Best Fuel Economy Cars in 2020

Having a car can put serious strain on your savings. For fuel economy cars, you are on the righ track. Then, when you think about the gas consumption needs of your automobile, you become worried.

Trendy buyers now focus on an SUV more than they did before, the demand for cars with low fuel consumption has not waned over the years.

Although cars have become heavier with the increase in weight of the engines, the technological advancement in mechanics allows modern cars to be more efficient than their predecessor.

The reason these car makers work so hard to give us fuel economy cars is because lowering mileage cost is an admirable goal.

In the cars we are going to list below, there are no electronic gadgets or batteries. They are all with efficient engines that make give you average power with the smallest amount of gas possible.

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This list is based on the EPA estimates on total fuel economy rating. They include ultra- saving hatchbacks to amazingly efficient sedans.

Hence, this list will help you to make a better choice when next you visit a dealer for your purchase. That is if fuel economy cars will be a worry to you.

Hyundai accent

Fuel Economy Cars

This year’s model of the Hyundai accent is among the most efficient cars. It’s is also budget friendly. The features are simple and it is part of the fuel economy cars.

These features include a driver’s seat that allows the height to be changes to suit whoever want to use it. It also comes with Bluetooth. Other features include Apple carplay, Android Auto. You also get heated seats advanced driving aids for drivers.

This car is a great choice for a middle sized need. This is as a result of the roomy backseat, and also comes with excellent warranty. The summary of the fuel consumption of this car is given below

  • Yearly fuel cost $1,150 manual transmission, automatic is $1,100
  • Fuel economy for manual transmission 33 miles per gallon. 36 mile per gallon for automatic transmission

From this breakdown, you can see that the Hyundai accent is a great choice when fuel economy is your main concern in a car. Hence it is among the best fuel economy cars in 2020.

Toyota Camry 2020

Fuel Economy Cars

The list of fuel economy cars will not be complete without a Toyota model in it. It is one of the most demanded names in the automotive industry with over 4 million sales worldwide and also one of the best when it comes to efficiency.

The new Toyota Camry is estimated to go 34 miles per gallon for complete driving. However, there is a catch to these projections. The catch here is that this estimate only works for the base L model.

For upper trim rides on bigger wheels and tired, the estimates are different.  The four – cylinder versions of the car is expected to go as low as 13 miles per gas or less.

All in all, whatever model you decide to go for, even the trims will consume fuel at a lot less rate than most of its competitors. In addition, the 2.5 liter engine allows the power to go down when you want it to.

With a large trunk, and a generous amount of features, this car comes with lots of advantages including airy cabin.

The breakdown of the fuel consumption of this car is explained below

  • Annual fuel cost is $ 1, 150 for the L model
  • Fuel economy is estimated to be 34 miles per gallon.

Toyota is a great choice to make when comfortability and affordability is a deal breaker for you.

Now in addition, fuel economy is another reason to buy this car because it is part of the fuel economy cars in town. Hence the reason is on this list.

2020 Nissan Altima

Fuel Economy Cars

With a change in design made to the last year edition, the 2020 model of the Nissan Altima is one of the newest faces I middle size segment.

It performs all the conventional works a sedan does. In addition, it comes with a stunning suit of a driver assistance system.

This driver assistance system is known as the ProPilot Assist. It comprises of adaptive cruise control with a lane centering help. It also comes with other features for safety for semi – automated driving.

Although most manufacturers have these features, it feels natural with the Altima than it is on others.

The fuel economy is nothing short of impressive with a fantastic consumption of 32 miles per gallon in combined driving. The price is also competitive.

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However, you have to step up if you want the ProPilot Assist. The fuel consumption data is given below

  • Yearly fuel cost is $1, 200.
  • Fuel economy is estimated as 32 miles per gallon.

All these features are the reason why this car is among the best fuel economy cars in this year.

Honda Civic 2020

Fuel Economy Cars

This 2020 Honda Civic is still dominant over all the small sedan class. Major features include a stunning roomy cabin and fine – tuned suspension that perfectly balances comfort and clean six trims.

Beginning with the LX which is the simplest form, but comes with full suite of highly advanced safety features. Surely it is among the body of fuel economy cars in 2020.

It is from the EX trim that things start to become very interesting. The standard 2.0 liter, four plug engine has been replaced by a 1.5 liter that is turbocharged. It is more efficient and powerful.

Hence the reason we included it in this list. The fuel consumption breakdown of this car is given below.

  • Yearly cost of fuel is $ 1, 100
  • Fuel economy is 36 miles per gallon.

Having looked at the benefits of this car and how efficient the engine if this car is, that is why we added to this list. It is one of the best fuel economy cars you can find currently.

Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Fuel Economy Cars

With a small price tag on it and a mid compact sedan is a twin to the mileage hatchback. It is one of the newest cars that are cheap currently. It is a great means of transportation at a very competitive price.

The addition of a long warranty and efficient fuel economy with estimate of 37 miles per gallon combined makes it a great automobile to buy. However, there are downsides to this car and there are a bit significant.

It takes about 13 seconds to get to 60 miles per hour. Additionally, it is loud no matter whether you are driving or stuck in traffic.

Furthermore, the seat offers poor comfort. However for those whose main concern is having a car with low mileage, this is as good as it gets.

It gives you a choice to pick between the manual transmission which gives a five -speed gear transmission and continuous variable automatic.

