11 Things you can do without Internet

No matter how much we enjoy being online, it cannot be compared to real-life scenarios. There is a rapid growth in technology, and that has led to a lack of enthusiasm for offline activities. Many people get addicted to the internet to the extent that they become frustrated when there is an internet issue. A lot of persons also tie their productivity to the internet, which is very bad and limiting.

Sometimes, you may be working from home or anywhere, and there is a sudden internet obstruction. You can also be on a plane, and you will be restricted from accessing the internet because it will affect the safety of the airplane. In such cases, you may begin to panic and become restless (that is normal). But you should not necessarily become idle, as there are other things you can do without the internet.

This article will reveal several ways you can stay productive even without internet access. Whether you are at home, at the office, or traveling, here are few things you can do in the absence of an internet connection.

Things you can without the internet:

  • Read articles offline
  • Listen to podcasts offline
  • Engage in a writing exercise
  • Interact with other humans around you
  • Hold an impromptu staff meeting
  • Take some time to relax
  • Put a call across to loved ones
  • Listen to songs/make a playlist
  • Go through your folders
  • Read a book
  • Come up with interesting topics/headlines

Read articles offline

If you visit the internet a lot, you should have saved articles on your phone. And this is the best time to revisit those articles. You may not have all the time to take in as much information as you want, but you can leverage the absence of an internet connection to meet up your reading goals. Some mobile apps allow you to read articles offline.

Pocket is one friendly free app for saving articles you do not have time to read when you stumble on them. The app allows you to save articles, videos, and images either from your browser or from other apps like Twitter, Pulse, etc. When there is no internet connection, and you do not want to be idle, you can open the app and browse the articles you saved.

Things to do without the internet

Also, the Google Play Newsstand app is another good app for downloading newspapers and magazines. You can download them and go back to read when you do not have an internet connection. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. One intriguing thing about the app is that it saves an entire publication instead of saving individual articles. You can download as much as possible and then read later.

Listen to podcasts offline

When you have a good internet connection at your disposal, you can download podcasts to listen to when you do not have access to the internet. Although this comes with a little preparation, it is worth the time.

If you use an Apple product, you can download Apple’s Podcasts app from iTunes (if you do not have it on your device already). You can then download individual podcast sessions, store them directly on your device so you can listen to them when you don’t have an internet connection. While preparing for trips, you can also save a good number of podcast episodes ahead of time. Here is a detailed description of how to save episodes directly to your phone with the Podcast app:

Locate the podcast episode you want, and click the three dots to the right of the podcast’s title. Choose “Save episode” in the menu that appears. This will prompt the download to begin, which could take up to a few minutes to complete. Once the podcast is available, you will be able to access it online or offline under the “My Podcasts” tab.

Furthermore, Android users are not left out; there are different ways to listen to podcasts both online and offline. We recommend the Stitcher app. The app comes with an offline mode that allows you to listen to previously downloaded podcast episodes without an internet connection. Also, you can either download the podcast episodes manually or set Stitcher to download new episodes you are subscribed to when you are connected to the internet.

Engage in a writing exercise

Writing is something everyone does, and if there is no room for improvement, it might affect our communication skills a lot. We tend to be so engrossed on the internet that we forget the importance of good communication skills. However, the absence of an internet connection is the best time to improve your skills. A writing exercise will help you flex your abilities while being spontaneous.

You can open up a new document on your computer or smartphone, and start writing down anything that is on your mind. You can as well pick a specific topic and exhaust all you know about it in writing. Do not worry about the correctness of your piece. Just write, stretch your mind, and do not be hard on yourself.

Vetting process for employment

Sometimes, the result of writing exercises is usually amazing. Do not underestimate yourself. Immediately you reach your breaking point, pause, and review what you have written. Then, you can begin to group your thoughts by prioritizing them and picking out irrelevant points. Another advantage of this exercise is that it can help you become a professional writer; that is an extra source of income. In the end, you will be glad you made good use of your “no-internet-connection” period.

Interact with other humans around you

A lot of persons have replaced real-time connections with spending hours on the internet; hence, affecting their level of interaction with others. One of the best things to do when you are not connected to the internet is to spend quality time with the people around you. However, how you interact with people depends on your location when you do not have an internet connection. If you are on a subway or plane, you are likely going to feel uncomfortable starting up a conversation with a stranger. But that does not mean you cannot create good connections with strangers. Your approach matters, that is why we highlighted the need to improve your communication skills in the previous subheading.

