I believe by now, you must have mastered how to get your blog post rank high for Google SEO. If you haven’t, I’ll suggest you go through my previous article on the subject as this will enable you to understand fully what I am about to write on.

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As a blogger, the first thing that usually comes to your mind is; How do I get so much traffic directed to my website?
I’ve always gotten the green tick for SEO ranking, but I am not yet to get showed up on Google’s front page.
This could be tragic for you as a blogger, but your complaint won’t solve the problem. You just have to brace up and learn.

Featured Snippets are selected search results that show at the top spot of Google’s page that answers the searcher’s query/intent.

Featured snippets are draft outs from your blog post, maybe a paragraph or a line that correctly answers the question of any Google user accurately and directly.

Forms of Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets come in three major forms

This is a subdivision of your blog post that consists of one or more sentences that accurately the point/hint the searcher is looking for.

This is a series of items that appear in categories depending on what the searcher’s query is.

This form of snippet as the name goes, they come in the form of a title.

The reward for having your blog content show on Google snippet is that your page is likely to get a 10-30% increase in traffic, and this can also come with a 600-700% revenue increase from organic traffic.

This increase in traffic is achieved because your URL Is featured in the box as well as your content topics.

Most blog topics tend to get featured more often than others. This is not because they are given preferential treatments but because they are among frequently search queries from users.
These topics include Health, Financial, Mathematical, DIY solutions, Technology Hacks.

You see, the first guideline to finding yourself in Google’s favorite box is to make Google fall in love with your post.
This is done simply by creating good content, make use of good paragraph techniques, an orderly list if necessary. Having a mastery of SEO techniques is your first step on the ladder to achieve your dream.

Google was built with users’ intent. The goal of Google is to make sure that its visitors get answers they seek without spending much time in futility.
Having this at the back of your mind will always enable you to create content that will meet this intent.

Are there benefits to showing on Google’s snippets?
Are you bothered why I am stressing the need why you should be there?
Are they so important?
Yes, they are.
There are huge benefits.


Showing on Google’s snippets help increase your website’s search traffic. An average of 8.6% of clicks on a query goes to the snippet on display. This will be an amazing feat for you as an increase in traffic is one of the reasons why you write good contents . Without good readability and a vast audience visiting your website, it is as good as not having a website at all. With Adref suggesting that 31% additional traffic could go to your blog if you have a featured snippet.

There is a boost in your blog’s visibility. Featured Snippets usually tops Google’s page, dominates the Page’s preference and influence. With your URL showing on Google’s top page, you earn the same opportunity as someone with paid ads. At that state, your blog is represented fully. Every user seeking a query in that lane has a line of your article on the first line of his device. In this scenario, your blog speaks louder than other brands on the same search query.

It increases your website’s authority. According to Google Search Engine Results Page(SERP), link building, average time spent by a reader on your website, number of clicks, are amongst factors that are used to determine the overall authority of your website. With snippets driving huge traffic to your blog through your content, your website grabs a stronger edge of having its overall authority rating improved and increased.

Let us get down to real business. How can you get featured in Google Snippets?

Steps to Get Featured Snippets

I will still wish to remind you that there is no quick formula for this. There isn’t a quick hack that can give you an automatic boost to Google’s Snippets. Having a rich blog content wouldn’t grant you 100% assurance that it will provide you with a room at the top space, nor will SEO ranking automatically assure you that.
These tools I’m about to show you gives you a chance to be featured.

Make use of SemRush

SemRush is an SEO tool that specializes in Keyword research, traffic analysis, keyword overview, link building, and organic traffic insights.

SemRush is not entirely free, as there are little fees attached to its usage. But with its 7-day free trial, you can get alot of things done in that short space of time given.

SemRush gives you big hints as to the overall position of your blog, its ranking, and how you can place upgrades on it. It takes record of your website keyword difficulty and slight errors and Overall link building analysis. SemRush has an embedded feature that acts as an On-page SEO checker.

Get into Google’s top 10 search results.

The need to be on Google’s front page can’t be overstressed. It is very important. Improving your organic click rate is one of the sides of the coin. As the more organic clicks you get, the higher your search rankings will be.
You can quickly check your websites click-through rate by clicking here

Maximize SERP analysis

If you want to get featured, theen you must thoroughly run analysis on any blog topic(s) you have in mind before writing anything on it.
Understanding your searcher’s intent goes a long way to help you place answers to their queries on your website.

Find out basic questions frequently asked on the topic and profer extra information more than the first three websites on Google’s front page can offer. To find out these basic questions, you can look up to the People also ask section. This will give clues on how to chart your course.

Give direct and detailed answers to questions relating to your blog content, and in the same lane, try to keep it simple. Having an unreadable text will scare off your readers as they can’t comprehend the logic you preach.
Having detailed answers crawling on your blog/website gives you an upper edge to appear first, amongst other search results.

As a giveaway, I’ll advise you to write more on “How to” topics. The average Google user always begin search queries with “How to do this,” “How to do that.” Maximizing this allows you always to drive traffic to your blog.

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