Content Creation: 6 Steps on How To Be a Content Creator

Content creation is making waves in today’s age. The market opportunities it has is something worthy of note. But, even with the level of advanced technology and a variety of platforms, many still don’t know how to begin their content creation journey. However, many who are into content creation lack tips on how to retain their audience. Understanding why you are into content creation is necessary to help you have a target.

Apart from the influence and fame, there is also monetary gain in content creation. But knowing how to attract your audience with your content determines how well and how much you will earn. The market is big already; hence, you need something spectacular to announce yourself.

Creativity is the soul of content creation. While the digital world is already populated, creativity will distinguish you as a content creator. With the right strategies, mindset, and creativity, anyone can become a successful content creator. This article will serve as a guide to becoming a content creator. Every step listed here is practical and has helped a lot of persons overcome several hurdles in content creation.

Who is a content creator?

In simple words, a content creator is one who produces entertaining, educative, or informative content on digital platforms. In other words, anyone who is creative is a content creator. There are different niches and platforms one can specialize in as a content creator. You could be creating videos on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. You could also own a blog, write interesting posts on social media platforms, and many more.

How to make money via content creation

Content creation is very versatile and broad. Like we said earlier, there are so many ways to earn depending on the type of content you make.

  • Blogging
  • Video creation
  • Social Media influencer


One of the most common ways to earn from content creation as a blogger is via ads. Bloggers use links a lot in their posts. They use these links to run adverts for a company or a business. If your content generates massive clicks for you, you can monetize that. Your influence and popularity can make brands sign you up for business. Or you meet reputable companies, disclose your blog statistics, sell yourself, and get to work with them.

How to make money from blogging

Note, blogging is only a part of content creation. This part involves mainly writing intriguing blog posts to attract people. You could focus on news and the latest trends, fashion, education, religion, etc. Just find something that excites people. Starting a blog is not so difficult. You can use Bluehost to build a variety of blogs from scratch. All you need is consistency and creativity.

Video content creation

Creating videos is another example of earning from content creation. You can take advantage of YouTube, Instagram, etc. After you pass the criteria for monetizing your videos on YouTube, you can begin to run ads on your videos through YouTube AdSense. This way, YouTube will pay you for the number of people who watched that ad via your video. On average, a 10 minutes video can earn you $5 for 1,000 views. Also, outside YouTube AdSense, there are other ways to monetize your YouTube channel. You can do sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, courses, and even sell your products if you have one.

Social Media Influencer

Content creation is very lucrative, especially on Facebook and Instagram. If you have consistently built a healthy profile through your content on social media, that’s the fastest way to becoming an influencer. You stand a chance of gaining popularity and attracting brands to yourself.

As a social media influencer, brands may approach you to sell their product or service to your audience. This kind of partnership is common on Instagram, and that is why you hear about Instagram influencers. Despite the niche you want to focus on, how much you will make from content creation depends on the quality of your content. Your creativity will attract people, and that will automatically announce you.

Tips on how to become successful content creation

When you have finally decided to go into content creation, here are few things to help you make your journey smooth.

Pick the right platform

This tip will determine the nature of your journey. For example, it is quite hard to trend as a fashion freak on LinkedIn. The best platform for fashion and the likes is Instagram. After you have a clear picture of the kind of content you want to create, you will have to pick a platform that will promote you. Also, choosing the right platform makes it easier for brands to identify you. Like we explained earlier, for visual-based content, Instagram or YouTube is your go-to. For written content, Facebook, a blog, or website is best for you. In all, the main thing is to be where people will appreciate your content.

Don’t forget your Target Audience

When creating content, always keep your target audience in mind. Your audience determines the success of your journey, so you must create exciting content. The happiness of your audience is your success. Know the age group that is attracted to your content, know your competitors, and what differentiates you from them. The best way to know all these is by following comments, responses, and opinions of your audience. Furthermore, engage your audience. You can ask questions via Instagram polls, Facebook posts, or by running an online survey. Note, question, and answer sections are a great way to build trust.

Stay current

Information boosts your creativity. You must learn to follow trends, read, and stay current. Have a sound knowledge of things happening in your industry, country, or city. The digital world is growing fast, and you must not be left behind. Learn to follow trends relating to your niche. If you’re a fashion freak, always know the latest fashion show or news. If you are a food enthusiast, learn to travel, and review popular food restaurants, try new recipes, be spontaneous and flexible.

