How to Get Paid by using Instagram

You’ve been using Instagram for years, posting pictures and videos, striving to boost your followers, but can you ask yourself, am I doing this all for entertainment, for the flaunts of social media?

Have you thought about how you can earn from the app you have been investing much data into?

You might have probably heard the cliche from your friends; “There’s a site to bomb on Instagram” and you are wondering how they are cashing out on a steady.

There are tales of some Instagram users having verified accounts while others don’t, and you are wondering why. Confused if those with verified accounts earn per post they make on Instagram?

Instagram(IG) is a social networking service that enables its users to upload pictures and videos, which can be edited with filters, personalized with tags and location plus a messaging feature that allows them to interact amongst themselves.
It was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, launched in October 2010 and later acquired by Facebook in 2012 after it was made available to android users.

Irrespective of the massive turnout of users on Instagram, some have set out a pace of there own, making money therein. One of those persons is Cristiano Ronaldo.

C Ronaldo holds the record of having the highest number of followers on Instagram with 220.2 million followers, 449 followings, and 2814 posts, becoming the first persons to reach 200 million followers on Instagram.

According to Forbes, C Ronaldo earns nearly $1 million per paid post he makes on Instagram, becoming the second-highest-paid on Instagram on a payroll of $23.3 million as of Jan 30, 2020, with Ariana Grande above him with $173.2 million as her earning.

Instagram, which has a total number of 1 billion-plus users and a total number of 500 million+ users active users. There are 25 million+ businesses on Instagram, with 75.3% estimated to be United States-based businesses.

Just like bloggers and Youtube users, you can also earn, once you can gather an audience on Instagram. The hustle on Instagram is all about reach and influence. How far and engaging your contents are, plus the reactions you get on them as they go a long way in projecting your stronghold on Instagram.

The opportunity of earning on Instagram is not all compulsory that you must have 100k followers, or you must struggle to beat Ronaldo’s record; that’s not how it works.
Having 100k fake and ghost followers that don’t engage in your post is as good as having nothing at all.

Having made up your mind to get paid while using your data on Instagram, it is worth you begin from discovering your niche.
Instagram is a robust e-commerce network, having more than 2 million monthly advertisers and 25 million business profiles. So competitive, right?

There are 200+ million Instagram users that visit one business profile daily, so your basic need should be, how you will be able to draw most of these users to your handle.

Three major ways to get paid using Instagram;

Sell your Products as an Entrepreneur.

The first way to earn money is by opening your online store. Having your e-commerce store, presiding in your distinct niche, displaying your products, marketing your services, draws you an inch closer to making money as there can be a customer looking for your product, at an attractive price as yours.

Either you wish to sell t-shirts, pillows, coffee mug, wall art, you just have to follow the master art of marketing.

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You can also sell ebooks, business/design templates, course outline. Advertising your services such as photography, content creation, or copywriting. Your Instagram handle is a perfect place to launch your business.

This can be done by either referring them to your website or using the shopping-on Instagram integration, product tags, and stickers. This enables people to buy your product directly from the app just through your post.

To enable you use the shopping-on instagram feature, you must do the following;
Your personal account business account must be turned to an Instagram account
Have a Facebook page
Have an approved Facebook shop

You can advance a bit to selling your photos on Instagram. These photos are usually licensed to avoid being stolen by Plagiarists.
There are a lot of marketplaces on Instagram which you can sell your pictures. These include; Picfair, Twenty 20, Snapwire, Mobile prints, sellfy.

These pictures can come in the form of individual images, thematic image packages, food pictures, etc. Selling photographs on Instagram is a big shot; you just have to get it done right.


Everyone these days wants to be known with the title “I am an influencer,” only a few know its entails.
An Influencer is one who has built an online reputation. He is a master of reach and influence with a massive turnout of engaging followers.

Being an influencer, you can partner with brands to help advertise their products. You can cash in on this by posting content, promoting the brand you are advertising.

Brands are not only interested in the number of followers you have, but also try trust and engagement you receive from them.
As an influencer, you must understand your audience before you think of making any sponsored post, as some brands might not fit in with the kind of followers you have.
You must trust the brand you are advertising for, to avoid exposing your followers to huge risks.

I will advise that you add the hashtag #sponsored to your post to indicate it is a sponsored post. Each ost you make, speaks volumes of you and of the brand you are representing.


You can earn money from selling products for other people. This is all done by reaching an agreement with a brand, which gives you the license to advertise and sell. Through this means you receive an agreed percentage as your share from each sale.

The act of affiliate marketing on Instagram is usually done using a trackable link or a unique promotional code. This makes it easy to calculate the number of sales per day.
You can do this using your bio or Instagram story, as you can incorporate them into your post.

There are lots of online market places on Instagram offering affiliate programs such as;
Amazon associates
Click bank
Share A Sale
CJ Affiliate
Shopstyle Collective
Flex offers
Skim links
Max Bounty

These affiliates programs have their distinct mode of operation; fees and charges, terms, and conditions; you just have to choose which one goes for you.

You need to begin converting your data expenditure on Instagram to become an open-source stream of income.

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