furthermore, smartphones can detect vibrations like earthquake. Most smartphones come with a Micro-Electronic-Mechanical System (MEMS) accelerometer that keeps track of movement and ensure that your map is in the right direction.

However, it has been found out that this accelerometer can detect earthquake tremors accurately most especially for those with magnitude greater than 5, smartphones when near the epicenter of the earthquake.

Hence, within a short time smartphones will be used instead of conventional seismographs.

2. They make life easier

Smartphones now include apps like doctor on demand. What this app does is to bring qualified doctors to your smartphone screen. Therefore you can have access to a medical doctor in emergency situations no matter where you are as long as you have internet access.

In this way, doctors can attend to you in difficult places where it is not possible to get to you physically.

3. Smartphones are universal

How to make good use of your smartphone
Universal Smartphones

Smartphones can be found anywhere. This is a good thing in an emergency situation. Relevant authorities can tap into satellite frequencies of cell towers to issue alerts. These include harsh weather alerts, kidnapping alerts among other things.

4. Smartphones help us learn how to manage our problems

It is not fun to be sick, however being sick in the smartphone era is considered relatively fun. The reason for this belief is availability of lots of applications for anything. Currently, there are applications for teaching sign languages.

Applications like this one will help those who have lost the ability to speak or hear to communicate. There are also applications for managing certain illnesses in order to locate important places such as restaurants, hotels, attractive joints within a city.

Furthermore, those who have lost the use of their hands have the hands-free Android phones known as the Sesame Enable. This phone will help them stay connected.

5. Smartphones save time

Things that usually take hours or days can be done in minutes through the use of smartphones. For example, communicating with loved ones and business partners or clients. In the days past, writing letter took days, in some cases weeks to get a reply. The same thing applies to making payments or sending money.

The use of smartphones have made all these quicker. Social media applications contained in smartphones make it easier to communicate with loved ones from any part of the world.

In addition to the social media applications, you can send emails to them, or call or text them. You will get a response in matter of minutes or hours at most. For things like making payments or sending money, most financial institutions now have mobile applications.

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The aim of these applications is to make it possible for customers to carry out their financial transactions online. The advantage of this process is that it is faster, convenient, stress – free. These smartphone applications mean that you don’t have to come to the bank physically to carry out any financial dealings.

Furthermore, there are other payment software developer to make it possible to send and receive payment from anywhere in the world. Software like PayPal is capable of doing of receiving and sending money to anyone in any part of the work.

Now that we know what smartphones can do for us, let’s now look at how we can use our smartphones to better our lives. In other words, how we can make good use of our smartphones.

It is possible that you have been downloading app after app so you can get more out of your smartphone without seeing result.

The truth is that although some productivity apps are great, there are some who are not as good as they claim they are. That is why in this article, we are going to show you various ways you can get the best out of your smartphone.

How to Get the Best Out of your Smartphone

1. Organize applications

For those who have not organized their applications, it is time to do so. An organized phone makes it easier to locate as well as use the apps. You should start by organizing the most used apps by putting them on the phone’s home screen.

They should be followed by the less used applications on the next screen. To make it easier for you to organize your apps, get a launcher. Launchers are capable of organizing your apps according to their functions. For example, they can group your apps into groups such as social media, productivity, sports, and so on.

2. Turn off status updates

Although status updates and alerts are helpful to an extent, they can distract you from your work and stop you from being productive. Therefore, you won’t be able to make good use of your phone.

You don’t need alarm going off every time you receive a message or an email. Try disabling alerts from some applications you have on your phone so you won’t have to jump every time you get new update.

3. Reduce the number of applications

Having too many applications won’t help you make good use of your smartphone. The truth is that most of the applications we have are not for productive purposes.

There is no need to have ten social media apps; you can have two or three. You don’t need to have BBC, and CNN applications at the same time. Having less applications will allow you make use of your smartphone for more productive purposes.

4. Make use of voice commands

You need to take full advantage of the voice activated features of your smartphone. Through this feature, you can schedule appointments and send texts by speaking into your device. You can make use of this dictate feature to send emails, write blog posts, take notes, and do much more.

