4 Easy ways to find your niche market as a blogger

Do you wish to find your niche market as a blogger?

A lot of bloggers are starting to realize the benefits of finding their niche market and building their competition around it. Learning how to find your niche market as a blogger helps you narrow down your website to provide specified information. This also helps you understand your audience and create marketing and SEO strategies to reach them.

Finding your blog niche helps you build a unique voice and gives you a pathway to stand out amongst competitors. This will go as far as helping your website when you wish to monetize it.

However, finding your blog niche might not sound as easy as it seems to some beginners. You will need to select the best niche for blogging, high-demand blog topics, and the best blog niche ideas that represent the goals of your business.

This will have you carefully selecting the best niche for blogging with low competition. You wouldn’t want to get buried unseen, trying to compete with big brands with high domain/website authority on a highly competitive niche.

In this article, you’ll learn easy ways to find your niche market as a blogger.

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Why should you find your niche market as a blogger?

There are a lot of reasons why you need to find your niche market as a blogger. These reasons include;

· Specialization

Finding your blog niche helps you focus on a specific topic or service industry. You have a better chance of expanding your knowledge around the borders of your niche and becoming an expert.

Specializing in one niche helps you dig deep into topics related to you and provide solutions that your audience is looking for.

· Presents you as a voice and establish your expertise

With a niche blog, your readers identify you as an influential component in a particular category. They believe that when they need information regarding a particular category, you are their go-to source for information. You have better chances of displaying your brand’s uniqueness by creating relevant content that is meant for your target audience. Niche blogging helps you realize that your brand is not for everyone and you must do well to appear the best for your audience.

· Niche blogs give you focus

Blogging can get confusing when you are trying to cover a lot of categories and topics. You are battling to cover everything in sports, at the same time trying to create balance in mainstream entertainment, lifestyle, and education. 

Finding your niche market and growing with your niche blog helps you channel all energy to a sector of society and build a high level of expertise in it. A niche blog owner can easily figure out blog niche ideas 2021 than a brand that is built on multiple generic terms.

· Finding your blog niche helps you build a loyal audience

Your audiences are already becoming familiar with your voice, they’ll stick around because they know you have all they need in the niche market. With a niche blog, you can easily target your audience and keep them pinned to your website. This also gives a better edge in attracting the right customers.

· Niche blogs are better in SEO and organic ranking

There is a long-standing argument on the relationship of niche blogs to SEO. The truth is, a niche blog allows you to build your brand/website around specific keywords. You can easily select high-value keywords and consistently rank for them.

Four easy ways to find your niche market as a blogger

· Know your strength, passion, and future goals

All website owners and bloggers are tailored differently. It will become difficult for you to build expertise around a niche that you have zero passion for. Make a blog niche list that catches your fancy. Align each of them with your future goals and decide which one has topics that fit your plans.

· Analyze the search volume

You wouldn’t want to build a brand around a niche market that has little or no audience. Sincerely come to the conclusion on the possibility of people reading about the topic.

Find out how engaging your preferred niche might be and how integrating it is with trends. You can easily find out the search volume of your preferred niche by making use of keyword research tools like Ahrefs and Google Trends.

· Conduct intensive keyword research- Compare competition with high-value keywords

Before you dive into a niche, research some related keywords on the niche. You must have a clear view of the Cost per click (CPC) and Keyword difficulty (KD) related to keywords to the niche you wish to move into.

Understanding the CPC of related keywords will help you estimate your potential earnings in the niche market when you decide to monetize your website.

· Check the rates of competition

Competition might not stand out as a notable factor to abandon a niche market. However, you must understand what you are up against in your niche.

Choosing a particular niche market will help you know how advanced your marketing strategies will be. Your questions will grow from How do I find my niche market to how do I market myself as a blogger?

It sounds advisable to go for the best niche for blogging with low competition, but I will advise that you go for high-demand blog topics. If your preferred niche market looks too competitive, you can develop a marketing strategy that combines SEO and SEM campaigns to outrank your competitors.

Which niche is best for blogging in 2021?

The 10 best blogging niche ideas in 2021  include;

  1. Technology
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Personal Finance
  5. DIYs
  6. SEO
  7. Tourism and Culture
  8. Entertainment
  9. Reviews
  10. Affiliate Marketing


There are no quick hacks to learning to find your niche as a blogger other than choosing what you believe works for you. You must be deliberate enough to understand that whatever niche market you settle determines the voice of your brand.

There are over a hundred blogging niche ideas to select from. Starting a new blog sounds scary. You wouldn’t want to invest your time and finances into things that wouldn’t work. However, you must understand that becoming a significant force in your niche market will not happen overnight. Consistency and top-notch plans will keep you ahead of your competitors.


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