Essential tools for designers

Every graphic designer out there needs one or two tools to get their job done daily. There are many essential tools for designers.

No matter how good you are as a designer, without the use of the right tools, your work will leave a lot to be desired.

These essential tools for designers will give your work the boost it needs.

However, knowing the right tools to make your work more creative and give it that extra boost it needs, is easier said than done especially as they are over 100 of them online.

Now the logical question here is how do you find those essential tools for your designing?

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The reason we came up with a long list of essential tools for designers to make your search easier.

These tools are great for professional graphic designers. They are among the best in the market currently.

After going through the list here, you will surely find a tool that satisfies all your needs.

Adobe Photoshop

Essential tools for designers

Released to the public in 1988, this tool has become integral part of the design world. Photoshop is an amazingly powerful tool for creating prints and patterns that will put you on top of the designing world.

Thus, Adobe Photoshop is basically a program that will take your artistic style into a digital world with confidence.

This is one of the essential tools for designers.

It is a program to compliment your artistic style and turns your vision into a reality.

This tool has so many options that it is difficult to count them all. With loads of settings that open new opportunities, possibilities, create designs that are so authentic with proper use.

The benefits of this tool include

  • Learn the basics in a step-by-step approach
  • Speed up your design process
  • It will keep you motivated by keeping in constant touch by sending you emails and lessons.
  • Help you build confidence in your design skills
  • A great way to remember what you learn.

It is one of the essential tools for designers.


Essential tools for designers

This is known as the all-in-1 photo editor used online. It has endless tools for editing purpose. It is one of the best essential tools for designers. This tool help you to create contents with professional look.

Even for those with no experience when it comes to designing, this tool can help you create impressive designs.

PicsArt even come with highly appreciated video editor which you can use to add musical sounds to your videos. The app which is available in desktop version as well has one of the largest creative community in the globe

The best thing about PicsArt is that it has simple, easy to use, and free tools.

Hence, it provides a wide range of creative web tools for business. Making the editing experience on your desktop as efficient as possible.

From great background removal to creation of new designs from scratch, you have all the necessary tools you need to become a force to be reckoned with in content creation, social media, and web marketing world.

PicsArt is a step above the basic effects and gives you trendy designs as well as magic effects that transform images completely.

The benefits of this tool include

  • Frequent tool addition
  • Impressive video editor
  • Trendy designs

All these are essential tools for designers give you room for more creativity. The latest addition is Replay which is an exclusive feature that allows you to use editing steps to your phots in quick tabs. With several unique and impressive photo effects and design tools at your fingertips.


Essential tools for designers

Filestage is an online tool made for reviewing and approval that gives complete control to designers over their content review.

The aim of this tool is to simplify the efforts of collaboration between designers and internal as well as external stakeholders on a wide range of files.

These files include images, PDFs, websites etc. Strong emphasis is placed by this tool on ease of use. The benefit of this is that your stakeholders are allowed to leave feedbacks on your content. This will help your project move forward.

The benefits of this tool include

  • Access to community of stakeholders
  • Easy monitoring of contents.

With the integrated to do list, you have a laser focus which enables you to see all comments. Through this tool, you can see the status of your project at a glance.

Therefore, you can quickly see the stakeholder that approves your design and those who rejects it. It is also one of the essential tools for designers.

ProofHub – Proofing tool

Essential tools for designers

This is one of the essential tools for designers. Designing tools are constantly overloaded with creative work that includes discussion concerning design, alternations and many other things to handle. Your designs will be checked out multiple times.

This process involves loads of changes, several feedbacks and lots of other things.

The biggest challenge designers’ face is the proofing.When you use an online tool for proofing such as Proofhub for your design, teams will assist you to manage all your tasks easily with no hassle.

It will also afford your clients the opportunity to explain things to you. It will get rid of emails communication which is not the best for open communication between clients and designers. The overall time for the entire process is reduced.

ProofHub will allow you to make changes instantly, add comments, highlights flaws discovered in your design and keep both you and your clients in the loop of things. It is one of the essential tools for designers. No doubt about that.

Adobe illustrator

Essential tools for designers

Here is a tool that offers 2D and 3D graphics manipulation. Designers alongside digital artist can make use of this illustrator to make different types of digital products. The major benefit of this tool is that it increases efficiency in the design workflow.

Adobe has consistently released exciting features in this illustrator. These include different fronts, faster creation of documents, and different style set of texts. There are other features such as enhancement of stability and improved user experience.

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All these features have made this tool one of the most essential designer tool ever. Hence, it is so suitable for both web and graphics designers. It is extremely handy and one of the essential tools for designers.


Essential tools for designers

A tool more suited to graphic designers but can be used by others. For times when you want a fast and simple, but professional design tool, it doesn’t get better than Bannersnack. Alongside, the ease to drag and drop capability through the editor.

This tool has no need for coding skills.This tools makes design accessible to everyone. This tool has comes a long way from an ordinary banner maker.

It has transitioned to a cloud based, graphic design built on collaborative effort.

