Avast UI Failed to Load

An error such as the ‘Avast UI failed to load’ even in 2020 can really be embarrassing or a cause to worry.

This issue can occur after an update and may require that you reboot your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 in safe mode.

That being the case, whenever you encounter the error ‘AV service is not responding,’ ‘Avast Pro Antivirus UI failed to load,’ or the ‘Avast Antivirus gratuit UI failed to load,’ there are simple tips to implement.

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A user of the Avast Premier program, for instance, wrote on a thread that they have gotten the subscription for premier and have a web browser, as well as, the Avast Cleanup.

Also, an update of the antivirus definitions in Avast and a restart of the software led to a red X on their Avast icon. There as a notification that they are protected.

However, on trying to access the user interface page, they were presented with the error “UI Failed to load.”

The user further said:

“Clicking on something like one of the two update options when right clicking the icon gives me an error saying “The RPC server is unavailable”.”

If you’ve encountered this too, let’s help you out!

For the uninitiated,

What is Avast Antivirus?

avast ui failed to load

The Avast Antivirus is a software program developed by Avast.

Specifically, this is an internet security application meant for Windows and macOS computers.

On the same note, this application can be used for Android and iOS smartphones.

Thus, its use is not limited to only computers but phones and tablets given the potential for viruses to hijack these devices.

Other potential threats Avast protects devices from include malware, trojans, and computer worms.

Avast is offered as a freeware and paid software.

Either of these will provide a software that offers browser security, computer security, firewall, antivirus software, antispyware, anti-phishing, and anti-spam.

The freeware version only offers certain features free for use and as such, a subscription has to be made to take advantage of other features of this application.

It’s also worth noting that there is the Avast Business, and this is a solution tailored to different operating systems.

What Avast Business does is to scan for potential web threats, offer browser and antivirus protection, while also providing a cloud management console.

Unarguably, Avast is one of the most popular antivirus out there.

It has been used over the years on smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.

Despite being around for decades, it’s still able to tackle the latest threat these devices may be susceptible to.

What makes this antivirus stand out include its SafeZone Browser, WiFi Security Scanner, Secure DNS, Sandbox, and Password Manager.

What is Avast UI?

Avast UI denoted as AvastUI.exe file is a component of the Avast Antivirus.

What this file does is to launch the user interface of the Avast Antivirus, hence, the inability to access it could mean not opening the software entirely.

It’s also worth pointing out that the launch of the Avast UI is not an essential Windows process.

For this reason, you can disable it if it’s becoming a hassle or disturbance.

AvastUI.exe can be located in a subfolder of “C:\Program Files” and will appear in the directory, C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast.

The known file sizes on Windows 10/8/7/XP are usualy 5,227,112 bytes, 5,515,496 bytes and 125 more variants

The AvastUI.exe file is is loaded during the Windows boot process and the program is invisible.

The program will be able to monitor applications while also recording keyboard and mouse inputs.

What Does “Avast Say UI Failed To Load” Mean?

The Avast Antivirus UI failed to load describes a problem in the Windows Services configuration which prevents the Avast Antivirus from launching.

There is also the AVG antivirus UI failed to load and it can be likened to the problem you’ll encounter with Avast.

What Causes Avast UI Failed to Load?

Some possible causes of Avast UI failed to load include:

Incorrect Windows Service Configuration

Reportedly, a good number of Avast Antivirus users began to experience minor issues after the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

One of such issue is the UI’s inaility to load which was pinpointed at a wrong Windows Services configuration.

Therefore, an incorrect settings can also pose issues for this software.

It may also interest you to know that Avast, in a support article, confirmed that an incorrect Windows Services configuration could trigger an error of this kind.

Thus, it may be the major cause of the issue you’re experiencing.

Corrupt Files During Installation

The Avast installation process may have not gone smoothly and that could affect the seamless operation of the software.

An instance is where the software files needed to run the program were corrupt or went missing.

And that means the program will not be able to execute certain instructions that would’ve enabled its proper functioning.

In cases like that, the Avast UI failed to load error might be prompted.

Remote Access Services

If remote access services are not running on your phone or computer, it’s possible that you may encounter errors while using the Avast antivirus.

These are services that will enable a user to have access to another system using a virtual network.

And in the case of the Avast antivirus, it may also want to take advantage of this service for its functioning.

Third Party Programs

It’s entirely possible for a third-party program to impact on the performance of your Avast Antivirus.

