How to increase the speed of your phone

How to increase the speed of your phone is one question that lies in the heart of many Android users. Every new Android smartphones does function properly because applications tend to run faster as expected and you will get to accomplish multiple processes without trouble. But over time, you will begin to notice your device lagging, or its battery draining more quickly. It may be that you are having trouble installing new programs or games.

However, every automated device gets to a point where it begins to lag both in performance, speed, durability and most times storage. No device works forever, automated devices including phone and laptop are bound to experience some sort of malfunction by default. Just like other mobile and desktop operating system, the performance of your Android OS device will start to diminish after you have used it for quite a long time. Mobile operating systems are lighter and faster. They keep up with our needs, yet still give us access to the world.

Did you notice that your Android phone has slowed down in terms of performance and speed? Maybe because you have been loading it up with lots of Android apps (you should not be blamed anyway) from Google Play store. Are you wondering how you can increase the speed of your phone? Here in this article, we will share few tips on how to increase the performance and speed of your phone by carrying out some tweaks and changes if your device is Android 4.0 and above.

Increase the speed of your phone

Know your device

Most persons do not know the specifications of their device. Before you purchase a phone, check if the specifications are what you want because that plays a huge role in determining the speed of your phone. In addition, It is important that you know the storage capacity of your phone and the operating system. You should also learn about the merits and demerits of your phone, that way, you don’t have to overburden your phone with apps that reduces the speed of your phone.

Update your phone

To increase the speed of your phone, you should always update your Android phone to the latest firmware. The speed of your phone depends largely on your firmware. Google brings massive improvements to each new release of Android operating system, not excluding updates that ensure stability, higher performance, speed and connectivity alongside other user-friendly new features and varieties.

Disable unnecessary apps

Many persons love downloading different kind of apps from different sources including unnecessary apps. You should know the apps you need and those you do not need. To help increase the speed of your phone, disable unnecessary apps, by doing that, you will not only increase the speed of your phone but also you get to lighten the weight on your phone storage.

However, disabling apps is different from uninstalling apps. Uninstalling an application means removing the application files from the phone but in disabling an app, no file is removed or deleted. The disabled apps are simply not shown on your home screen or app list but you can also re-enable them whenever you want to use them.

Completely remove unwanted apps

Any app you install in your phone takes a reasonable amount of storage space and runs background processes. To increase the speed of your phone, you must ease the workload on your ROM or RAM. The more storage space occupied or the more background processes running on your phone, the tougher it gets to normalize the speed of your phone. To save you the stress of installing and uninstalling, do not install apps you seldom have keen interest in.

Remove antivirus software

This sounds quite unusual because an antivirus software is supposed to protect the phone against virus. But then, it slows down performance and reduces the speed of your phone. Antivirus software claims to offer peace of mind to Android users, but it is unnecessary because it slows down your phone and drains your battery. As long as you only install apps from official sources like the Play Store or Amazon Appstore, you’re noy likely to encounter malware.

Update Apps

Updating your apps is one of the simplest ways to increase the speed of your phone. Note that, the safest place to download your apps from on your Android phone is from Google Play store so that you can receive notifications for updates when necessary. While installing apps from Google Play Store, you should also regularly update those apps from Google Play Store. Updated apps perform better and faster, and are less likely to reduce the speed of your phone or crash your phone.

Use memory card

Overtime, memory card has proven great prowess in boosting the storage space of phones. You can increase the speed of your phone using a memory card. Phones with low internal memory can get a massive boost from high-capacity memory cards for better storage space. Memory card does not only add capacity but also speed to the mix. However, you can opt for 2GB to 32GB worth of storage space to support the speed of your phone.

Note: if you seek good performance go for memory cards of Class 6 or Class 10 for your Android phone.

Format your memory card

Sometimes, the malware in your memory card is the reason why your phone is slow. If you experience frequent crashes on your Android phone, a corrupt SD could be one of the reasons. Formatting the SD card would not only delete the unnecessary junk of files created by the Android system and various apps, but it will eventually give a performance boost, and increase the speed of your phone as well.

Have fewer widgets

Widgets are not apps, they only run when you activate them. But there are always running in the background because they are active all the time. While some Android users make use of widgets to keep track of the weather, and their important dates, other users use widgets like ‘Extended controls’ for prompt access for important configurations like switching Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth. Although they have their uses, have it in mind that too many running widgets on your home screen will cause low device performance and in turn slow down the speed of your phone. To avoid this, keep fewer widgets.