You can use this tool to HTML5, GIFs, and visuals, manage remote designs teams and replace other more expensive tools. Whatever you want to do with this tool, it has many features that can help you ease the workflow and create animated and static visuals.

It is also a great tool for experienced designers too, assisting them to save time and reduce general costs. And one of the essential tools for designers.


Essential tools for designers

Here is an application for illustration. It is created solely for iPad. And it is a brilliant tool because it makes the steps of graphic designing easier. It comes with amazing selection of brushes as well and one of the essential tools for designers.

Procreate allows designers to make use of the Apple Pencil to draw on the screen directly. You are allowed to save the work you have done as PDF.

This will allow you to integrate your work with Adobe. It also records the whole drawing process.

You can get Procreate on the iPad application store. Although it is not free, it has no subscription fee attached which makes it affordable. Hence, making it one of the essential tools for designers.

Wacom Bamboo Slate

Essential tools for designers

The Wacom Bamboo is a slate that is often attached under a real paper piece. The strokes made on the paper will appear on the computer screen of the designer. Hence, it is called a magic slate.

This tools benefits the user by

  • Saving time that will be used in retyping notes
  • Instantly adding notes to cloud or help you share them afterwards.

To get this tool, you can check out, best buy for great deal on it. For quick tutorial, you should check out YouTube.

For those designers who love the sensation of a real pen to real paper, bur was to eliminate middleman of illustration. This is one of the essential tools for designers. It provides an elegant solution.

Ron’s Brushes

A great digital effect aggregate of digital paintings and illustration. Ron’s Brushes is an essential tool for advanced graphic design. It can do the following to its users.

  • Help create high quality effects for digital artwork
  • Provide a large selection of digital surrounding as well as atmosphere.

It doesn’t matter of it is digital energy, wisps, particles or any other look you may have never thought of, designers will be wowed by Ron’s Brushes.

Loads of digital artist and designer can attest to the impressiveness of this tool. You can get Ron’s Brushes from and it is one the essential tools for designers.

Essential tools for designers

For all your front needs as a designer, this is the tool for you. Hence, this tool solves a crucial problem for designers and digits artist. In addition, it gives you the idea of what fronts being used through the “whatthefront” feature in the tool. is useful to designers in the following ways

  • Gives you an archive which has a large collection of fronts. Some are free when others are lot.
  • Help you track the origin of a particular front after uploading it to the WhatTheFront tool contained in the app.

To get this tool, visit and download the free WhatTheFront application to your smartphone. Choose from the selection of free fronts, web fronts or subscribe.

To get information about the origin of the front you want, select the WhatTheFront button in the navigation option afterwards upload a screen shot of the text to know the front.

Alternatively, you can take photo shoot of the text and upload one from your phone. Tap the front you want to identify. Voila, that is all you have to do to identify any front or the origin of any text.

With all the free fronts and exclusive fronts for subscribers, this tool is essential for designer at all levels.


Essential tools for designers

This is a perfect tool for web and graphic designer. This tool is very user-friendly. It is more like a simpler version of Photoshop.

Although it is a simplified version of Photoshop, it is still a great tool capable of making gorgeous designs with only few steps of drag-and-drop. It has a large library of over 12,000 layouts that can be customized. In addition, you have a hub of design resources within this tool.

DesignBold is a great tool for building website content such as logo, header or other forms of visuals for a website. Known for been quick and cheap, it is an essential too for designer, both professionals and amateurs.

Sketch 3

Essential tools for designers

This is a designer tool for sketch media. It has all the sets of nested symbols that will assist you to create designs that can be used severally, flexible too.

It has loads of features that are vital to designers. These toolset include

Artboards, color picker, pixel perfection, text and shared styles. In conclusion, Sketch 3 is an essential tool for designers no matter the category you belong too.


Essential tools for designers

In most interactions that take a user from one point to the next, they are realized through forms. As a designer, chances are that you will need to use forms in most pages. Hence, the need to have a well designed form is crucial to the page and the entire layout. It improves the conversion rate too. This is the reason you should use Jotform.

It offers forms that are made in with form design principles. Therefore, they are easy to create and to add to your page. In addition, you can connect your forms to other applications with Jotform offering over 30 or more integrations.


Essential tools for designers

Here is another amazing tool for designers. It helps designers to highlight any part of a web page and add notes to it easily. The difference between this tool and others that made this list is that you can use it as a social bookmarking tool.

This will enable you to tag others and share pages. With the outliner feature in Diigo, you can structure your research through automated streaming or personal customization. All these are made possible through the advanced features in this tool. This tool has more than 9 million at the time of writing this post. Hence, it is recognized as one of the most essential tool for designers.



To become a good designer, you need more than just creative ideas. In other words, there are essential tools for designers. You need to have the necessary tools and equipment. Having a handful of tools will give you a solid foundation for communication. It will make it easier to communicate your ideas, and ease the work.

Therefore to make the transition from a designer to a good one, you need to have these essential tools listed here.

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