Best CPU for Mining

This article is purely to let you know about the best CPU for mining. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency exchange and mining has become a big deal.

Since it was first discovered a decade ago, people have traded it for huge profit and more people are joining everyday. In this article, we present to you the best CPU for mining cryptocurrency.

After Bitcoin was discovered and began trading globally, the knowledge of cryptocurrency and mining has increased around the globe.

Aside Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies are now being mined. However, Bitcoin and the rest have seen prices peak and dip globally.

These fluctuations have not hindered mining. Mining has continued to grow to a height that it is now difficult for ordinary computers to mine these currencies. Hence, mining has become cost – ineffective.

However, for hardcore miners and passionate persons, here are the best CPU for mining currently available.

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AMD Ryzen 7 1800x

AMD RYZEN 7 1800X 8-Core 3.6 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo) Socket AM4 95W ...

Here is a brilliant CPU for mining created by AMD. It has a long line of processors and their products have been an instant sensation since it was released to the public. Therefore, it is among the best mining CPU you can buy in the market.

This AMD Ryzan7 1800X will give you a great price with amazing features. It is built on the new 14nm manufacturing process. It comes with 8 cores 16 threads and  16 MB of l3 smart cache.

All these are built on a base clock of 3.7 GHz turboing which can go up to 4.0GHz and it is one of the best CPU for mining.


Starting with the chipset, this CPU has two channel memory and it can accommodate up to 64GB of DDR4. Additionally, there is 16 dedicated to graphics and 4 for chipset communication and accommodates 4 USB 3.1 devices all on the chip.

Therefore this CPU officially supports 2400 MT but it can expand to 3600 MT on the board as it is one of the best CPU for mining.

The advantage of all these is that it will allow you run two-way SLI placed at 8×8 with a single M.2 PCle SSD.

Although it may come short to Intel’s Z270 standards, the total performance of this processor goes above anything that Intel has to offer presently.

Furthermore, the AMD Ryzan 1800x when in full render can hit 3.7GHz. This is across all of its cores.

However during gaming, two or three cores can get as high as 4.1GHz and you won’t feel any rise in temperature because of its cooling solution.

Price and affordability

This CPU I available on Amazon and Amazon prime for $300 and $530 respectively. With this software, you will get great value for your money.

AMD RyzenThreadripper 1950

Mining On The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X Processor With Nicehash ...

It may not be the biggest but it represents a powerful CPU. This is one of the best CPU for mining. It is among the latest brand of AMD processors that are dominating the market currently.

Previously, Intel was running the world of CPU processors. Currently, AMD has brought a new set of powerful processors with high number of cores and great affordability.

Among all the processors released by AMD, this one seems to be the most ambitious of them all.

The features in this CPU are mind boggling, which makes it looks like a Ryzan chip on supersonic wave and one of the best CPU for mining.

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Price and availability

If you want a casual gaming CPU, you can go for a processor that cost between $200 to $300. However, for those who want something more powerful and with a futuristic design in mind, then spending $999 for this monster CPU won’t be a problem.

The RyzenThreadripper 1950x is the perfect combination of power and futuristic design. However the price might be mind boggling to some who don’t know what this CPU can do.

Hence, the reason AMD is only taking their chip to huge fans because it is the ultimate multi – Tasker for those who want to mine, record, stream and play game at the same time.

Aside the capability to multitask, the AMD Ryzan is a better choice than the Intel core i9 processor.

The first thing about the Threadripper is that it has more cores and more threads than the Core X part. The Intel only has more range and lower power consumption.

Features and performance

For anyone who has used server – grade component, this Threadripper will be an amazing experience. The processor has more width than most CPU in the market currently.

Furthermore, rather than have a chip plopping on the motherboard, RyzenThreadripper CPU is attached to a holder which you can slide to a place.

Although the CPU will take a while to get used to once it is set users can expect a high level of multitasking than never before. Most especially in the creative mode during gaming times, the CPU returns to a conventional memory access.

The advantage is that it provides a higher frame rating than other CPU when gaming.

Hence, it allows you to do whatever you want. Therefore, all your mining needs will be satisfied through this CPU. When you look at performance is considered, the AMD is far superior than other CPU in the market.

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The superiority is seen in the way the multi-core performance. Hence, for a content producer and cryptocurrency miner, the AMD Ryzan chip is what you need.

However, users should know that the AMD RyzanThreadripper 1950x is not as good as many expect but it is a great CPU capable of providing Amazing experience for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrenciesexchange mining.

AMD Ryzen 3 1300X

Best AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.7GHz Prices in Australia | GetPrice

This is another quad-core processor from AMD. The launch of this processor has strengthened the belief that AMD is changing the CPU landscape.

Furthermore, they are even cheaper than the processors produced by their main competitor – Intel. Therefore, the AMD group of Ryzen processors has become popular for its high core and huge number of threads.

Ryzen 3 1300X is at the top of the new set of Ryzen processors. It has four cores and quite affordable at $129. It is fast as well with a frequency of 3.7GHz. Normally, a chip at this price ought to have a lower number of cores as well as frequency.

