8 Best Career tips to get frontend developer jobs

Straight out of college and you need some best career tips to get frontend developer jobs. You don’t necessarily need to be out of college or hold some academic degree to get some front-end developer jobs. Some developers are self-taught, while some learn in a Bootcamp. Your learning curve and growth phase don’t matter as long as you are as good as you say you are. But, is being good all you need to get frontend developer jobs? You also need to learn how to effectively communicate your skills and pitch your services to recruiters.

A lot of people trash their dreams of becoming a frontend developer because they are uncertain about how to succeed in the interview.

You need the best career tips to get front-end developer jobs to help you pack up your fears and start earning from your skills.

Let’s take a gentle walk as I guide you through some of my best career tips to get frontend developer jobs.

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Eight best Career tips to get frontend developer jobs

1. Build not show

A lot of front-end developers make the mistake of applying for front-end developer jobs with just beautified resumes.

This is a bad way to get front-end developer jobs. I understand that you are tempted to list all the professional certificates you have gotten during your journey as a front-end developer. But, this usually yields a lot of disappointment. Your recruiters need some tangible that they can use to measure your level of expertise. No matter how little the project may seem, build something that you can showcase. With a ‘built not show” portfolio, your application as a front-end developer will always stand out from other applicants. You can do this by building something and sharing the code on Github. Attaching a link to your GitHub repository gives you a competitive advantage during the interview.

However, it is also necessary that you attach a resume. Don’t make the mistake of piling up your resume with irrelevancies. Trim it down to the minimum and include only necessary details.

2. Volunteer

This might not sound just as you like it, but volunteering is a great career tip to get front-end jobs. Volunteering with the right tech project or event grants you access to an endless list of potential prospects.

Here’s a practical task.

There is a tech event in your locality. It’s inarguable that industry experts in your niche will attend the event. Do a mental exercise and firmly define your target audience. Apply to volunteer. Before you arrive at the venue, print some creative tags with funny yet direct words.

A card that can sell you in a few words.

Something creative like; “I can make your projects look as colorful as your smile” “Front-end designs are fundamental areas of every business. Nobody will love to see your website/app looking sad” You can come up with more creative tag lines. Make sure that the cards are beautiful, pass a direct message, and don’t forget to add your contact details.

Include your portfolio on the card and a CTA that will inspire them to look up your portfolio when they are home. If you can strategically put these cards in the hands-on 10 people, I can assure you that you will have no less than eight interviews after they’ve reviewed your claims.

You must understand that the manner you present these matters. Not in a manner that will you appear too desperate or trying to encroach into their privacy.

Keep it simple, loving, and creative.

3. Try freelancing

You don’t always need to keep waiting at the barber’s shop to get a haircut. There are a lot of freelancing companies and websites that have freelance jobs for front-end developers.

It is not a bad idea to start as a freelancer. You can enjoy the comfort and flexibility of work terms that comes with freelancing,

4. Join/Build a community

If the jobs ain’t coming, you can join or build a community in your area of expertise. A community grants you access to like minds. They might not necessarily recruit you, but they could refer you to opportunities or outsource jobs to you. Take time to study different front-end developer communities. A Facebook group, a telegram group, Linkedin or Twitter, just identify with a community. Be relevant. Don’t hide. Make posts, contribute to relevant issues, and make everyone realize how good you are. If the community approves job requests, you can make a post that you need a frontend developer job.

5. You need social media

Social media has made hiring so easy. All you have to do is to choose a social media strategy and launch your presence. Identify with industry experts and market your relevance. Send out pitches. You can either send email pitches or social media pitches. It is always advisable to familiarize yourself with your prospective recruiter before sending a pitch. You wouldn’t want them to rule out your message as spam.

6. Don’t be shy to ask for help and referrals

There is nothing wrong with informing people that you need a job. Ask for help, seek referrals. You can decide to offer some services in exchange for referrals. The more people can recommend you for jobs, the faster you will get employed.

7. Look and apply

You need to be skeptical about the type of job opportunities that you apply for. Take your time to weigh the odds. Not all front-end developer gigs/jobs are for you. Don’t stop applying, but know how to apply right. You’ll get a lot of rejection letters, but do not relent.

8. Master the art of negotiation

Make a pitch, strike a deal that will give them a sleepless night. This sounds funny but true. The business world bows at the feet of individuals that master the art of negotiation.

Depending on the job terms you are aiming for, know how to negotiate and strike better deals. You should know how to negotiate, make irresistible offers, and land better jobs.

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