Your ability to fish out the program that may be causing this problem can ultimately fix the issues you’re having with your antivirus.

But how can you tell which software is impacting on the operation of your software?

We’ll show you an easy way out.

How to Fix Avast Failed to Load

Here are easy solutions that will help you fix Avast failed to load:

Activate Remote Desktop Service

You can enable remote desktop service to get your Avast antivirus up and running.

Accordingly, do the following:

  • Use the key combinations Windows + R to launch the dialogue box
  • Type in services.msc and select Enter
  • Nest, search for Remote Desktop Service
  • Next, right-click on the box and select Properties
  • Confirm that the service is running
  • Select the Start option and set ‘Automatic’ as the Startup type
  • Click on Ok to save the changes
  • Exit the program
  • Restart your computer and relaunch the Avast software
  • Confirm if the problem has been resolved.

Install Avast

Another surefire way to get your Avast Antivirus working well is to reinstall the software.

This is because the problem may have been triggered by corrupt files and getting these files in order, would help to restore them upon a second installation.

Therefore, proceed to uninstall the current software on your system and download the latest version of the Avast Antivirus.

Here are a list of steps that will guide you through it:

  • Goto the Avast official website and download the Avast uninstall utility 
  • Reboot your system in safe mode and run the Avast uninstall utility to delete the existing Avast software on your computer.
  • Reboot your computer and run the Avast uninstall utility you had downloaded.
  • Now install your Avast software and ensure you run it as system administrator. (You may also want to download the latest version of the Avast Software. The reason is Avast has officially fixed the failed to load UI error in the latest versions.)
  • Restart your computer in normal mode to see if it is now working well.

Repair Avast Antivirus

To repair the Avast Antivirus, do the following:

  • Goto your computer’s control panel
  • Click on Settings
  • Select Programs
  • Select Programs and Features
  • Click on Uninistall or Change button
  • Select Change and choose Repair
  • Wait for the program to finish its repair
  • After the repair, restart your computer.

Contact Customer Support

If you encounter the “UI failed to load,” it’s ideal to reach out to the Avast customer care support.

The company’s representative will be in a better position to help you out since they have encountered issues of this nature in the past.

It’ll be one of the most commonest errors users of the software have brought to their table.

Use Recognition to Resolve the Issue

You could try opening the shield control of the Avast software in order to resolve this issue.

All you have to do is:

  • Right click on Avast
  • Click on the Shield Control to Access
  • Click on the disable option to stop the appliaction
  • After a while, return to the shield control option to enable the application.

And that’s all there is to it.

Verify Repository in Windows Management

Another possible fix to try is to verify repository in windows management.

To do this,

  • Use the key combination Windows key + R at the same time to launch the dialog box
  • Type cmd once the dialogue box launches to open the command prompt.
  • In the command prompt box, type winmgmt/verifyrepository and then hit the Enter key.
  • If the status is inconsistent, proceed to type winmgmt/resetrepository in the search box
  • Hit the Enter key
  • You’ll be presented with the confirmation message ‘WMI REPOSITORY HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY REBUILT.’
  • Next, reboot your computer and reload the avast.
  • The error would’ve been resolved on your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

Consider Using Alternatives

You’ve tried all you can but the Avast UI failed to load issue is still evident on your system, then there’s something else you can try.

And that is resorting to alternatives to the Avast Antivirus.

This option is faster and less technical especially if you have little or no time to go through each solution to see which will work for you.

That being the case, there are Antivirus such as the HitManPro, AVG, and several others in the market you can try.

Also ensure that the inbuilt Microsoft defender is in place to serve as an alternative to the uninstalled Avast.

Nonetheless, it’s the extra internet data you’ll be spending to get this new software in place.

Now look at it this way, you won’t have to bother about an issue of this kind again.

After installing a new Antivirus software, you’ll need to disable or unistall Avast since having multiple securtiy software can impact on the performance of one or the other.


Now that you know how to fix the Avast UI failed to load issue, you can implement these steps on your computer, smartphone, and even help others resolve.

Remember, it’s important to have a working Antivirus on your devices to ensure they are always protected from viruses, trojan, malware, and other potential threats.

We’ve also covered all you need to know about the Avast software, Avast UI, and the meaning of Avast UI failed to load.

These and many more will give you a better understanding of your software and to keep it running well whenever and every time.

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