Content creation

Most of the time, your content will be dry and stale if it doesn’t cover recent developments in society. However, your following trends does not mean highlighting every trend on your content. You must sieve the ones you need and discard the rest. In a bid to follow trends, don’t highlight things that are irrelevant to your audience. They don’t need plenty of rubbish, but little quality that will keep them loyal to you.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to real followership. Content creation should be a continuous journey to retain your audience. You have to continue posting on your blog, channel, or page to stay up-to-date. Consistency will not only grow your audience but will also increase your chances of recognition and engagements. However, posting at intervals will make your audience anticipate your content, but don’t keep them waiting for long.

Also, in a bid to be consistent, don’t put out content with low quality. A little mistake can affect your business. If you lack inspiration for some time, you can repost previous posts or videos that were very engaging. The issue of consistency is a common problem in content creation because many run out of ideas along the line. If you are not a Lifestyle blogger, it is not easy to keep up with your audience.

A Lifestyle blogger is at an advantage because he/she gets to share daily happenings to their audience, unlike when you have to produce entertaining or informative content. Well, you shouldn’t beat yourself if you are not a Lifestyle blogger, as you are a human being, and that is bound to happen. You can create a schedule to help you strike a balance. Also, dwell on things that inspire you and make you happy; that is one way to never run dry on ideas.

Check your Analytics

One key factor for having a successful content creation journey is considering analytics. If you are on a platform like Twitter, use Twitter audience insight. If you own a blog or website, always check your Google Analytics account. These analytics will help you identify your flaws and the areas you need adjustment. Check the number of engagements on each topic on your page or website. You can focus on the genre that did well.

For example, if you write on the Nutritional values of some Foods, and it receives a lot of positive feedback, you can write another topic still on nutrition. The same thing applies to visual-based content. If you create a video on How to Lose Belly Fat, the amount of engagement you get should prompt you to create another related video.

How to Delete Google Analytics Account

But if the reverse is the case, then you should refrain from making such content, as it doesn’t please your audience. In other words, your analytics should determine your content. Also, you can embark on a weekly review of your page or website; that will help you make changes earlier.

Be authentic and unique

There are too many content creators in the industry already: from writers to videographers to influencers, and more. Creativity is not a new thing, but your ability to stand out from the crowd is a big deal. What can you do to create a real loyal audience? Be original, authentic, and unique. That’s the secret. Don’t try to copy anyone’s content. While you must follow trends, endeavor to standout.

Content theft (plagiarism) is not taken seriously in this part of the world, but that should not deter you from being original. If you must talk about trends, give your honest opinion about it, don’t copy anyone. Remember, repeating what another blogger or influencer has said will bore your audience.

Content creation

Meanwhile, one strong quality you should have as a content creator is spontaneity. Always try something new every day. The beauty of content creation lies in the flexibility, no rules except to please your audience. In cases where there are too many individuals in your niche market, you can try something new. But put in your best, so you can give the best.

Furthermore, do not be limited to your niche. You can consider running more than one content creation niche if you can. Being an Instagram influencer shouldn’t prevent you from being a YouTube fitness coach. Also, being a writer should not prevent you from being a comedian on Instagram. Content creation is broad; your ability to explore and have fun is content on its own. That way, you have a larger segment of the audience, multiple endorsements, popularity, and, of course, more money.

Also, if your uniqueness lies in your ability to do many things at a time, do not limit yourself. That can be your selling point. In addition to that, your ability to create content on different niches will expose you to growth opportunities. It will also give you the chance to become a digital creator in general.


Content creation allows creative people to turn their talents into a source of income. You do not need too many skillsets to begin your journey. However, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires diligence, commitment, consistency, and patience. It also requires hard work and creativity.

Avoid rushing into it with the mindset of making millions immediately (you will still make money anyway). Focus on quality, uniqueness, and passion. Then every other thing will begin to fall in place gradually. These simple tips we have discussed will help you if you follow through judiciously. Although they are simple, they are necessary for beginners and anyone already in the content creation business.

Finally, content creation comes with a lot of criticism, both constructive and sheer pessimism. Even as a blogger, people will backlash you, use harsh words on your business. Develop a tough skin for society. Since you are dealing with humans, you will face criticism. But that should not discourage you. Hence, before you go into content creation, develop a strong personality that can withstand the heat from society.

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