How to be productive through your smartphone

We have become used to our phones so much that it is like most of us can’t do with it. To be honest, our smartphones have become indispensable to our lives. You can become productive through your smartphone.

Modern smartphones are no longer for making calls and sending texts or emails. They now come with amazing features that make life a lot easier and faster. You can do almost everything with a smartphone.

From bills payment to conference calls to power point presentations, a smartphone can do so much for you at home and in the office. It is a great tool to aid your productivity if only you know how to use it properly.

That is why when it comes to productivity, a smartphone in your hands is a great, powerful tool in your hands. However, few people use it for productive purposes. Among the chief functions of your smartphones include audio recording, camera, video camera, music player, map, notepad, computer, remote control unit.

The productive ability of your smartphone only limitation is the applications you install and your internet connectivity. All you need to make your smartphone a powerful productive tool is to get few applications into it.

How you can become productive

The secret of becoming productive is to shift your focus to critical business strategy and life goals. Afterwards, deliver on them. It will build your career, earnings and build up your relationships.

You also need to get rid of distractions, optimize your usage of technology. Try to harness the power of your team members. It is not a difficult task really.

Ways to make yourself productive through your smartphone

You need to do the following to make yourself productive while using a smartphone:

Acquire knowledge through Blinklist

How to be productive through your smartphone

If you want to learn amazing things through your smartphone, you can become a part of a service called Blinkist. The amazing thing about this service is that it will allow you to read important books and listen to the summer in less than half an hour. This means you will be able to acquire knowledge without it affecting your work schedule.

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Blinkist allows you access to over 4,000 books. All these books are summarized to enable quick sturdy. However, the book summary services are only good for non-fiction books. These books include books on self-improvement, business concepts, biographies of famous people, leadership.

You can become a registered member and pay yearly for membership renewal, or join for free. Free members only get one free book daily. In a year, that is 365 books. Imagine the amount of knowledge you will acquire. All these you can get through your smartphone. Amazing right?

Use your smartphone for better time management and schedule tasks

Productivity and time work together. You can’t be productive without proper time management. Therefore, if you want to know how productive you are, ask yourself this simple question. How good am I at prioritizing tasks and following my to-do list?

To structure your time for increased productivity, you smartphone need to be part of your work tools. There is an app called organizer in your phone. Open this app. You will see to-do list, use it to schedule your day. Set reminders to help you remember the time for each task you set.

Manage time and make use of password manager

We spoke earlier about the value of time. Time plays a major role in your productivity. That is why you need to find a way to manage it better.

On the other hand, the amount of online services that we use today on our mobile is mind boggling. The problem here is that most of these services require a password before we can use them. The uses of passwords have become indispensable because privacy has become a big deal as a result of increase in internet and online fraud.

Nowadays, it is common to hear that someone has been swindled of his money through the internet, especially through online forums and social media platforms. Hence the need for more complicated passwords to make it difficult to hack your social media handles and avoids identity theft.

Hence, the reason security experts suggest that an individual should use a password per website. This will prevent the individual from losing all access to other sites when that password is compromised. They also recommend a challenging password which will include symbols and at least one number, as well as upper and lower case.

If we are to follow their suggestions, it means that the number of password required website we use will equal the number of passwords we have. This is a bit challenging. Hence, to save yourself the troubles and make yourself more productive you need a password manager.

A password manager will get you through when you forget your password and save you the stress of resetting your password or losing your account on the website completely. An example of a password manager is LastPass. There are others and if you are an Android or iPhone users, you can check the mobile stores to download one. They are literally life savers.

Use your phone to get information

Thanks to Google, we can use our phones to get information on anything on earth. This information can be for personal or professional reasons. Hence, they can aid your work and can help you improve your productivity.

Often it is easier to get information through your phone than to go through your laptop or desktop. Your phone is more portable and more accessible. Besides Google, there are other search engines like Bling.

Whatever you can’t find on Google you will find them in the other search engines. Aside the search we do online using our phones, we sometimes waste time trying to find a particular app, or contact, or a document we saved most especially when we have so many documents, contacts or applications.

To become more productive and save time, we should make use of built-in search tool to make our search much easier. You can find this built-in search tool by pulling down from the top of the home screen. Type in what you are looking for and all sort of hidden information on your phone will appear including inbox of texts and emails.

There is no need to open your phone book and start looking for contacts on after the other. The same thing applies to calendar app, open it to look for scheduled appointment. Emails and texts messages can be found through the same process. For those who have iPhones, the use of spotlight search is more powerful than Android search. You can use the spotlight to carry out mathematical function without opening the calculator app.