Also, the LE adds a 15 inches alloy wheels as well as heated seats (only in front).Other features in the LE include

  • Leather – wrapped steering wheel, touchscreen which comes with Apple carplay and Android automatic smartphone connection.

The ES version of this car on the other hand include

  • 14 inches steel wheel
  • Cruise control for a better driving experience
  • Touchscreen display as well as Bluetooth
  • USB port with a sound system that comes with four speakers.
  • Keyless entry and auto climate control

However the SE version has combines the features of both the LE and ES in addition to proximity entry. The breakdown of how the car fuel economy works is below

  • Yearly fuel cost is $1,100 for the manual transmission, while the auto cost $1,050
  • Estimated fuel economy is 35 miles per gallon for the manual. While that of the auto is 37 miles per gallon.

All these features are the reason this car is on our list of best fuel economy cars this year. You have to take our word for it.

Why? It is simply because you are going to enjoy this fuel economy cars listed.

Honda Civic Coupe 2020

Fuel Economy Cars

Most of us can say that Civic regained its popularity after the release of the newest model in 2016. The benefits of this car in addition to fuel economy include

  • Large space cabin with top quality materials.
  • Lots of standard advanced technology and safety features.
  • Highly vigilant forward collision which can be a little frustrating.
  • Amazing fuel economy and great performance which is made possible through its turbo engine.
  • Offers quality rides which balances confront and athletic performance.

Prior to the release of the modern models of Civics before 2016 were underwhelming based on design and its quality. The new models are perfect and worthy vehicles.

This year’s model on one hand has gotten updates in design both in front and at the back.

These include fog light, powerful and adjustable driver seats. We also have an additional installation of sound which is a reply to the complaints of noise by users.

The Honda Civic Coupe comes in LX, Ex, Sport, and So trims.

The base model, the LX comes with lots of equipment. However for extra features, you should consider the Sport.

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The EX on the other hand comes with turbocharged engine in addition to all other features.

The breakdown of this cars fuel economy is shown below

  • Yearly fuel cost for the automatic transmission is put at $ 1, 800. For the manual transmission, you have to spend an estimated $ 1, 950.
  • Fuel economy estimate for is put at 25 miles per gallon for the manual transmission. While the automatic consumes 27 miles per gallon.

It is difficult to find a less – fuel consuming Coupe right now. Hence the reason it is on this list.

Besides the fuel economy, this car comes with great feature such as touchscreen Apple carplay and Android auto integration alongside an impressive audio system which consists of eight speakers.

Honda Accord 2020

Fuel Economy Cars

This is part of the 10th generation of Accords which was released to the public in 2018. It made us rediscover our love for sedan all over again. There are no changes to this year’s model though.

It is very stylish and it is big on utility. Fun to drive as well as a result of the peppy engine and also available in manual transmission.

With a huge space measuring about 16 cubic feet. The Honda is among the largest cars in its category.

Additionally, there are lots of technologies added to this car as well. Lane keeping system, traffic sign recognizing application, and wireless phone charger.

Although it may not have the number of features found in the Mazda 6 and others, it is an all- round vehicle.

This year’s Honda Accord was released to the public in five models. They include LX, EX, EX – L, Touring, and Sport. Out of all the models mentioned, the LX is the least expensive but is averagely equipped.

The top- trim touring is the most expensive and has the most features.

With a turbocharged 1.5 liter four -cylinder engine which comprises of 192 H.P and 192 Ib-ft torque is the standard for all the models of the Accord. The only exception is the Touring.

For more speed and power, we suggest you take the Sport model.

The engine is a turbocharged 2.0 liter which has the same cylinder number of four. Using this car can save you fuel massively.

We have accurate information on the fuel consumption.

  • Yearly fuel cost is $ 1,150 for the LX
  • Fuel economy is an estimated 33 miles per gallon.

With the breakdown of the figures above, you can see why the Honda Accord is so dominant over other sedan cars in the world.

It offers comfort, styles, and low mileage. These qualities make the car indispensable which is among the fuel economy cars in the world.

Kia Rio 2020

Fuel Economy Cars

This car is seen in one trim. The hatchback provides polished value to the subcompact of class of cars. It also gives a comfortable and noiseless ride.

This hatchback includes over a dozen numbers of standard features. The number of technology package that comes with it because they have made the care more disable.

Truly giving a car that gives great value for money.

For those considering buying this newest model, you should know that the previous engine is more powerful. The transmission here is completely automatic.

The advantage here is more efficient fuel economy.

Giving you 4 miles per gallon better than what you get from the previous models. To know the fuel economy of this hatchback, look at the indices on fuel consumption.

  • Yearly fuel consumption is$1,100
  • Estimated fuel consumption is put at 36 milers.

Except you don’t want any fuel economy cars, you won’t want to go for this.

Toyota Corolla hatchback

Fuel Economy Cars

All fuel economy cars have their advantages. As a result of last year’s redesign. The 2020 Toyota Corolla is among the most appealing cars in its category. The four cylinder engine which has a fuel capacity of two liters is both efficient and powerful.

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One advantage of this new model is that the interior is greatly improved. For buyers who want maximum saving when it comes to fuel should get the SE model. It comes with the CVT automatic.


Fuel economy cars are major source of concern for most buyers right now.  The global economy has taught many on how to save. Getting a car with high efficiency when it comes to mileage will save you a lot of money at the end of the day.

When you are able to buy the right fuel economy cars, you will get to enjoy them.

Here we have provided a list of nine great cars that will do just that this year.

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