Dell Opiplex 7710

Desktops have taken a step back since the emergence of laptops. There are few of them that are better than having a laptop. Dell Opiplex 7710 is a perfect example of such desktop. Its aim is to aid you carry out all your day’s activities. Their aim is to make you work easier.

Hence, the reason this particular one is called workstation. Desktops are very crucial to our daily activities most especially in the office. During working hours or managing sensitive files at home, there is so much our desktops do for us.

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That is why most of us look for durable, powerful, but affordable option when we want to purchase a new desktop. Therefore, if you are looking for a new desktop, or to purchase a desktop for the first time, Dell Opiplex 7010 is the way to go.

Dell Optiplex Specs

This desktop runs on windows 8 pro. This ensures advanced performance, flexibility as well as amazing connectivity to make things easier for you to do. We are going to be looking at the specifications for both the Dell Optiplex i7 and Dell Optiplex i5.

We shall start with the i5

This is a budget desktop system. With a small form factor PC. It comes with built in speakers. The CPU is built on Intel Core i5 (3rd generation).

The maximum speed of this desktop is 3.6 GHz. It is made with a quad-core processor. The main feature of this processor is the Intel turbo boost technology second version found inside it.

It has a cache memory that is up to 6MB with a process of the same size. The speed of the RAM of Dell Optiplex i5 is 1.6GHz with an installed size of 2GB.

Maximum storage space is 16GB. In addition, the maximum operating temperature is 10 degree Celsius, while the 35 degree Celsius. Dell Optiplex hard drive for the core i5 has a storage space of 250GB.

Dell Optiplex i5 Network

This desktop support networks protocol like Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. The Ethernet is controlled by Intel. This desktop comes with preinstalled software which is the Microsoft office. This include office suit 2013. It also includes product key card or disc.

Dell Optiplex Dimension

This desktop has a width of 3.7 inches. While the height is measured 11.4 inches and it comes with a depth of 12 inches.

Dell Optiplex i5 Audio

The desktop comes with built-in speakers. The have integrated form factor. With a stereo sound output mode. It has a 192KHz maximum sampling rate. Furthermore, you have a high definition audio compliant standard in this desktop. All these make it a great entertainment device like your laptop.

Dell Optiplex i7 Specs

We told you that we shall talk about this amazing desktop in two ways based on the Core. We shall discuss the specifications of the i7 now. Dell Optiplex i7 was released to the public in 2012.

It has Intel i7 – 3370 3rd generation processor. With a speed of 3.4 GHz Quad core. The graphics are powered by Intel high definition. Therefore, you can describe this desktop as a 64 – bit quad – core high end machine.

It is one of the fastest desktops after the introduction of a microprocessor by Intel in 2012. The new microprocessor was designed to operate at a turbo mode of 3.9GHz for a single core. This particular chip has the capability to support up to 32 GiB of DDR3.

Initially, this chip or microprocessor was operating at 3.5GHz. It was built using the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture as the bases. The addition of the DDR3 SDRAM was to make the transfer of data twice faster than what was obtainable in the previous DDR2 SDRAM.

What this means is that there is a higher bandwidth that enable two transfers per cycle. However, to process heavy applications, you should upgrade to 16GB capacity. Hence, the i7 is faster than the i5 as a result of the addition of the DDR3.

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In addition, the i7 comes with a cache memory of 8MB built on L3 type. It also has a duel channel memory. Preinstalled RAM is 4GB with a rate speed of 1.6GHz.

This desktop comes with a hard drive space of 500GB. Audio comes with dynamic video memory technology version 5.0 memory allocation technology. This ensures better audio experience.

Dimension of the i7

The width of the desktop is 7.0 inches while the height is 14 inches with a depth of 16 inches.

Differences between the i7 and i5

Though both processors are similar, there are noticeable differences between both of them. We shall look at these differences to help you make a choice between the two.

  • Speed

The first one is the speed of transfer of files. The introduction of the DDR3 SDRAM technology which was used to build the i7 is responsible for increased speed of transferring files because it is way faster than the DDR2 SDRAM which was used in the i5.

  • Cache memory

The second is the cache memory. The i5 has a cache memory of 6MB while the i7 has a cache memory of 8MB.

  • RAM

The preinstalled RAM space of the i5 is 2GB while that of the i7 is 4GB. That means the i7 will support more applications. Hence, you can run heavier applications on it than on the i5.

  • Hard drive

The hard drive space of the i7 is 500GB while that of the i5 is 250GB. Hence, there is a larger storage space on the i7 than the i5.

  • Software package

The Core i7 has Microsoft window7 64-bit edition with it. While the i5 has Microsoft office version 7 both the 2013 edition installed in it.


They are both mini tower desktops. Their uses are the same, for corporate business, small business. Both of them have quad-core processors. They share similar networks protocol too.

The Audio output of both versions of the Dell Optiplex 7010 is the same alongside their maximum sampling rate. Furthermore, they have the same three – year warranty.

