How to Delete Google Analytics Account

Do you want to learn how to delete Google Analytics account? Then let’s show you how!

Whatever your reason is for wanting to remove Google Analytics, its data, property, goals, cookies, and what have you, we’ll help you out.

The same goes with eliminating the platform’s experiments, tracking code, and old emails.

But keep in mind that if you go through these steps, you’ll lose all the tracking information the platform has accumulated for your site.

Now if that’s something you’re unconcerned about, let’s dive right in.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a service from the search engine giant, Google. 

And like you’d expect, this one is quite different since it has been specifically designed for bloggers and webmasters.

This tool enables site and app owners to keep track of the information generated on their site in real time.

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The information includes metrics like bounce rate, average time on page, page views, % exit and so much more.

The goal is to help you ascertain if your site or app is underperforming and ways you can improve it – Because if you can spot where the problem is, then can you take the right measures to get things straight.

Features of Google Analytics

Some features of Google Analytics include :

Traffic reporting:

One of the most important features of this platform is its traffic reporting feature.

It’s useful since you get to see visitors to your site in real-time. 

Therefore, you don’t have to rely only on the traffic data you’re seeing on your blogger or WordPress dashboard.

The best part is, this software has been specifically designed to analyze activity on a site.

Accordingly, some metrics you should look forward to on this platform are active users, top pages, bounce rate, traffic channel etc. 


Ever wondered which keywords people were using to visit your site?

There’s no need to anymore since you can easily pull such data from Google Analytics.

These are the major keywords that are bringing the most traffic to your site, and these means you can optimize your posts to meet these keywords.

You no longer have to lose out on useful traffic to your site and therefore, another opportunity to make more money using your website.

Think of it as another way of carrying out a keyword research without using paid tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Keywordfinder, and the likes.

That being said, you stand to lose these benefits and more by removing the tracking of your website on Google Analytics.

If that’s something you’re fine with, then let’s forge ahead.

How to Delete Google Analytics Tracking Code on WordPress

If you’re using widget-enabled themes, do the following:

  • Login to WordPress site
  • Place your cursor on ‘Appearance’ and select ‘Widgets
  • Select the ‘Footer’ arrow and it’ll expand its options
  • Click and drag the widget that has the Google Analytics code to the inactive widgets section.

If you’re using non-widget themes, do the following:

  • Access your WordPress Dashboard
  • Place your cursor on ‘Appearance’
  • Select ‘Editor’ 
  • Select ‘Footer’ from the right pane
  • Remove the code
  • Select ‘Update File’

And that’s there all to it!

How to Remove Google Analytics From Website

Here’s the part where we’ll show you how to remove Google Analytics from website such as Blogger or WordPress.

Deleting such an account will also delete its property and views.

Accordingly, the first thing you’re going to do is:

  • Remove the Google tracking code from your website
  • Login into your Google Analytics account
  • Navigate to the section ‘Admin’
How to Delete Google Analytics Account
  • In the section Account, choose the account you’ll like to remove
  • Click on ‘Account Settings’
How to Delete Google Analytics Account
  • Select the option ‘Move to Rubbish Bin’
delete content grouping google analytics

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It is, however, worth noting that you have to be granted Edit Permission to be able to remove an account on Google Analytics.

  • Navigate to ‘Admin’.
  • In the Account section, select ‘Account User Management’ 
How to Delete Google Analytics Account
  • Modify the ‘Edit Permission’ by assigning users that can edit accounts

How to Remove Email on Google Analytics

It’s often possible to include an Email in your Google Analytics account.

This email is used to send weekly reports about visitors on your site. 

On the other hand, there may be a need to change the email to a new one, and if that’s the case, Follow these simple steps to delete old emails in Google Analytics:

  • Navigate to the section ‘Admin’
  • Scroll Down to the section ‘Scheduled Emails’
how to delete google analytics property
  • Choose actions on the email you want to delete
  • Select the ‘Delete’ option

How to Remove Yourself from a Google Analytics Account

Did you know it is possible to remove yourself from Google Analytics account?

If you didn’t, now you do and you’ll even be able to do it yourself.

So, how do you begin?

  • Head right on to Google Analytics
  • Log into your account
  • Click on ‘Admin’ on the left side pane
  • Select the Account which you want to leave using the drop down menu at the top
  • Click on the option ‘Account user management’

You’ll see yourself as one of the managers of the account, that is, if you have logged in using the right email.

  • Next, click on the side gear by the side of your name
  • Select the option, ‘Remove Yourself’

That’s all there is to it!


Now that you know how to delete Google Analytics account, it becomes easier to do so whenever you want.

You’re also able to take off the tracking code, email, property, as with any other features that come with using the service. 

Nevertheless, we’ll be more than willing to guide you through the process if you encountered issues while trying these steps.

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