Blogging: The beginners guide

Are you thinking of starting a blog? Blogging has become one of the fastest way to express your opinion in the digital space.

Starting a blog isn’t just about having passion, it also requires that you have certain skill for you to generate massive result and this is the reason for this blog post.

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One important question you should ask yourself is why am I going into blogging? This question settles lots of other things like choosing your niche, choosing a domain name and knowing your target audience.

Your why summarizes all your blog is all about. For example, if you will be going into a health blog, you have to know what problem your blog will be solving there. The health sector is very wide and you can’t assume that you can solve every problem in the sector. This also has to do with blogs you will be creating. You have to know why you want to start blogging. Remember, people are recognized and paid according to the problems they are solving.

In addition,

One thing you need to understand is that people don’t just visit a blog because they are jobless, what people are searching for online is solution and once you offer them the required solution, they will be loyal to you and always keep coming back and will be ready to throw their money at you because your blog is solving a problem.

5 Reasons Why You Should Own a Blog

Helps you Build Loyal Audience

One thing blogging does is to help you build audience that are ready to listen to you any day and anytime because they know about your expertise in that niche.

This is why it is very important you write on something you know, so people can know you and build trust with you overtime.

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Once people get to know who you and what your blog is all about, they will gladly subscribe to your email list and become active contributors on your blog.

One thing that makes a blog effective and relevant is your audience. Once there is no audience to listening to you, your blog is a waste.

Express your views

Do you have expertise in a skill or a topic or a profession? A blog enables you to express your view about what you believe in.

Blogging isn’t for jobless and dumb people. If you are looking at staying for long in this blog business, then you must be able to air your view professionally with profound knowledge in it.

If you have a skill or knowledge, then be bold enough to air your view. People only listen to confident people.

Learn a new skill

If there’s any skill you want to be really good at now, it is acquiring a digital skill like blogging. People are paid to write on blogs and manage blogs.

Blogging is a skill that will always be relevant as long as there are businesses because 80% of businesses are looking for people to manage their blogs.

To build your brand

One thing people don’t know about branding is that branding isn’t a blog, logo or business card but branding is who you are.

It is who people perceive you to be or what they think about you the moment your name is mentioned.

The moment you own a blog and begin writing, it gives people a perception of who you are and what you do.

Let’s assume you own a health blog, so definitely when people think about you, they know who you are and what you do.

This is the issue with venturing into so many niche because people won’t know who exactly you are.

There is no problem talking about different niche but build a blog first and let people know you before diversifying into other niche.

Once people know you and your brand, they will be ready to listen to you.

Monetizing your niche

The main reason for owning a blog isn’t because of the monetary reward although there should be monetary reward after a while.

Money doesn’t come because you own a blog but money comes because you are solving a problem in that niche.

This is what is called passion to profit. So you can integrate systems like affiliate marketing, google ads and information marketing technology on your blog to generate revenue for you while you focus on content writing for your blog.


It requires time and hard work

One thing people never want to hear is time and hard work, all they seek is just monetary reward always.

This is why money must be the least thing you seek when you start a blog but being a problem solver because there are days money will come and some it won’t as a beginner.

This is how life rewards people. Once you solve a problem then money comes to you and this money don’t just come, it takes time and hard work.

That’s why I run away from blogs that say they will show you how to make N5,000,000 in 7 days, while their content is good, it might not work for you because you are just starting.

What they don’t tell you is that overtime they’ve built traffic and content and systems that will enable them make that huge sum of money.

It requires monetary investment

Before money can be made, money has to be invested into your blog. Blogs don’t just make money without financial investment.

From your domain name and hosting platform purchase to the content writing if you will be hiring someone to write consistently for you.

Once these systems are in place be sure to earn from your blog.


A niche is an area of specialization that you are good at. When picking a niche for your blog, you have to focus on solving a problem in that niche.

If you are skilled at lots of stuffs, you shouldn’t put everything on a blog except if it is a news blog so you don’t confuse your audience.

So if you are planning on going into so many niches, then have separate blogs. And also, while choosing a niche, choose something you are good at.

Don’t choose a niche because of money except you want to hire a content writer that can write on that niche.

Let people know your blog for something.


Finally, choosing a domain name is very important.

Many new bloggers fail in this area because they choose their blog domain names based on what they want and not what the blog needs.

While considering purchasing a blog domain, the name must be in alignment with your niche.

You cant choose a and all you do is write on sport, while that domain is good, it can only work for personal brand and not for a sport gist.

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The reason why brand choose a name that people can relate with is so people can easily recognize them and know what they do.

When people hear your domain name, does it ring a bell before they visit your website.

There are millions of blogs online, if I have to rack my brain to know what you do, then I’ll rather opt for other blogs that I can easily relate with.

So if you are considering a sports blog or health blog or agricultural blog etc, make sure you choose a domain people can relate with.

I hope this blog post helped you.

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