However this is not the case with the Ryzen 3 1300X. It offers great performance and value for money for those on a low budget and it is one of the best CPU for mining.

Prices and availability

AMD Ryzen cost $202 on Amazon. Hence paying $129 for a speedy quad-core processor makes Ryzen 3 1300X an excellent deal. Most especially when you think of Intel top quality Core i3 chip.

For example, the Intel Core 7350K which is a duel – core cost $149.

Having said that, the Intel has better frequency. It operates at 4.2 GHz without overclocking.

Features and performance

Similar to AMD Ryzen 5 platform, Ryzen 3 is built on a 14nm architecture and is optimized for its current AM4 platform. Therefore, for those going for budget CPU like this one is a great choice for those on low budget.Another chipset to go for is B350 motherboard.

It supports six Lanes of PCle Gen 2 for SSD with two USB 3.1 2nd generation. However, it doesn’t support multiple graphics card.The fact is that Ryzen 3 1300X performance is exactly what you should expect.

The large number of cores in the AMD processor means its performance is higher than its competitors. However, the cores don’t react as fast as they should. Hence, the core performances are not in the maximum.

The summary of the whole thing here is that when it comes to media creation and mining which is our focus here, the AMD Ryzan 3 1300X is better than other processors. It only comes short when gaming is involved.

The issues of over clocking and heat may be an issue. The Ryzan 3 1300X gets hotter than most people will appreciate. It also reaches high frequency of 3.9GHz fast during testing.

To keep the temperature down, you need to get a liquid cooler to act in place of the wraith Stealth CPU fan.

Bitcoin Mining Software

We have discussed the best mining CPU you can use currently. It is time we talk about the best Mining software right now. However, we should know what mining software really is. The Bitcoin mining software helps link your Bitcoin miner to a blockchain.

This is very important for solo miners. For those who are in a mining pool, that is those who mine in groups, a software will link you to the mining pool.

To know one of the best CPU for mining let’s see what we have next.

Importance of Bitcoin CPU and software

The most important function of the CPU is to provide enough power to run the mining software. On the other hand, software functions to receive complete work from other miners on the network.

Furthermore, mining software monitors input and output of your miners and at the same time show important statistics. For example, the speed of the miner, fan speed and temperature.

Best bitcoin software

No matter how perfect a system was designed to be, it surely will have its flaws.These software was designed to remedy these flaws. Below are the list of Bitcoin software you can use.

  • Braiins OS+

This is part of Satoshi and was created by the inventors of mining pools, Marek Palatinus. He also invented the Trezor. That was the first hardware wallet. This is unlike other mining software and operating system.

This software is totally free. Satoshi Labs earns money through Braiins OS+ by providing inducement to those joining Slush mining pool. However, you don’t need this to make use of the software.

Braiins OS+ supports Antminer S9, S9i and S9j. The software makes the S9 group more efficient. It extends the life of the S9 ASICs. This is done through better mining efficiency.

The performance of the Braiins OS+will increase the hashrate of the S9 by raising it to 17+ Terrahashes per second. Braiins OS+ can put your S9 on low power mode and provide 20% better performance than the higher S9i.

For those who know the age of the S9 hardware, you will know that this is a great performance boost.

Although there is no amount to be paid up front for the purchase of this software, you need to give 2% of the hashing power you own no matter the pool you end up mining.

However, for those who want to mine with slush pool for 100% of hashing power, the rates drops to 1%. This is the only way Satoshi Labs makes money from Braiins OS.

The features of the Braiins OS include:

  • You can install on all device simultaneously.
  • Unlock SSH
  • Provides super speed for the boot up process.
  • Gives fan total control.
  • Pre – heats to get the mining process faster.

All these features and great performance makes this software a great choice for windows and to know one of the best CPU for mining.


If you are looking for a software that will fix all the flaws in the mining system or most of it at a go, this is the best you can get. Hashr8 is a mining operating system designed by miners for miners.

Although this software has its own shortfalls, it is made to tackle the problems of other mining systems. The basic function is to keep an eye on the performance of rig and start it automatically if an error occurs.

To make it easier to work with, it has a mobile application.

The major function of the app is to inform you when there is a change in your mining systems and to enable you to control these changes when they happen.

More improvement is expected to happen to this software. Therefore, users can expect to have a better software in the future to ameliorate the mining process. The advantages of using this software include,

  • Easy management
  • Simple installation
  • Amazing support

This impressive software comes in three forms. Hence you can chose from any of the three when you want to sign up. The first one is home miner which is free and permits user to use three mining device at the simultaneously.

The second is Pro miner. This one is not free and cost $2 per month. This amount will be paid after using three devices. The last form is corporate miner.

This software gives you a passionate account manager alongside more configuration. There is a discount as well when you make use of more than 300 mining device.


The mining of other Bitcoin exchange and other cryptocurrencies has become big business with huge gains. However, it is not easy engaging in the mining process and to know one of the best CPU for mining.

You need a strong CPU and a good software to carry out the process. This is what we have provided in this article. The best mining CPU and the best software for your mining needs.

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