Five Tips to get good robotics software engineer jobs

Get equipped with relevant tips to get good robotics software engineer jobs.

Can a robotics engineer work as a software engineer? The roles of a software engineer and a robotics engineer can look so similar yet abstract. At times, a lot of engineers have figured out a way to integrate both skills to build a solid career. In this sense, as a robotics software engineer, you are not limited to building apps and solutions for the mainstream market, but for robots, interactive and automated machines.

As a good robotics software engineer, you should get familiarized with what our roles should be. Your job includes the development and maintenance of embedded systems, testing, debugging, training, and deployment of software that supports automation.

Just as the demand for robotics software engineers is on the rise, the need to get good robotics software engineer jobs still abound. You will need robotics software engineer jobs that pay well, yet allows you to handle your full responsibility as a robotics software engineer.

This article will guide you through the essential tips that you need to get a good robotics software engineer job.

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Five Tips to get good robotics software engineer jobs

1. Start with robotics startups

There are a lot of job competitions for big brands. Instead of joining an unending waiting list of recruiters, you should start with robotic startups.

You can strategically position yourself as a niche expert in the robotics software engineering industry. Instead, you can look out for startup founders in the robotics industry and pitch them your services.

Robotics startups are always in need of capable hands. You stand a greater chance of securing the job pitching directly to them.

2. Build personal projects

You have to get your hands dirty. Nobody will hire you in as a robotics software engineer out of pity. They need proof. Your prospective recruiters need evidence. They want you to build a concrete belief in them that you are who you say you are. There is no other better way of doing this than building some personal projects. Choose some projects and build. To make it fun and increase your chances of getting hired, you can build them as a live project.

Get a social network and make your project a series. It can run in two weeks and let everyone see you compile one piece of the project each day. This builds confidence between you and your audience. If your work is credible enough, social shares, mentions can get you a good robotics software engineer job.

3. Get active on social media

Linkedin is a great social media platform to get good robotics software engineering jobs. Twitter and Facebook are also great places to be. You need to employ some social media skills, that will present you as a potential candidate that every robotics company will love to hire.

Build a strong with people working in these companies. There is nothing bad with striking a conversation with them. Inform them that you are looking for opportunities in the robotics niche. Present your portfolio and resume. Make it interactive. You can ask them to grade you or offer some feedback after the conversation. You have a greater chance of securing a job or you could have won yourself a friend. A friend that will refer you to opportunities when they come across one. There are a lot of social media platforms that you can use. Explore your options.

4. Ensure that you are certified

Before you think of applying for any robotics software engineering job, you need a furnished skillset. You need a good understanding of programming languages like C++, Java, and AI. Learning Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and edge computing is necessary as a robotics software engineer. You should consider getting certified in these areas. You must understand that you need a deep knowledge of data science, analytics, and mathematics. Your application of computer engineering and development ethics will give you a better launch at jobs.

5. Get some robotic software engineering skills

It is normal to ask yourself; what skills does a robotic software engineer need? What makes a good robotics engineer?

Robotics companies are looking for the best. They understand that robotics demands a high level of experience, expertise, and discipline. You are building critical systems that must attain a high level of accuracy and precision even without human control. This makes it essential that you are good at mechanics, electronics, sensor systems, analytics, and programming. However, because you are a robotics software engineer, you will handle more of the software and interfaces of the system.

Nevertheless, here are six essential skills that every robotic software engineer must possess.

  •   Maths, calculation, and articulate
  •   Creative thinking
  •   Team management
  •   Programming and coding
  •   Ability to learn and grow
  •   Inventive, innovative, and will love to handle complex tasks and provide solutions


What is the highest paying job in robotics?

Perception Engineering is the highest paying job in Robotics. The average annual salary of a perception engineer is around $150,000. However, as a perception engineer, you must develop next-generation perception systems aiming at improving autonomous technology.

Your salary as a perception engineer can start from $125,000 every year as an entry-level worker. It can also scale beyond $200,000 as your level of experience increases.

How much does a robotics software engineer make?

Robotics engineers make good money and their salary is dependent on their skillset and the location of their company. In the USA, the average salary of a robotics engineer ranges from $75,000 – $125,000. This ranges on an hourly wage of $37 – $60 per hour.

The salary of a robotics software engineer will vary for different countries and companies.


You mustn’t choose your preferred robotic software engineer job because of the estimated earnings. You should choose a field that you feel comfortable with and grow with your career. There is a higher tendency that you will easily get frustrated if you jump into a career just for the big pay. If you can put in great work to practice some of the tips that we offered here, I believe you will get a good robotics engineer job.

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