Stop Syncing

Sync is one good feature that helps you synchronize your data with Google servers. Keeping your sync on means you can get notifications whenever new mail comes in and new updates for apps. Sync does a refresh at every preset interval i.e checks your mail every five minutes for incoming mails. This in turn encroaches into your phone’s performance for subsequent activities. To increase the speed of your phone, you can keep sync off for unnecessary services or simply turn it on only when you want to transfer or upload materials to Google servers.

Avoid Live Wallpapers

It is no news that Android’s live wallpaper feature is lovable. Phones from different companies comes with diverse live wallpapers but you should know that some wallpapers are badly made. Most of them need more CPU cycles to run, thereby draining your battery faster. Live Wallpapers slows down the speed of your phone. Know that each time you open your home screen, you activate not only your apps but also your live wallpaper.

Increase the speed of your phone

Turn off Animations

Animations make all the transitions and interactions with your operating system appear more fluid — right up until speed of your phone starts slowing down and those animations start looking like stop motion video. If the animations aren’t flowing so well anymore, you should turn them off completely. This will make your phone look better and free up a little processing power. Your phone screen actually fades out and in as you switch from one task to the other.

To see this in action Go to Settings > Developer Options > Window Animation Scale > Animation scale 10x. Then choose Window Animation Scale again to see the fade in effect.
When you choose Animation off, the screen just snaps to position without animation. You can also turn off Transition Animation Scale in the same way. If you are a steady user, you will probably notice that your Android performs faster with all animations off.

GO Speed (Clean Boost Free)

Go Speed boost your phone performance by 60% by removing junk files such as residual files, cache, temp files, obsolete apks, and other big files. With the help of its advanced monitoring system it cleans background processes, disable stealthy apps and increases the speed of your phone.

Check your battery

One hardware issue that has great effect on the performance of your phone is battery. A dying battery contributes largely to your phone’s sluggish performance. If you notice, encounter or experience a time where your phone goes off all of a sudden for no explicit reason, it is most likely that the fault is from your battery. Batteries have a certain life span and specific amount of energy it accepts like every other hardware. Once you approach that limit, the battery of your phone begins to display some awkward behaviors such as being drained fast. That will not only reduce the speed of your phone but also make the battery unable to provide enough power to your phone.

Also, a battery that cannot store and provide adequate power to your phone will frustrate you by making your phone go off suddenly and instantaneously. Always check your battery life to be sure of where the slow-phone issue is coming from.

Restart your phone

Sometimes, all your phone needs to speed is just a simple restart. This applies to our computers too; restarting the device can help it make their way through difficult times. Similarly, it can also be the case of Android devices. When you restart your device, it deletes temporary files to increase the speed of your phone, and clean up your memory.

Additional Tips to increase the speed of your phone

Use Task Manager

Go to Google Play Store and download any free Task Manager app. Use the task manager to destroy background processes and other apps that you do not use. After that, set options to automatically destroy unnecessary apps based on your selections at a stipulated time interval. You can use some recommended task managers like Advanced Task Killer and Super Task Killer. All these apps are free.

Root your device

Just like other OS, Android can be rooted because it is built on the Linux kernel. Rooting your device gives you administrator level access to your phone. This implies that you can uninstall unnecessary manufacturer’s app that came with your phone. Also, you can flash your phone with custom ROMs that may be a better fit to your job specifications or personality, in order to increase the speed of your phone, and to enhance the performance and battery life of your phone. You can even update your phone to the latest OS or updates that could otherwise be unsupported for your phone model.

When Not to Root

Although rooting is advisable, there are a number of factors against rooting your Android device; for one thing, most manufacturers deem your phone warranty voided if your phone has been rooted. You also need to know what you are doing to avoid screwing everything up, probably beyond repair. This is called ‘bricking’ also known as. turning your phone into a useless brick. So think it through before you use this method to enhance the performance of your Android. Consider the disadvantages attached to rooting no matter how desperate you are to increase the speed of your phone.

However, if nothing works, factory reset is the way to go for you. This is your last resort. If you are not familiar with rooting, you can perform a factory reset. You can find this option in the Settings page. Make sure you backup all your necessary files and every other thing in your phone before doing a factory reset.

Use background apps with less weight

As much as you love to listen to music, music player is one app that uses up your storage space and slows down the speed of your phone. You can install apps with lower MB – anything less than 10MB than those requiring larger MB above. This way, your phone will have enough free memory, better performance battery, and increase in the speed of your phone.

Increase the speed of your phone


In conclusion, If you follow the various suggestions listed above, you will not only increase the speed of your phone but also make your Android smoother while in use because nobody deserves the frustration from a slow-phone.

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