How to choose the right Blogging Niche

Are you thinking of starting a blog soon?

Are you finding it difficult to choose what to be blogging about?

Don’t worry, you’ll get answer to that in this article!

In this article, you’ll learn how to choose a blog niche and become a successful blogger.


What is a Niche?

English Dictionary defined a niche as “any position of opportunity for which one is well-suited, such as a particular market in business.”

Blogging Niche is simply the main area or topic a blog is focused on.

For instance, technology, entertainment, sports, education, recipe, DIY, health. These are typical examples of a blog niche.

Why do you need to choose a blog Niche?

Choosing a blog niche is majorly to gain higher ranking on search engines when you are running a blog which talks about several niches, won’t help your Search Engine Optimization at all.

Search engine crawlers are confused when crawling a blog with several niches. If you really want your blog to rank high, you need to streamline your niche.

The reasons why you need to chose a blog niche are:

To avoid confusion and increase readers loyalty:

Again, your blog visitors will be confused when exploring your website.

Imagine visiting a website and the first topic is talking about “how to make money online”, the second is talking about “health benefits of onion”, the third is talking about “Top 10 Operating System for Laptop”.

Isn’t that annoying to you as well? Of course it is! That’s why you need to choose a single niche.

To avoid lack of focus:

Focus is one of the keys to success, when you as a blogger is not focused on a particular niche, personal growth and success becomes difficult.

Choosing several blog niches will consume much of your time and won’t allow you to be focused. The time you’re ought to spend on a particular niche and become a pro, you’ll have to spend it on the other niches and this is not ideal at all.

Having multiple niches will only make you a rolling stone which gathers no moss.

If you want to get the best out of blogging, then you need to choose a specific niche.

Since you’ve discovered some of the reasons you should choose a blogging niche, the question now is.

How can you Choose a blogging niche?

That’s what you’re about to learn in this article, so kindly stay glued as I show you in easy to follow steps:

How to choose a Blogging Niche

Choose Something You Love:

Starting a blog is just like starting a normal business, you need to blog about what you are passionate about.

When you’re not in love with what you’re blogging about, blogging becomes boring, too hard and stressful to you.

Why blog about your passion?

You’ll find it very easy to devote your time and efforts to the website you won’t run out of ideas.

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Your writing shows whether you love what you’re blogging about or not, if your visitors perceive that you’re passionate about it, it will attract them to be coming again and again.

Creativity will come easily, you can easily become a pro in your niche and generating contents will be much easier…

How to Find Your Passion

Ask yourself these questions to discover your Passion:

What are the things I love doing?
What are the things I spend my free time doing?
What topic can i talk about for several hours without running out of words?
What do I enjoy reading, researching and learning about?
What can I do for several hours even without being paid for it?

Still yet to discover your Passion?

Try this…

Write down a list of 10 blog post headlines.

if you find it difficult to generate up to 10 within few minutes, that’s probably not your niche

If you were able to generate up to 10 topics, try writing a content for all the topics (if you find it difficult to write on the topics, that may be a sign that that niche is not for you).

If you were able to generate the topics, write on the topic, and yet some ideas are still trooping in, you might be on the right track! Now you have a niche to be blogging about.

Find a Hole in the Market:

The bitter truth is that no matter what niche you want to be writing about, there are already thousands or even millions of blog who are already writing about it.

However, not all the areas in that niche has been covered. That’s where you can come in to make your own money.

You need to find that particular area that only few or no one is blogging about and you can start building your own audience from there.

Mistakes you must avoid when choosing a niche

Don’t choose a niche because people said it is profitable. Choose a niche that you have intense knowledge about and love so much.

Don’t choose a niche that has few potential readers.

Yes, It is good to choose a niche you’re passionate about, but make sure there’s already a number of people who are interested in that niche or else you will be discouraged when no one is visiting your website.

Learn to be patient.

The fact that you’re blogging about what you know much about does not mean you will succeed overnight, you need to put in your time and efforts to make the website grow.

Take time to research more about your niche, update your knowledge and deliver quality contents to your readers.


In conclusion, the journey of becoming a successful blogger starts with you choosing the right niche, choose your niche rightly now and watch yourself become successful.

I can’t wait to meet you at the top!

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