Five strategies on how to rank a website without backlinks

Do you want to learn how to rank a website without backlinks?

The need to seek better ways on how to improve Google search ranking has led a lot of bloggers into the quest of finding easier ways of driving organic traffic. This goes as far as having people trying to figure out how many backlinks they need to rank a website.

However, it is not new to our ears that you need backlinks to rank a website, but is it possible to rank a website without backlinks?

It is the goal of every blogger to maintain a favorable spot on SERPs, appear on the front page or Featured snippets while still maintaining their stand without being bullied out of Google’s top ten results.

Most times, a lot of bloggers, website owners, and managers fail to achieve this feat because they are doing it wrongly. While it is important to understand that link-building is the fundamental factor to organic ranking, it is also possible that you will not rank for a keyword even after building numerous backlinks to the article.

The essence of this article is to show you five strategies on how to rank a website without backlinks. This will broaden your knowledge to understand that there is more to generating organic traffic than just relying on backlinks.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are a series of links that lead from another website to your website. They are formed when someone publishes an article related to what you have posted on your blog and decides to attach your link to their article to refer to your blog/website.

Backlinks might not necessarily be articles, or web pages, web directories. Social media redirects, and news feeds can also be used to build backlinks and drive a significant amount of traffic back to your website.

Because of the loud echo for backlinks and their relationship to organic ranking, a lot of bloggers engage in black hat SEO practices for link building, generating leads, and driving organic traffic. This goes as far as having them buy and pay for backlinks. It is understandable, seeing people seek dire options to link building. You need backlinks to boost your domain authority.

It can be frustrating when you pay a huge sum of money for backlinks, take the stress of optimizing your anchor texts and still fail to rank.

You’ll always wish that there is a way to save your website and improve Google search ranking.

Is it possible to rank a website without backlinks?

This might be a tricky question, but yes, it is possible to rank a website without backlinks. There are a lot of factors in line with organic ranking. Some of these factors include; keyword difficulty, competitiveness, how old your website is, and how relevant your content is.

Link building helps you build your domain authority (DA), which in turn helps you compete against big brands over a particular keyword.

However, there is still a high possibility that you can rank a website without backlinks if you can strictly adhere to the search algorithm and ranking system of the search engine. Examples are Google ranking factors, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, or Bing SEO policies.

Nevertheless, here are five easy strategies on how to rank your website without backlinks. To rank a website, you must follow these five strategies.

Five strategies on how to rank a website without backlinks

· Offer value and relevance

One of the quickest ways of standing a chance to rank your website is by providing relevant content. Your articles should be well-curated and written to provide solutions. This begins with providing answers to the searchers’ query.

You can easily spot what your audience wants to know about a particular keyword by studying the ‘people also ask’ section. Try as much as possible to optimize those questions into subheadings or brief lines, making sure that you thoroughly answer them.

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You will stand a better chance of hitting the front page if your content provides better answers than the top 10 results for the keyword that you are targeting. Additionally, you have a better chance of converting mere impressions to clicks and sustaining more sessions on your website.

· Optimize your snippets

Snippets are the part of your web page that will appear in a few lines on the search engine results page. A good example of a snippet is your meta description. A meta description is a 155 character made up by the writer that briefly summarizes the main points explained in the article.

Your ability to structure your snippets following SEO requirements will not only give you a place on the search engine’s front page but will motivate your searchers to click on your content.

Search Engines like Google will promote web pages that they feel have a clear and simple meaning. You can optimize your making use of keywords, and getting rid of passive voice to improve the readability of your content.

· Keyword Optimization

How to rank a website without backlinks
Keyword Optimization

Keywords are the basic requirements of SEO. However, you might be doing it wrongly if you are always targeting keywords with high Keyword difficulty. Firstly, you must understand that in terms of competition, there are more advantages to targeting long-tail keywords than aiming for short-tail keywords. 

You should also ensure that the keywords have some level of search volume, while you work on drafting an SEO strategy that handles the keyword density of the content to avoid writing fluffy texts.

· Monitor your competitor’s growth strategy and replicate same

There’s no better way of ranking a website without a full SEO than to study your competitor and do better than them. You can include studying their sentence structure, keyword choices, use of H2 and H3 headings, tags, and phrases. If you can do better than them, you can outrank them.

· Understand Google web core vitals

The reason why you are not ranking might not be because you don’t have backlinks but because some elements and structure on your website do not sit well with Google’s requirements. Google web core vitals cover all elements that will affect the performance, visual stability, and responsiveness of your website.

This includes the sizes of your pictures and all Off-Page SEO formalities that affect the status of the website.

Failing to pass the core web vitals could hinder your website from enjoying the full benefits of organic ranking.


We understand that this post is centered on enlightening you on the possibility of ranking a website without backlinks, however, you shouldn’t neglect the efficacy of blending the use of link building into your SEO strategy. Running SEO without backlinks might be a faulty plan, but you should begin passing your website through a Google website rank checker to understand your blog position on certain keywords. There are a lot of tools out there that can help you achieve this. 

Nonetheless, we must make you know that mastering the skill of how to rank first on Google is not a quick-hack process especially when it deals with learning how to rank a new website. Learning how to rank website on Google’s front page is a consistent step to perfection. Do not rush the process by engaging in black hat SEO. The results might backfire and hinder the chances of your website to rank things.

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