How Old is Dell Optiplex 7010

Dell Opiplex

The first Dell Optiplex 7010 was launched in 2012 which means that this desktop is over 8 years old. Furthermore, new models of the Optiplex workstation is changed every year or a year and half.

Dell Optiplex 7010 power

The original Dell Optiplex 7010 system can be repaired and maintained by Dell NFRTK PSU. Therefore, you can repair errors fast without spending much. A faulty power supply will cause complete failure of the computer, but that is in a worst case scenario.

Dell Optiplex power supply is under the NFRTK model. This will help you to know if your Dell machine is compatible with the source power supply. For more information, you can check the Dell Optiplex manual. All the components are listed there.

The maximum output of the Dell Optiplex adapter is 275 watts. This is will provide enough power for the system base. For those who desire to use video cards and other high – energy consuming components, you should check if the power supply to the desktop can give enough power to use them. The Dell Optiplex adapter is measured 0.08 meters, and weighs 2Kg. Created by NFRTK.

If the adapter becomes faulty, you need not to worry because it is easy to find original spare parts from Dell. Hence, you should expect to get full compatibility with the desktop. Dell Optiplex adapter comes with no further accessories.

How to install video graphics card on Dell Optiplex 7010

Dell Opiplex

There are some models of the Dell Optiplex that comes with the capability to render graphics through the use of integrated video chip which is found on the motherboard. However, the ability of Dell Optiplex to render 3D graphics is limited. Hence the reason your computer needs graphics intensive software.

The advantage of this is that it will improve video performance totally. Installation of a dedicated graphics card to one of the auxiliary component interconnects spaces in the motherboard. Furthermore, dedicated cards unlike the integrated graphics make use of their own RAM and processor that is why they improve the quality of the video seen on the desktop.

To carry out the process of installation of card graphics in a Dell Optiplex, follow the steps below.

  • Click on windows -R to open Run. Type in devmgmt.msc and press enter.
  • Expand the “Display adapter category that will appear on your screen. Right click the existing video driver and click Uninstall. Ensure you follow the directives that will appear on your screen to get rid of the Dell Optiplex driver.
  • Afterwards, shut down the computer, remove the power cable when the Desktop goes off and disconnect the peripherals as well as drives.
  • Set the Optiplex on its side. Slide the release latch. It is located near the back of the computer case, as you open the cover, remove the panel from the tabs securing it to the case. Touch the case to the ground to ensure static energy don’t discharge.
  • Thereafter, find the PCI slots positioned at the rear of the motherboard.Locate the retention mechanism that is kept at the back of the case beside the expansion slots.
  • Push the tab securing the retention latch to the case. Lift the retention latch when possible, or squeeze either side of the retention mechanism and pull it up with other hand to get rid of it from the case. Afterwards, take out the PCI slot filler bracket. Line the notches on the graphics card ends with the gaps in the expansion socket.
  • Put the metal bracket on the side of the graphics card in the gap between the computer case and the motherboard. Push the card down into the PCI slot. Afterwards, screw the card to the Optiplex. Reassemble the Dell Optiplex and plug the video cable into the video socket at the back of the new card.

Please note that the installation process vary depending on what Optiplex model you are working with. Hence, you should look at the Dell Optiplex manual to aid you.

Dell Optiplex access Bios

Dell Opiplex

To power on your system without entering windows, use the following instructions.

Start by tapping the F2 key to enter system setup. Do this when the logo of Dell company appear. If you have problem work entering setup, press F2 as soon as the keyboard LED first flash. Thereafter, click start flag button you will see on the menu and chose settings.

The next step is to select update and security. Afterwards, click recovery on the left- hand menu. From there proceed to advanced start – up and tap restart now.

The next step is to select troubleshoot. Chose advanced options and select UEFI Firmware settings. Finally, tap restart to restart and enter the BIOS.

Price and Availability

Though the Dell Optiplex 7010 is over 8 years old, it is still an impressive desktop. Offering reliable performance for multitasking and with sufficient space for digital files. However, on Amazon you will find the renewed version. You can get this for $197 (Eight – five thousand naira). It comes with a 90 – day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

You can get replacement cases as well from most online stores. Price ranges between $20 to $60. Dell Optiplex is available on eBay, Alibaba, Jumia and a host of others.

Dell Optiplex 7010 Display Port–to–HDMI

We have come up with two methods to connect your Dell Optiplex 7010 to an HDMI port. We shall start with the use of an adapter with standard HDMI lead. The second is by using a bog – standard DP to HDMI cable. These two methods work well.

However to avoid audio issues, ensure that your TV’s has its audio playback device set as default in windows. If you have other models of Dell Optiplex like the 7020, you can adopt this method as well.


Dell Optiplex 7010 is not a new desktop. However it has maintained its reputation as one of the best and affordable desktops around. Performance wise, it’s is impressive. Although it lacks most of the modern technology you will find in newer models as a result of being over 8 years old, it won’t let you down with a few tweaks.

There is the processors i3, i5, i7. We discussed the last two processors in details. We believe that most people will like to pay attention both since they are far superior in performance than the i3.

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