For those who are not good at typing, this feature is what they need. The feature would make your work faster. Especially for those who are into online work such as freelancing, bloggers and so on. If you want to type faster on your smartphone, it is best you dictate using this feature.

5. Update your phone regularly

The fact is that smartphones need to be constantly updated. Regular updates help avoid lots of system issues such as crashing, lagging and so on. These issues can stop you from making good use of your phone. They can be frustrating as well.

When smartphone is constantly crashing, or lagging, it will be difficult to work with such a phone. Imagine typing a blog post, or drafting an important email, and suddenly your smartphone crash. It means you have to start all over again. This will be really frustrating, and it is not something anyone will like.

Constant updates of your smartphone will help you prevent data loss. It would prolong the life of the CPU. It will also protect your smartphone from virus attacks. Virus attacks can cause your phone to malfunction and destroy information stored on the device.

However, to ensure your data are safe, back them up before updating. There are lots of ways to back up your data. For Android users, there is Google drive to back up your files including photos and videos.

6. Make use of headphones

Headphones are great for preventing noise from your immediate environment for affecting your distractions. They are helpful because they will allow the opportunity to have your hands free for the work you want to embark on.

Headphones are life savers. Plug in your ear bugs or headphones and listen to your favorite music to have a hands-free phone discussion.

7. You don’t have to be online always

If you want to get the best out of your smartphone, you don’t have to be online always. Disabling the internet connection will assist you to make use of the phone for better activities. Most times, when we are online we often chat, update social media profiles, or watch movies.

Though these activities are not entirely bad, they are not productive activities. Hence, to use your smartphone for better activities you need to go offline. Activities such as typing a blog post, drafting an important email for a business proposal don’t need internet connection.

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Also, setting up a schedule by checking your calendar doesn’t need internet connection either. These are few productive activities that you don’t need to be online to carry out.

8. Get rid of unnecessary applications

We all have them in our smartphones. One or two applications that we don’t need to have them. Often these applications are default applications added by the manufacturers of the phone. Although you can’t uninstall these applications, you can stop them from running.

For Android users, you can freeze these applications. Go to your phone version of the application manager and tap the app you want to put to sleep and tap disable. You freeze it using some applications on Android store.

On the other hand, iOS users do need more help since it is not as simple as it is on Android to disable unwanted applications. The bottom line is that these unwanted applications must be handled for you to make good use of your phone.

9. Make good use of Google assistant

Google assistant is easily the best Google feature of late. It is a great rival to Seri, Cortana. It is a great feature. The app can tell you jokes, play music, show photos, and read poems.

Also, you can send messages, make calls, and set alarms as well as timers.  Aside this, it assist you to find important places such as hotels, restaurant. It can open any applications on your smartphone.

10. Set up lots of useful shortcuts

The uses of shortcuts are invaluable. It makes it easier to find useful applications. Shortcuts are vital to saving time which makes it easier to get more done.

These shortcuts save lots of fumbling around for common apps. For example, getting an ETA estimate and texting might take a little while, but it can be done quicker with a quick tap.

11. Become a developer to make things faster

If you want to make your phone act quickly, you can enable its developer options to make the phone quicker. However, this is for Android users. The process to make this option possible is a bit funny.

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You need to head to ‘About this phone’ menu in your settings. Afterwards, find the section where you see “build number”. Then tap the item about seven times. After doing this, you are now a developer.

At least on your smartphone you will see a new item appear on the screen known as “developer options”. This will speed up your smartphone by reducing the time that the smartphone spends animating transitions between windows and application.

12. Multitask

Most of those who use Samsung smartphone talk about how they run two applications simultaneously on their device. To make this possible, you should tap and hold the recent apps button on your phone. It is often found on the right of the home button.

Also, this will make the phone go to split-screen view. Multitasking allows you to carry out more than one operation at the same time. Which means you can do more with your phone then ever before.


There have been lots of talks about how to make good use of your smartphone is affecting us negatively. Although this is true to an extent but it is not always the case.

Smartphones are great tool for productivity. If you follow certain steps, you can make good use of your smartphone.

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