Blogger vs WordPress 2021 Review: Which is the best?

Are you thinking of starting a career in blogging? Finding it hard to pick one between blogger and WordPress? A blogger vs WordPress 2021 review will give you a head start in making the right choice.

Our intentions for owning a website/blog differ. To some business owners, they need an eCommerce store while some want a website to monetize their skills. A considerable amount of bloggers are just in the business for fun; display and improve their writing skills.

Our purpose for creating a website differs, this will also affect our preferred blogging platforms.

There are a lot of blogging platforms available to use, but constant arguments revolve around Blogger vs WordPress. Your decision for any blogging platform will reflect in your user experience, chances for organic ranking, marketing, and monetization techniques.

This means that if you make the wrong choice, you are likely to run into hurdles in your blogging journey. We are offering you a detailed blogger vs WordPress 2021 review. This will help you choose which of them best suits your blogging needs.

Blogger vs WordPress 2021 Review

There are similar features that make up a good blog platform. We will be analyzing Blogger and WordPress using these features.

Features of a good blog platform

1.      SEO

Before choosing WordPress or Blogger or any other blogging platform that you have in mind, you must analyze your chances of appearing on Google searches. This will include the ease to drive traffic and optimize your website for organic ranking.

2.      Ease of use and Simplicity

How easy is it to use your preferred blogging platform? You wouldn’t love to get locked out of your account for failing to navigate properly. A good blogging platform should be easy and simple to use.

3.      Monetization

If your reason for blogging grows beyond your passion for writing, you could consider turning it into a business. However, the blogging platform in use will go a long way to determine your chances of setting up payment gateways and channels. This also includes optimizing your pages to earn from your content 

4.      Support

At some point in your blogging career, you might get stuck with some things. This might come from issues in your backend, cyberattacks, or login issues. It is necessary to build your website with a responsive support team.

5.      Cost of management

It is your first trial with building and managing a website. You will love to cut costs without spending all your life savings trying to set up your website.

6.      Content management

How organized will your web pages look? Are there good templates? Fonts and designs? The structure of content management used on a website wouldn’t only give your brand a good name but will help you retain clients.

7.      Security

The security system of your proposed blogging platform is important. This helps you reduce the chances of cyber penetration.

What is the difference between Blogger and WordPress?

At this point, a lot of questions are running through your mind. Is Blogger good for SEO? Why should I use blogger? How much does blogger com cost? Is WordPress blog free?

We will help you analyze Blogger vs WordPress. This will help you select which one suits your blogging ideas.

1.      SEO

Blogger is owned and managed by Google, but this does not guarantee that there are preferential treatments given to Blogger users. There are diverse opinions on how SEO-friendly Blogger and WordPress could be.

Personally, if you are looking for a better SEO-friendly platform, then WordPress is the best choice. Blogger has slight SEO limitations that make it difficult to rank websites. WordPress supports the use of plugins, which can help a beginner put up and publish SEO-friendly content.

2.      Ease of use and simplicity

WordPress comes with easier support that makes you build a complex website with easier handling. While blogger lacks the use of plugins, it is also built with simplicity with other alternatives. In place of plugins in WordPress, Blogger comes with gadgets. 

This enables users to optimize their pages to meet certain requirements. This includes; email subscription and blog search features. A beginner blogger might find both blogging platforms easy to use, but WordPress offers more interactive features.

3.      Monetization

Monetization techniques are similar across all blog platforms, with little difference. Blogger and WordPress support the use of ads for earnings, affiliate marketing, and guest blogging.

Unlike WordPress, Blogger has no support for an eCommerce store. Blogger is mainly built for blogs and not online stores. WordPress opens a brand new world of monetization with endless opportunities.

4.      Support

Both blogging platforms have good support systems. In a few minutes, you can set up a blogger website.  However, you will need to customize your website using HTML codes. This means that a newbie or a novice in the programming world will do little or nothing with it.

WordPress provides built-in support that makes configuration easy. All you have to do is to download and install the WordPress CMS and set up your blog to your taste. Unfortunately, blogger does not offer a standby admin support system that handles all user queries in case you run into any problem.

5.      Cost of Management

Blogger is an entire blogging platform, while WordPress has slight variations. is free but is not. The platform will not permit you to self-host your website, so you might not get a unique domain. will require that you get a domain and subscribe to a hosting plan. This might also include designing your blog with paid or unpaid themes to get the template that you desire.

Critical issues like security cannot be neglected. The safety of your website goes beyond the blogging platform that you are operating on. Blogger provides users with maximum security features. On the other hand, the safety of your WordPress website depends on the efforts you put in to secure it.


Choosing between WordPress vs blogger should be based on what you want to achieve. You must put into consideration your budget, futuristic goals, business models, niche market and intentions for your audience.

You might not be able to deal with the complexity that comes with using blogger, but you can also choose to start up with the free version of WordPress without attracting additional costs.

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