How to Build a Review Website

Has the thought of how to build a review website ever crossed your mind?

If it has, then you’re not alone!

Lots of people have scoured the net for the best way to build a review website and make money from it.

And what these individuals all have in common, is being able to find large amounts of information to guide them.

However, it becomes difficult to implement some of these tips since they’re too many, to begin with.

You only need to focus on some useful tips and you’ll be able to create a user review website, movie, or business review website like yelp.

Now if that’s what you want, let’s help you out there buddy.

What is a Review Website?

A review website describes a product, service, or business, and may be tailored to a certain niche.

Here’s an example:

There are websites that specifically review Amazon products whereas there are others that review mobile applications.

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Either of these has something in common and that is reviewing a product to earn.

In this case, the site owner places affiliate links to the product or application reviewed.

And for each direct sale or registration/download they make, they earn a commission.

Now there’s no need to second guess because you can definitely make money while running a review website.

Why Should You Create a Review Website?

Unarguably, you may already have a fully working blog that earns you every month.

Nonetheless, there are still good reasons why you need a review website.

Some of these reasons are”

An Alternative to Ad Networks

A number of people have clung to AdSense and other ad networks dedicatedly to earn from their blog.

But it may be better to diversify.

The reason is not farfetched since these platforms can easily ban you without outlining the actual reason.

And when that happens, it would mean either abandoning your blog for a new one, changing the site’s URL and redirecting, or selling the platform entirely.

None of these has to happen if you have affiliate links in your content.

These links will ensure that with or without placing ad codes on your blog, you can still make appreciative earnings.

Increase Your Blog’s Revenue

Call it killing two birds with one stone and you won’t be wrong.

A review website allows you to make the most of the visitors to your site.

Some visitors may not click on ads, but they may purchase a product or service right from your site.

As such, this could potentially increase how much you make from your blog every month.

How to Earn With a Review Website

Now here’s the part you may be more interested in, how to actually build a review website that’ll actually earn.

The steps below will guide you:

Choose a Blogging Platform

There’s Blogger, WordPress, and several other blogging platforms you can use to create the review website for free.

However, we’ll recommend that you use WordPress.

It’s quite easy and saves you a lot of work since there are plugins you can fall back on to optimize the site.

You’ll also have the best template for a product review website.

Choose the Niche

We cannot overemphasize this, but the niche you choose can make or mar your goal to build a successful review site.

Consequently, you need to be careful and pay extra attention to the niche you choose.

For instance, if you’re going to review Amazon products, it’s better to narrow down to the category of products.

Would it be appliances, toys, clothes, etc?

Before you choose, don’t get blindsided by the commission that the product category is paying.

This is because it’ll make no sense settling for a high paying category only to get little or no sales. 

Accordingly, some niches that you could focus on are air fryers, lounge furniture, robotic vacuums, etc.

But don’t just take our word for it, try the next step.

Conduct a Keyword Research

Before you settle for a niche, it’s best you carry out keyword research.

The aim of the research is to give you a better idea of the search volume of the niche you’ve chosen.

Because trust us, you don’t want to spend your time, resources, and energy reviewing products in a niche where people are not interested in.

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Accordingly, keyword research shows you the niche or product that has massive search volumes.

You’ll also get to know the competitiveness of the niche to ensure you don’t waste time reviewing products in a highly competitive niche.

The goal is to make the most profit without breaking your back to do so.

Write Convincingly

You may be led to believe that a review outlines the best features of a product, and that’s definitely true.

However, how do you convince your readers that they need the product?

It won’t be all about listing these features and expatiating on them, but rather, revealing how these features can help them live and work better.

Therefore, put some thought into your writing and most importantly, be honest.

Outline the pros and cons of the product, while at the same time, pointing out how these pros greatly outweigh the cons.

Build Backlinks

Oh hey, you’ve found a great niche to focus your review website on.

You’ve written quality posts that can convince even a pessimist to buy these products.

And then you smile to yourself for a job well done.

While your efforts can be applauded at this juncture, there’s still a need to build backlinks.

Yes! Build backlinks to the homepage of the site, and individual posts.

These links will help the posts to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs)

And if they do, that would be more money to your bank.

But don’t try to play a fast one of Google by creating these links very fast since your site could end up in a sandbox.

Build backlinks gradually, and it could even be in the space of three to six months.

It’s also important to build quality links  (guest posts, comment on blogs, blog directories etc.) and avoid spamming.


Knowing how to create a review website and one that actually earns good money is quite easy.

Yes, it’s easy if you follow the steps outlined above.

If you do, there’s no limit to the number of review websites you’ll be able to create and in different niches.

The good thing is, you can have just 10 well-reviewed products on each site and they’ll sell year in-year out.

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