How to get wine out of clothes

Nobody will want to have red wine spills on their clothes. Let’s assume that you decided to go on a date with your loved one. Out of excitement, some drops of wine-stained your clothes.

This is not the end of the road. You can get wine out of your clothes. You shouldn’t allow a wine stain to ruin your beautiful moments.

There are easy ways to get wine out of clothes. Read on to learn some helpful wine stain removal techniques.

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Do wine stains come out of clothes?

Yes. Wine stains can come out of clothes if the right washing and cleaning procedure is applied. A lot of times, we are skeptical about using the same wine cleaning method for all cloth materials. Cleaning red wine from linen might be easier than it is with wool. At the same time, it is also important that you verify if the stained clothes are “dry clean only” fibers.

Wine stains will not ruin your clothes except you allow them to settle for a long time, or expose them to intense heat. The wine stains are temporary if you treat and remove them with a sense of urgency.

The material of your cloth usually determines the intensity of the stain. Whichever way we put it, red wine acts like a tie-dye substance on clothes. A high level of expertise and carefulness is required to remove them.

How do you get dry red wine out of clothes?


  •   White Vinegar
  •   Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)
  •   Baking soda/Club Soda
  •   Washing detergent
  •   Salt
  •   Water
  •   Chlorine
  •   Cleaning products and stain removers
  •   Soft white cloth (hand towels, handkerchiefs)

How to get wine out of clothes with salt

There are a lot of controversies on which type of salt will provide an efficient solution; table salt vs Kosher salt. The truth remains both salts are compounds of sodium chloride. Any of them will serve.

Salt is known as a ‘water lover’. This makes it easier for salt to absorb liquids on clothes.

To remove wine stains from your clothes using salt, you have to get a considerable amount of salt. Heap it over the stain. You must ensure that it covers every wine-stained area.

Leave for a few minutes and remove the salt to check for stains. Repeat the process till you achieve the desired result. If your clothes are not made of waterproof breathable fabric, you might consider moistening the stained area with water and repeating the process.

How to get wine out of clothes with detergent

One of the popular ways of removing wine stains with detergents is by mixing your detergent with hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar.

However, you must know that hydrogen peroxide has a near-bleaching effect as chlorine. Hydrogen peroxide wouldn’t harm your colored clothes except they are made of low-quality dyes or they are not colorfast.

To verify if your cloth is safe to use with hydrogen peroxide, do the following:

  •   Dab Hydrogen peroxide on a soft cloth
  •   Rub the cloth on a tiny part of the cloth. The insides are better. This will help you preserve the cloth if any visible changes occur. Watch for changes and see if the color fades. If everything remains normal, hydrogen peroxide is safe to use.

It is also important that you know that you should never mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide into one stain removal solution. Mixing vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and detergent will produce peracetic acid. This is a corrosive acid that is harmful to the skin, eyes, and other sensitive parts of your body.

To remove wine out of clothes with hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar:

  1. Dilute the wine stain by dipping it in water.
  2. Soak or apply a considerable amount of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to the cloth
  3. Allow it to settle for at least five minutes
  4. Apply the liquid detergent to the cloth.
  5. Blot the stain with clean white cotton material.
  6. Wash the cloth to remove the stain
  7. If the stains are still visible, repeat the process but this time around gently scrub the affected part with a brush after applying the detergent.

How to get wine out of clothes with chlorine

The use of chlorine does not apply to all wine stains. You should only use chlorine if the stain is on a white cloth. 

The bleaching effect of chlorine will damage your colored clothes. Just as the normal bleaching process goes, soak the stained cloth in chlorine for at least 10 mins. Remove and wash thoroughly. The stain will go.

How to get wine out of clothes with alcohol

Alcohol is a great option for stubborn wine stains. Gently smear alcohol on a clean absorbent cloth and use it to blot the stain. Continuously apply alcohol on the cloth as you rub on the stained material. 

Alcohol acts as an amazing stain remover, but at the same time, it has mild effects on clothes. This may include color fading or leaving some stains on the cloth. To use alcohol on clothes without staining them, I will use non-dyed denatured alcohol.

How to get wine out of clothes with club soda or baking soda

In the absence of baking soda, you can use club soda to get rid of red wine stains. Nonetheless, the procedure is slightly different.

Here are easy procedures to remove wine stains with baking soda

  1. Use water to dilute the effect of the wine
  2. Mix baking soda with water in a ratio of 3:1. Ensure that the mixture produces a thick paste.
  3. Smear the paste on the stained area and allow it to dry.
  4. Allow it to settle for at least 30 mins
  5. Apply little water on the baking soda to check on the stain
  6. Wash off completely when the stains are gone

The process is also applicable to removing wine stains from carpets.

How to get wine out of clothes with Stain removers

There are a lot of specific stain removers that are good options to remove wine stains. You have to choose the right stain remover that meets your budget and use it accordingly.

What to do when wine stains your clothes?

  1. Delay is dangerous. Remove the stain as quickly as possible
  2. Apply water to dilute the stain
  3. Blot consistently
  4. Ensure that the fabric is colorfast
  5. Do not allow the wine to dry off completely on the cloth before treating it


The different wine stain removal techniques offered to you is to help you decide on which of them provides a quicker effect. You can repeat different methods till you achieve the desired result.

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