Motivational Speech

If the internet goes out at work, school, market, or worship centers, take advantage of the absence of connection and interact with people around you. Social connections can improve your productivity and overall enthusiasm about life. You can also use the time to grab coffee with a co-worker or hang out with someone close. Chat, smile, interact, and spend quality time with others; a little human-to-human interaction can go a long way.

Hold an impromptu staff meeting

If you like the idea of interacting with other humans when you do not have an internet connection, then you can make it work-focused by scheduling an impromptu meeting for your team members or staff. That will increase both your productivity and that of your colleagues. Lack of the internet is not the end of the world, so make sure you utilize that time by bringing new ideas to your business and solidify the relationship you have with colleagues or workers.

Take your time to relax

Like we said earlier, the absence of an internet connection is not the end of the world. You can use that time to rest and relax. That is also a more productive way to use your time considering how much work you have occupied yourself with before the internet issues. Taking time to relax vital organs in your body will increase your productivity by doubling your assertiveness, concentration, and overall work-speed.

However, if you cannot take a short nap, you can take a walk alone to retrospect, reflect, and relax. You can also go with a co-worker if you want to (that is another way to interact with the people around you). To further help you meditate and have an alone-time, you can download the Headspace app. The app will guide you through the basics of meditation within ten minutes. It is also available for iOS and Android devices. Note that meditation can boost your creativity, so do not take it for granted.

Put a call across to loved ones

The busyness of work can make you neglect family and friends. Some people go days, weeks, and months without speaking to loved ones; that is wrong. In addition to reaching out to people around you, you can call friends and family within that period of internet issues. Take some time and make the necessary calls you did not prioritize.

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Furthermore, you can take your time to appreciate relevant people in your life by sending a “Thank you” note to as many as possible. Apart from the online messages, write a note and send it to real-time people you are connected to.

Listen to songs/Make a playlist

Listening to songs is therapeutic because it activates the nucleus accumbens of our brain, which releases dopamine: the motivation and pleasure chemical. However, how much you listen to songs determines the number of songs you can access when you are offline.

But in some cases, you can make a playlist from the songs you already have. If you use Spotify, the “offline mode” feature is only available to premium subscribers. And if you are a premium subscriber, you can make and listen to playlists offline. But you will have to go to the internet at least once every thirty days to maintain your offline music settings.

Go through your folders

Losing your internet connection is a good time to scan your smartphone and every information contained in it. You can start from anywhere. Check your gallery, documents, apps, messages, trash, and every other thing. Some persons do not have an idea of all the data and information contained in their smartphones. And that is bad for security reasons.

Take your time to go through your folder, scan, delete, and reset when necessary. If you set your WhatsApp account to automatically download stuff, you can use this time to change it, so you get to confirm what you download. Check your messages too, as you might have forgotten to attend to your messages because of your schedule. But you can do that when you are not connected to the internet. You can as well take note of other important details about your phone.

Things you can do without the internet

Read a book

This article will be incomplete without including the need to read a book when there is no internet connection. Reading is a great way to learn and increase your productivity. Instead of reading offline with your phone, you can travel with a physical book. You can also have a book on your office desk, something handy. Reading a book is beyond mere decoding of words; it involves concentration.

However, it must not be an educational book, it could be a novel, poem, or a tutorial-based book. So, even if you don’t have an internet connection while traveling or in your office, you can just grab a book to occupy yourselves till you are tired.

Come up with interesting topics or headlines

In addition to the writing exercise, you can come up with blog topics. While you won’t be able to do keyword research without an internet connection, it is a great time to brainstorm and get creative. Also, if you are into marketing, this is the best time to create headlines for your advert copies.


Lack of internet connection is not the end of your life. You must learn how to live without being on the internet. It may be difficult because of the level of technological developments, but it is very possible. Try as much as possible to also live your best life offline. Meet people, interact, and learn.

However, these things we have listed above are not all, there are still other things you can do without the internet. You have to discover them and make the most out of life. In all, watch your internet obsession. If you are not yet addicted, you can begin to do all that we have mentioned, which will help you create a balance between your life online and offline. You can as well drop your questions and tell us other things one can do without an internet connection in the comment section.

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