Set your home screen for productivity

Make your phone productive by giving it a productive boost by aggressively organizing your home screen. From experience, it is best to have all your productive tools on the home screen. The advantage of this is that it will save you time because you won’t have to search for the right app.

There is a psychological side to this. As long as you are looking at the home screen and see those productive applications, you will be encouraged to do this according to schedule. Examples of productive tools you should have on your screen include:

  • Google maps

This will aid your movement from one point to the other. The benefit of using this app is that it will enable you move faster across the city.

  • Audible

It comes with a large collection of audio book. This is great for acquisition of knowledge.

  • Weather widget

This helps you to schedule your outdoor activities. It is very helpful during the holidays.

  • Fitbit

For those who are serious about fitness, this one is for you. It is vital for checking signs and exercise patterns.

  • One drive

It is a little challenging when you have to search for documents. Especially when they are lots of them stored in the phone. This app helps you to access your documents faster.

  • Clock app

To set alarms and reminders for vital appointments, you need this app. Hence, it should be on your home screen.

  • LastPass

Having passwords for various sites is crucial to maintaining online privacy and to protect you against identity theft. However, it is not easy to remember all your passwords. That is why you need this app.

LastPass like we said above will help you have access to all your application and online services by helping you manage your passwords.

Make sure to turn off social media notifications

How to be productive through your smartphone

The social media if not managed properly, it can be a big distraction. The competition between social media platforms is so stiff these days and that is why they all want your attention. Your attention is vital to income generation for them.

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However, to make your smartphone productive as well as yourself, you need to turn off the notifications from social media app. To do this successfully, follow the following steps:

  • Get rid of Facebook

What we mean hear is get rid of the app. Go to Facebook only through the website. So you make use of your browser such as Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

  • Remove Twitter

Similar to Facebook, Twitter is a big distraction because there is always something going on to debate about. With all the clap backs, you don’t need that amount of stress. It will hinder productivity in so many ways. Therefore get rid of the applications. Use any of the browsers to check your page.

  • Turn off other notifications

Besides, Facebook and Twitter, there are other social media platforms like Instagram. To boost productivity of your smartphone, turn off all notifications except phone calls and texts.

Make more calls than WhatsApp messaging

The rise in the use of social media has made phone calls take a back seat. However, for the sake of productivity, it is best you make more calls than use social media to communicate. You may have a complex problem to solve with your team in the office.

It is best you call them. It will make it easier to discuss the issue than checking your phone every now and then to reply to their chat. They may not even receive your message on time. This will lead to further delays in solving the problem.

You should remember that phone calls are better for long discussion. Call shows seriousness and more maturity.

Get a durable Bluetooth headset

Trying to boost your productivity by acquisition of knowledge is great. However, it will be difficult for you to listen to tons of audio books with wired headphones. You need a set of Bluetooth headphones to do this effectively.

Cables form convectional headphones will get entangled on your neck or snag on things. This will make you uncomfortable. Furthermore, listening for long periods with normal headphones can cause pain in the ear. This is why you need a Bluetooth headset.

Have a To-do list with OneNote or Evernote

Now that you have a smartphone, you have no reason to miss any appointments. To make your smartphone a productive tool, you need to use it to create a to-do-list. This app will help you make notes of places and things you need to get done.

You can choose between OneNote by Microsoft and Evernote. You can also make use of the built-in note application found in both Android and iPhone. They are easy to use and a good way to plan an event or remind yourself of important activities for the next day.

Use pocket to share website with your PC

Normally, in a day we come across lots of information. Some we don’t need immediately, other we need urgently. When you come across information you need for later, you can email these links to yourself from your smartphone to your computer.

However, there is a better way right now. Pocket app which works for both iOS and Android allow you to save web pages with a single tap. They are automatically saved to your pocket account. This synchronizes with the pocket plug-in for Firefox browsers back on your PC.

Get a better keyboard

How to be productive through your smartphone

To type faster on your smartphone, you need to get rid of your default smartphone keyboard. They are often slow and clunky. Therefore, you need to download a new one.

For Android users, there is a long list of keyboards available to them. Most Android users use Swiftkey. You can also make use of Swype keyboard. Both sets of keyboards allow you to work faster on your smartphone. They are easy to use as well.


Phones are great tool for productivity. The use of smartphones for productivity is only possible if you make use of it properly. Therefore, it is essential to know the difference between proper use of smartphones and time wasting.

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The understanding of this difference will turn your phone from a time- considering tool to a productive one. We have discussed the ways you can make your phone productive.

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